Metabolic conditioning: Meaning, Workouts & Use

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is one of the important terms you should know. Whether you’re a fitness trainer, coach or just a fitness freak, the understanding of metabolic conditioning program help you and your clients to achieve fitness goal faster. Before moving on to the main topic, it’s crucial to know, what is metabolism and metabolic rate? … Read more

Top 7 Back workout for mass gain

Back Workout For Muscle Gain

  If you’re trying to build bigger and stronger back but fail to decide the effective combination of back workout that increases mass and strength, I assure you, here you’ll find best exercises that surely help you develop stronger-looking back. When it comes to muscle building selection of exercises is very important. Whether you want … Read more

The Difference Between Running, Jogging & Sprinting

Difference Between Running, Jogging & Sprinting

Whether you know or not about the difference between running, jogging and sprinting? This article will give you complete insights on these specific queries like: What are the similarity and differences between them How they are helpful for weight loss How you can increase your running speed The one similarity between jogging and running is … Read more

Different Types Of Squat Variations And Benefits

Different Types Of Squat Variations And Benefits

Squats are quite a useful exercise when it comes to gain muscles and burn maximum calories at the same time. If you want to get success in your “fat to fit” or “lean-to muscular” journey then squats should be on the top of your workout list or routine. That’s why I’m going to cover a … Read more

Light weights vs Heavy Weights: The Result?


The most important & the most asked question in the field of bodybuilding or muscle building is that what is the difference between Lightweights vs Heavyweights? There are many answers available on the web yet it is confusing to many peoples. In this article, I’ve reviewed my own experience; opinion of bodybuilders and the scientific … Read more

5 Calf raises exercise & benefits

The stronger calves are very important for the lower body because they will help you improve your running, jumping, walking etc. The calf muscles are located on the backside of the lower legs. In this article, we’ll be knowing how to do different variations of the calf raises exercise with proper execution and the benefits … Read more

The Beginners Guide To The Upper Body Workouts


If you have just decided to start the workout and build aesthetically figure; then congratulation because you have made a great decision. If your aim is muscle gain or weight loss or you just want to maintain your fitness; So, this article for you. In this article, I’ve shared the complete beginners’ guide to the … Read more