Sumo Deadlift: Form, execution, benefits & more

Sumo Deadlift

Are the deadlifts called the king of workout? Yes, they are. All deadlift forms are very effective for the growth of overall muscles. They increase strength, stamina, and improve performance. But I’m not going to discuss all, in this article, I’ve shared all about the sumo deadlift, it’s forms, variations, execution, benefits, what muscles worked … Read more

The Deadlift Workout: Form, Execution, Variations, and Benefits

The Deadlift Workout: Form, Execution, Variations, and Benefits

The deadlift is unarguably one of the most effective resistance training or compound workout. It works on several muscles at once, such as the hamstring, glutes, quads, adductors, back, core, and the numerous synergist muscles in the upper body. In this article, I’m going to share all about the deadlift workout, such as its proper … Read more

A complete guide to Free weights Exercises


Whether you’re using free weights or machines or just your own body weight. If you want to accomplish your fitness goal faster you have to give your best in the gym or wherever you train. Using free weights exercises in your overall workout routine help you, if you: aspire to lose weight desire to build … Read more