6 Day Gym Workout Schedule with PDF

6 Day Gym Workout Schedule Summary

Whether you follow a full-body workout routine, push-pull-legs, or bro split, in this article I’ve created 6 day gym workout schedule along with a PDF that can help you achieve your fitness goal. Different people have different choices, that’s why I’ve included 3 types of 6 days gym workout routines for building strength and muscle … Read more

Push Pull Legs 6 Day Split For Strength And Hypertrophy

Push Pull Legs 6 Day Split For Strength And Hypertrophy

If you’re looking for the best push pull leg split workout along with PDF then you came to the right place. In this article, I’m going to share my push pull legs 6 day split for strength and hypertrophy routine. I’ve designed this plan after researching several studies and articles so it can help you … Read more

The Best Upper Body Dumbbell Workout (with PDF)

Upper Body Dumbbell Workouts and exercises

When you have some pairs of dumbbells, you can do myriads of upper body workout. In this article, I’ve shared a complete guide on how you can do full upper body dumbbell workouts with and without a bench. It also comprised upper body dumbbell workout routine and PDF. Dumbbells are great pieces of equipment that … Read more

5 Day dumbbell workout Split

5 Day Split Dumbbell Workout

In a home workout series of dumbbell exercises, I’m going to share the 5 Day Split Dumbbell Workout routine (with PDF) that you can do at home as well as in the gym. The split workout means exercising according to your body regions. For example, training the upper body on day one and the lower … Read more

Full Bodyweight Workouts For Beginners At Home

Bodyweight Workouts for Beginners at Home without Equipment

If you are looking for the best bodyweight exercises for beginners that require little to no equipment, then you came to the right place. Here, I’ll share a complete guide to the full-body bodyweight workouts for beginners that may help you build muscles, boost strength and endurance at home. I’ll also hand out a beginner … Read more