17 Dumbbell Chest Exercises You Can Do Without A Bench At Home

How to do dumbbell Chest workout at home without bench

From the database of dumbbell exercises, I’ve got a complete list of dumbbell chest exercises that you can do at home without a bench. In this article, you’ll see the dumbbell floor chest workouts, dumbbell standing exercises for the chest as well as dumbbell push-ups. So, If you are one of the fitness-conscious persons who … Read more

Dumbbell Curls vs Barbell curls: An Insightful Review

Dumbbell Curl Vs Barbell Curl

When it comes to increasing strength and muscle mass, you always want to pick those exercises which are effective than others. And to train biceps, sometimes you need to make choices between dumbbell curls vs barbell curls. In this article, I’m going to share some insightful information about barbell vs dumbbell curl. For example, the … Read more

Dumbbell leg extension: How-to, Muscles Worked, Benefits

How to do Dumbbell Leg Extension at home

With dumbbells at home, you’ll be able to perform several resistance machine exercises at home, including dumbbell leg extension. DB leg extension is a lower body workout that primarily strengthens your quadriceps. In this article, I’m going to share everything about dumbbell leg extension, such as which muscles involved, how to perform seated DB leg … Read more

Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive Right Now?

Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive Right Now?

Dumbbells are the most useful sports equipment used to build strength, muscles, power, and endurance. But it also comes at high prices. And there are multiple reasons why dumbbells are so expensive right now. And, in this article, we’ll see the reasons for the high prices of dumbbells, the types of dumbbells available in the … Read more

5 Day dumbbell workout Split

5 Day Split Dumbbell Workout

In a home workout series of dumbbell exercises, I’m going to share the 5 Day Split Dumbbell Workout routine (with PDF) that you can do at home as well as in the gym. The split workout means exercising according to your body regions. For example, training the upper body on day one and the lower … Read more

How To Dumbbell CrossFit WOD (30 Exercises)

CrossFit Dumbbell WOD Exercises

If you love doing Crossfit and thinking to add dumbbells to this, then this article is for you. In this post, I’ve shared Dumbbell CrossFit Workouts (WOD) from beginners to advanced level, home to outdoor exercises. This post includes how to perform CrossFit exercise with dumbbells with stepwise instructions as well as CrossFit dumbbell workout … Read more