Barbell Exercises List By Muscle Group

Complete List of Barbell Exercises

I’ll share the barbell workout list in two parts in this article. Firstly, I’ll share a complete list of barbell exercises, and then I’ll categorize them according to the muscle group, such as back and chest, and workout types, such as compound and isolation. Compound exercises work on various muscles at once, while isolation workouts …

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Top 10 Barbell Shoulder Exercises For Growth

Barbell Exercises For Shoulder

Dumbbells, barbells, KBs, machines, and bands are great for building solid and massive shoulders. However, if you want to strengthen your shoulders with only barbells, you can read this article. Here, I’ve shared the ten best barbell shoulder exercises to help you gain strength, mobility, and mass. The shoulder is a group of three “deltoid” …

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Top 10 Barbell Biceps Exercises For Ultimate Growth

Barbell Exercises For Biceps

If you want to grow your bicep size with only barbell workouts, then this post is for you. Barbells allow you to lift heavier loads and highly activate the biceps heads compared to dumbbells.1 Differences in electromyographic activity of biceps brachii and brachioradialis while performing three variants of curl – Peer Journal That’s why I’ve …

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10 Full Body Barbell Workouts for Weight Loss

barbell workouts for weight loss

After the diet, high-intense cardio is crucial for fat loss, but barbell strength workouts help you build muscular strength and lean mass while losing fats1 Effects of aerobic and/or resistance training on body mass and fat mass in overweight or obese adults – Journal of Applied Physiology 2 Evidence for Resistance Training as a Treatment …

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Barbell Workouts For Mass Gain (An Ultimate List)

Barbell Workouts For Mass Gain

If you want to beef up full body mass with just barbell workouts, then this article is for you. Here, I’m going to hand out my fifteen best barbell exercises that you can incorporate into your home or gym workout routines to build muscles and strength. I’ve divided the exercises into three categories, such as …

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Dumbbell vs Barbell Curl (Which is Better & Why)

dumbbell vs barbell curl

The barbell curl and dumbbell curl are both my favorite bicep exercises. They help me build sturdy and sizable biceps. However, they are different from one another. I’ve shared an ultimate comparison between dumbbell vs barbell curl that will help you decide which you should prioritize more. This article is especially helpful for those who …

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Dumbbells vs Barbells (Which is Better and Why)

Barbell vs. Dumbbell

Dumbbells and barbells are super efficient equipment for muscle building. However, they are different in many aspects, such as the range of motion and purpose of use. In this article, I’ve shared a comparative analysis between dumbbells vs barbells that will help you decide which one you should prefer the most and when. Doing the …

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