Best Back and Bicep Dumbbell Workout for Ultimate Growth

Back And Bicep Dumbbell Workout

In the dumbbell home workout series, here I’ll share the best back and bicep dumbbell workout for increasing strength and size. So, if you train your biceps and back together or follow a push/pull/leg (PPPL) workout program, this article can be super helpful. I’ll not only share the best exercises but also hand out some … Read more

16 Best Dumbbell Squat Variations To Build Strength & Muscle

Dumbbell Squat Variations

Squats are highly effective exercises for developing lower body muscles. The different variations of dumbbell squats maximize the strength and size of your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and hips. Additionally, they improve your balance and jumping movement, burn many calories, and promote fat loss1 Takai Y, Fukunaga Y, Fujita E, et al. Effects of body … Read more

15 Best Dumbbell Workouts for Arms and Chest

Dumbbell Workouts for Arms and Chest

For those who train with dumbbells, I’ve got the best dumbbell workouts for arms and chest. These exercises will help you increase mass and strength and build a muscular upper body. So whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, you can do them to build muscle at home. Benefits of Doing Arm and Chest Workout with … Read more

List of Dumbbell Exercises For Each Muscle (100+ Workouts)

List of Dumbbell Exercises

Whether you exercise at home or go to the gym, having a complete list of dumbbell exercises will help you work out effectively. That’s why I’ve created an ultimate dumbbell exercises list for each muscle group, such as the chest, shoulder, legs, and back, so you don’t have to find them on Google every time. … Read more

Women’s Dumbbell Workout Plan (The Best 30-Day Routine)

women's dumbbell workout plan

If you’ve started lifting dumbbells but don’t know where to start and how to train each muscle efficiently? Don’t worry; I’ve created an easy-to-follow 30-Day women’s dumbbell workout plan. This women’s dumbbell workout routine is suitable for beginners and will help you train your full body at home. I’ve also made a PDF of this … Read more

3 Day Dumbbell Workout (Full-Body/Split/PPL)

3 Day Dumbbell Workout

If you’re looking for a well-designed 3 Day dumbbell workout program, then you’ve come to the right place. Recently I’ve created three types of 3 Day dumbbell workout routines: full-body, upper-lower split, and push-pull-legs (PPL) for growing strength, lean mass, and a better physique. All three plans are effective and help you scale up for … Read more

2 Days a Week Dumbbell Workout with Free PDF

2 Days a Week Dumbbell Workout

If you’re looking for a two days dumbbell workout program, you came to the right place. Recently, I’ve created various “2 days a week dumbbell workout” plans for beginners. So, you can download one of the programs if you want to gain strength and mass. Something is always better than nothing. So, doing dumbbell workouts … Read more

25 Best Weight Bench Dumbbell Exercises For Each Muscle

Weight Bench Dumbbell Exercises

You can do myriad workouts at home if you have dumbbells and a flexible weight bench. I’ll share some of the best weight bench dumbbell exercises for each muscle group so you can train your entire body effectively. These workouts will help you increase strength, build muscles and improve balance. So, whether you’re a beginner … Read more

Top 16 Dumbbell Exercises for Arms and Shoulders

Dumbbell Exercises For Arms And Shoulders

In a home workout series of dumbbell exercises, today I will share as many as sixteen dumbbell exercises for arms and shoulders in this article. These dumbbell workouts will help you increase strength, mass and develop the aesthetic shoulders and arm at home. Everyone wants to have solid arms and shoulders. And for that, they … Read more