Green Barley Plus: Benefits, Side Effects, Uses & More

If you’re searching for more information about green barley plus capsules for weight loss, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ve shared all facts about Green Barley Plus, such as its benefits, uses, side effects, prices, and more.

What is Green Barley Plus?

Green barley plus is a natural fat metabolism booster. It contains slimming and cleansing properties such as green barley extract, Garcinia Cambogia, and other natural ingredients that make it an extremely powerful fat burner.

Green Barley Plus Capsules
Green Barley Plus Capsules

Giving you a feeling of fullness; controlling hunger; boosting metabolism; preventing fat storage; Improving digestion and bowel movement;  protecting against bloating and constipation; cleansing toxins; slowing down skin aging, and strengthening hair and nails are the important benefits of green barley plus capsules.

Green Barley Plus Ingredients

Barley extract

The extracts of green barley plants are one of the essential natural ingredients that promote weight loss. It helps reduce and maintain weight in all types of people, irrespective of gender.

Cleansing toxins, improving digestion, and boosting metabolism are the important benefits of barley extracts.

Research has shown that barley sprouts have anti-obesity effects and could be helpful in the treatment of obesity-related diseases.1Kim MJ, Kawk HW, Kim SH, Lee HJ, Seo JW, Kim JT, Jang SH, Kim MJ, Kim YM. Anti-Obesity Effect of Hot Water Extract of Barley Sprout through the Inhibition of Adipocyte Differentiation and Growth. Metabolites. 2021 Sep 8;11(9):610. doi: 10.3390/metabo11090610. PMID: 34564426; PMCID: PMC8472010., 2 Thatiparthi J, Dodoala S, Koganti B, Kvsrg P. Barley grass juice (Hordeum vulgare L.) inhibits obesity and improves lipid profile in high-fat diet-induced rat model. J Ethnopharmacol. 2019 Jun 28;238:111843. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2019.111843. Epub 2019 Apr 3. PMID: 30951844.

Consumption of barley also has long-term benefits when it comes to aging. A study has demonstrated that lifelong barley intake may have positive effects on healthy aging.3Shimizu, C., Wakita, Y., Kihara, M., Kobayashi, N., Tsuchiya, Y., & Nabeshima, T. (2019). Association of Lifelong Intake of Barley Diet with Healthy Aging: Changes in Physical and Cognitive Functions and Intestinal Microbiome in Senescence-Accelerated Mouse-Prone 8 (SAMP8). Nutrients, 11(8).

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia contains high amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which support weight loss. It helps control appetite, blocks fat production, reduces belly fat, decreases inflammation, and improves blood sugar control.

Several studies suggest that garcinia Cambogia can reduce weight and improve lipid and glucose blood profiles in people with overweight or obese in the short term. But its effectiveness in the long term still needs to be confirmed.4Onakpoya I, Hung SK, Perry R, Wider B, Ernst E. The Use of Garcinia Extract (Hydroxycitric Acid) as a Weight loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Clinical Trials. J Obes. 2011;2011:509038. doi: 10.1155/2011/509038. Epub 2010 Dec 14. PMID: 21197150; PMCID: PMC3010674., 5Maia-Landim, Andrea et al. “Long-term effects of Garcinia cambogia/Glucomannan on weight loss in people with obesity, PLIN4, FTO and Trp64Arg polymorphisms.” BMC complementary and alternative medicine vol. 18,1 26. 24 Jan. 2018, doi:10.1186/s12906-018-2099-7

How Does Green Barley Plus Support Weight Loss?

Green barley plus can help you lose significant weight in a few months if you take capsules as prescribed. 

Here are the following ways the green barley plus reduces fat:

1. Control Hunger

Consuming green barley capsule control your appetite and give you the feeling of satiety. And it will help you restrict your calorie consumption. As a result, you’ll be able to lose weight.

2. Speeds up metabolism

The combination of green barley extracts and garcinia Cambogia boosts metabolism and increases metabolic rate.

Metabolism is a chemical process in which your body converts nutrients into energy. And the higher the metabolic rate, the more your body converts nutrients into energy.

When your body doesn’t have sufficient food, it uses stored fats as a source of energy, and in the long run, it helps you lose fats and weight.

3. Improve Digestion

The fiber presents in the barley extracts digests food efficiently and keeps your intestines healthy. Additionally, it helps your stomach absorb sugar more slowly, keeping your blood sugar and cholesterol levels lower- a WebMD article suggests.6 Health Benefits of Barley Grass – Web MD

And better digestion support and speed up your weight loss process.

4. Lowers Cholesterol

For overweight and obese people, high “bad” cholesterol is normal. And having high cholesterol can put your health at bay.

Ingredients found in green barley plus lower bad cholesterol, also known as LDL cholesterol levels, while increasing the beneficial HDL-type cholesterol. And the lower the bad cholesterol, the faster you lose weight.

Moreover, lower bad cholesterol also prevents cardiovascular diseases such as heart stroke.

5. Cleanse Toxins

The green barley extract is the best functional food that provides nutrition and eliminates toxins from cells in human beings – according to a study published by Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity.

The study further suggested that green barley extracts promote sleep, regulate blood pressure, enhance immunity, protect the liver, improve oxygen supply to your muscles, prevent cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, and constipation, alleviate atopic dermatitis, and improve cognition.

All of this help accelerate the weight loss process.

Green Barley Plus side effects

Consumption of Green barley plus is safe if you take prescribed doses. However, sometimes it can cause minor issues such as gas, bloating, or feelings of satiety in some people.

Barley can also cause an allergic reaction in some people.

Everything comes with some disadvantages, so the barley green plus is. However, continuous consumption of barley can lessen these issues.

Green Barley Plus Reviews

Here are some green barley plus reviews based on surveys and polls done on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.  


  • Many users reported that the Green Barley Plus controls hunger, reduces calorie consumption, and supports weight loss.
  • Some users reviewed that green barley plus helps them maintain their shape while improving cardiovascular functions, bowel movement, and metabolism.
  • A group of users also reported quite positive results in terms of weight loss. And they significantly lose weight by following a restricted diet and doing HIIT along with consuming green barley plus pills.


  • A few users reported they faced gas and bloating problems during the initial phase of taking green barley pills.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with GBP?

Green Barley Plus capsules may help you lose up to 24 pounds or 11 kilograms in only 8 weeks – according to the information mentioned on their website.

It can be possible when you also maintain your daily diet.

Green Barley Capsules Price

The price of a popular package is $24.50 per package. And you can buy directly from their website.

This product is available in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Denmark, France, Ireland, Malaysia, and 20 plus more countries. Check it out on their official Green Barley website to see if it is available in your country or not.

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