dumbbells vs barbell: What’s Better For You?

Dumbbells Vs Barbell

When I was a beginner, I was confused about which equipment should I prioritize for muscles building: machine, barbell or dumbbells? Then someone told me you should use free weights workouts. But when it comes to deciding the choice of free weight equipment, you mainly left with two options; Dumbbells Vs Barbell. That’s why I … Read more

Different Types of Workout Bench & Bench Exercise

Types Of Workout Bench & Bench Exercises

A workout bench is one of the most crucial equipments of the gym. Because this will help you perform several exercises such as bench press, dumbbell press, triceps extension, preacher curl and a lot more. Any small or big gym or fitness studio is half-done without a couple of weight benches. There are different types … Read more

How To Overhead Press: Variations, benefits & Type

Overhead Press: Benefits, Types and Variations

The overhead press is one of the best compound exercises that everyone performs. Whether you’re a powerlifter, weightlifter, cross-fitter or just a fitness enthusiast, the overhead press will help you build strength, power, endurance and muscles all at once. In this article, I’ve shared some important information about the types, variations and benefits of the overhead … Read more

Metabolic conditioning: Meaning, Workouts & Use

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is one of the important terms you should know. Whether you’re a fitness trainer, coach or just a fitness freak, the understanding of metabolic conditioning program help you and your clients to achieve fitness goal faster. Before moving on to the main topic, it’s crucial to know, what is metabolism and metabolic rate? … Read more

Top 7 Back workout for mass gain

Back Workout For Muscle Gain

  If you’re trying to build bigger and stronger back but fail to decide the effective combination of back workout that increases mass and strength, I assure you, here you’ll find best exercises that surely help you develop stronger-looking back. When it comes to muscle building selection of exercises is very important. Whether you want … Read more

Difference Between Running, Jogging & Sprinting

Difference Between Running, Jogging and Sprinting

Jogging, running, or sprinting have their different pros and cons. This is why I’ve shared each difference between running, jogging, and sprinting that can help you decide how to combine and do them efficiently. Things that you’ll know in this article 1 Definition Of Running, Jogging, And Sprinting 2 Benefits Of Running, Jogging, And Sprinting … Read more

Different Types Of Squat Variations And Benefits

Different Types Of Squats Variations

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, whether you work out at home or the gym, you can do several types of squats to build a strong and toned lower body. The different squat types will help you target each muscle of your lower body, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. Doing several squats can … Read more

20 Weighted Ab Workouts and Core Exercises

When you feel bored with bodyweight abs workout or you just want to try adding weights in your core workout training then try some of the best weighted abs workouts from the 20 Weighted Ab exercises. Doing ab exercises using weights such as dumbbells and weight plates significantly improved muscular endurance to a greater extent … Read more

Light Weights vs Heavy Weights (Which Is The Best)

Heavy Weights vs Light Weights

One of the most important questions in the field of bodybuilding is that, what is the difference between training with heavy weights vs light weights? Well, myriad of answers are available on the web, yet it is not clear to many peoples. That’s why I’m going to share my own experience; opinion of bodybuilders and … Read more