The Best Kettlebell HIIT Workouts and Routines with PDF

hiit kettlebell workouts

You can do fast-paced kettlebell HIIT workouts to ramp up your strength, stamina, and speed. Kettlebell high-intense interval training is an effective and inexpensive way to burn serious calories, speed up weight loss, and beef up lean mass. I’ll share the various HIIT kettlebell workouts and routines in this article that will help you achieve …

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Best Barbell HIIT Workouts and Routines with Free PDF

hiit barbell workout

You mostly perform bodyweight exercises in your HIIT program because they are fast and burn plenty of calories in a quick time. However, you can also incorporate barbell exercises in high-intensity interval training to make your workout exciting and challenging. The barbell HIIT workouts strengthen muscles, increase strength, power, and balance, burn significant calories, and …

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Ultimate 6 Week HIIT workout plan with PDF

6 Week HIIT workout plan

High-intensity interval training is good for multiple reasons that’s why it always trends in the world of fitness. For example, it develops endurance, improves cardiovascular health, and helps lose/manage weight. However, you need to work out routinely to get the full benefits of it. That’s why I’ve designed an easy to follow 6 week HIIT …

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Top 10 Gym HIIT Workouts with Workout Plan

Best Gym HIIT Workouts

If you want to torch a significant number of calories in quick time, you can do HIIT cardio machines and bodyweight workouts in the gym. In this article, I’m going to hand out the best high-intensity gym exercises and routines that you can incorporate into your workout regime to lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles …

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The Best Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan (with PDF)

Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan

The dumbbell HIIT workouts are challenging and heart-pumping and help you boost endurance and strength. I’ve created various dumbbell HIIT workout routines and plan (with PDF) that will help you burn more calories and build muscles at the same time. Bodyweight high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program is excellent because that doesn’t require any equipment and …

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HIIT CrossFit Workouts and Workout Plan (PDF)

HIIT CrossFit Workouts

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, if you work out at home with no equipment, then this article may be helpful for you. Here, I will share HIIT CrossFit workouts and workout plans that you can do at home (with PDF). The exercises I’ve shared will help you boost your endurance, strengthen and tone muscles, …

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A Complete Guide to HIIT Boxing Workout Training

HIIT Boxing Workout Training

Boxing is challenging, motivating, and above all, it’s an efficient aerobic workout training for overall health. Doing a boxing HIIT workout reduces body fat percentage in obese people, enhance cardiovascular functions, and improve body composition. In this article, I’m going to share all about Boxing High-intensity interval training (HIIT) such as different types of boxing …

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The Ultimate HIIT Exercises List with PDF

HIIT bodyweight exercises list

If you’re looking for an ultimate list of HIIT exercises, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll see; 1) The bodyweight HIIT exercises list for the home workout, 2)The Dumbbell HIIT workouts list, and 3) The list of HIIT workouts you can do with machines and equipment. You can also download the …

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