8 Week Cardio Workout Plan For gym Goers with Free PDF

If you’re looking for an interesting and effective cardio gym workout plan that keeps you motivated, enhances your fitness level, and helps you get in shape, you can check out this 8 week cardio workout plan. From treadmill and dumbbell to elliptical cross trainer and plyometric, I’ve included various workouts in this program to make …

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Top 10 Must Have Gym Accessories

Must Have Gym Accessories

When it comes to gym accessories, everyone has their own gym bag essentials. But there are some of the must have gym accessories you can carry, irrespective of your gender, to get a serious and enjoyable workout session. Having the right gym accessories can keep you motivated, improve performance and help you achieve your goals. …

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7-Day Dumbbell and Bodyweight Workout Plan For Muscle Gain

Dumbbell and Bodyweight Workout Plan

This article is for you if you work out at home with little to no equipment. In this article, I’ve shared a practical and easy-to-follow dumbbell and bodyweight workout plan that will help you train systematically, build your strength and muscles, and sculpt your physique. So, if you’re looking for a straightforward, convenient, and effective …

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The 3 Best Metcon Workout Program With PDF

metcon workout program

If you’re looking for the best metcon workout program, you’re most welcome. I’ve designed simple, effective, and easy-to-follow metabolic conditioning workout plans that can help you improve your performance and achieve your best physique. I’ve also attached the PDF so you can download it for future use. What is Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Workout? Metabolic conditioning …

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The 7 Most Underrated Lifting Exercises You Should Be Doing

underrated lifting exercises

Lifting weights is good for you, but not all exercises are created equal. There are a few exercises that most people tend to ignore, despite the fact that they’re probably some of the best exercises available to build muscle and get stronger.  I’ve picked some of the most underrated lifting exercises that you know about them …

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The 10 Best Exercises You Can Do Everyday

Best Daily Exercises

There are various exercises you can do everyday at home to stay fit, active, and strong, such as pushups, squats, lunges, planks, and burpees. But, can you work out every day? Yes, you can work out daily. A medically reviewed article published by Healthline.com suggests that you can work out seven days a week as …

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Can Beginners Do Abs Workouts?

can beginners do abs workout

It is tempting to see muscle-packed six-pack abs. Why not? Because abs are one of the crucial muscles of the upper body and really add definition to your entire physique. Solid abdominal muscles provide stability for your spine and maximize your compound liftings. But, can beginners do abs workouts? I’ve tried to find the exact …

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Push Pull Legs Exercises List with PDF

Push, Pull, and Legs Exercises List

If you follow the PPL split, the complete list of push, pull, and legs exercises will help you design a program. That’s why I’ve compiled as many examples of push, pull, and leg exercises as possible and created a simple list so you can use it to make a workout plan for yourself, depending on …

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