20 Best Calisthenics Leg Exercises & Workout Routine

Calisthenics Leg Exercises and Workout to Build Lower Body

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, if you’re looking for the best calisthenics exercises to train your lower body, you’ve come to the right place. From basic to advanced, I’ve shared as many as 20 best calisthenics leg exercises in this article that will help you improve your strength, power, endurance, balance, and flexibility. …

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The Ultimate 12 Week Calisthenics Program with Free PDF

12 Week Calisthenics Program

I’ve shared a 12 week calisthenics program with a PDF in this article to help you improve your overall fitness. This workout program is suitable for all fitness levels and helps you work out efficiently and effectively. So whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, male or female, you can save or download this easy-to-follow workout …

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Calisthenics Workout List For Each Muscle (PDF)

Calisthenics Workout List

Finding a complete list of calisthenics workouts can be difficult as there is not much relevant information available. That’s why I’ve gathered a full calisthenics workout list (with PDF) in one place so that you can use it to create a routine for yourself. I’ve categorized each exercise based on type, difficulty, and muscle group. …

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Ultimate Calisthenics Workout Plan with PDF

Calisthenics Workout Plan with PDF

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who enjoys bodyweight exercises with literally no equipment, then this calisthenics workout program can be a handful for you. In this article, I’m going to hand out a weekly calisthenics workout plan with a PDF that will help you boost your muscular strength, build muscles, and improve mobility and balance. …

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Calisthenics For Weight Loss (Workout and Plan)

calisthenics Weight Loss Workout and Plan

Weight loss is primarily about calorie consumption. Generally, if you want to lose weight, you need to cut 400-600 calories (just an example) from your typical diet. However, you can combine a calorie-restrict diet with the calisthenics cardio workout to lose weight. Calisthenics exercises do not only support weight loss but also improve aerobic fitness. …

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Best Calisthenics Shoulder Workout (10 Exercises)

Calisthenics Shoulder Exercises

Calisthenics workout is an efficient and effective way to strengthen, tone, and build shoulder stability using your bodyweight only. If you’re trying to build a muscular shoulder without equipment, then you can do the best calisthenics shoulder exercises that I have shared in this article. Why Should Do Shoulder Calisthenics Exercises? Having stronger and flexible …

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Calisthenics Ab Exercises (The 10 Best Workout)

Calisthenics Workout for Abs

Whether you want to increase your core strength, stability, or endurance, the calisthenics ab exercises can be useful. You can do several bodyweight calisthenics workouts for abs at home with little to no equipment. Calisthenics exercises are proven to be effective for improving muscle coordination than other forms of training like Pilates1Effects of calisthenics and …

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Calisthenics Pull Workout (The 9 Best Exercises)

Calisthenics Pull Exercises

If you’re trying to strengthen your upper body muscles, especially the back, biceps, and core, then you can try calisthenics pull exercises. The calisthenics pull workout increases strength, balance, flexibility, and improves upper body posture. I’m going to share calisthenics pulling exercises from beginners to intermediate level in this article. It includes the best calisthenics …

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The Best Calisthenics Chest Workout

calisthenics Chest workout

You don’t always need barbells and machines to build a muscular chest. The bodyweight calisthenics chest workout can help you develop a stronger chest. Whenever I do weight training for the chest, I always mix up bodyweight chest exercises because these exercises improve my strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Neutral push-up, narrow push-ups, and dips …

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The Best Calisthenics Back Workout and Exercises

Best Calisthenics Back Workout

Calisthenics workout is one the best ways to strengthen and tone back muscles. And if you’re one of the fitness enthusiasts looking for the best calisthenics back exercises, so you came to the right place. You’ll see 10 calisthenics back exercises that you can do with little to no equipment in this article. So, let’s …

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