Ultimate Gym Workout Plan for Women and Men with PDF

A well-designed workout program is necessary when it comes to training in an organized manner and achieving a specific fitness goal.

To help you enhance your overall fitness, I’ve shared three different gym workout routines for women and men (with PDF) in this article.

The first program is both for men and women who want to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.

And the second gym workout plan is for females who want to strengthen and tone their muscles and improve their shape.

The third workout routine is primarily for men wanting to increase strength and size.

Depending on your fitness level, you can download one of the routines to reach your fitness goal.

Before going forward, let’s take a look at the summary of this workout plan.

Program Summary

Workout routines you’ll see in this program:

  1. Gym Workout Plan for Men and Women to Lose Weight and Build Muscle
  2. Women’s Muscle Building Gym Workout Routine
  3. Gym Workout Routine for Men to Gain Muscle

Additional Information

  • Training Days in a Week – 5 Days for Women and 6 Days for Men
  • Daily Workout Duration – 60 Minutes for Women and 60-90 Minutes for Men
  • Prefer Time to Workout – Morning for Weight Loss and Afternoon and Evening for Muscle Gain.
  • Types of Workout Routine – Push, Pull, and Legs (PPL) for Men and Full-Body for Women.
  • Suggested Time for Visible Results – Six Months
  • Target Gender: Male and Female
  • Ideal Rest Time Between Sets – Less than 60 seconds for bodyweight exercises and between 1 to 3 minutes for resistance exercises.

Gym Workout Plan for Men and Women to Lose Weight and Tone Muscle

gym workout plan for women to lose weight and tone
  • Monday: Treadmill Run + Weight Training + Core Workout
  • Tuesday: Cross Trainer + Weight Training + Bicycling
  • Wednesday: Treadmill Run + Weight Training + Core Workout
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Cardio + Weight Training + Bicycling
  • Saturday: Treadmill Run + Bicycling + Core Workout
  • Sunday: Rest

Monday: Treadmill Run, Weight Training, and Core Workout

Treadmill Run15-minute3-min1
Incline Chest Machine Press10-12 reps1-2 min3
Pec Deck Fly10-12 reps1-2 min3
Seated Arnold Press8-10 reps2-3 min3
Lateral DB Raises10-12 reps1-2 min3
Triset Ab Workout15-minute1
men’s and women’s gym workout plan

Tuesday: Cross Trainer + Weight Training + Bicycling

Exercises ActivityRestSets
Cross Trainer10-minute2-min1
Dumbbell Front Squat10-121-2 min3
Front Lat Pulldown10-121-2 min3
Seated Cable Rowing10-121-2 min3
One-arm Dumbbell Row8-10 1-2 min3
gym workout plan for women and men to lose weight and tone muscle

Wednesday: Treadmill Run + Weight Training + Core Workout

Treadmill Run10-minute1
Barbell Jammers8-102-3 min3
Front Lat Pulldown12-151-2 min3
Seated Cable Rowing12-151-2 min3
Dumbbell Pullover10-121-2 min3
Triset Core Workout20-minute1
gym routine for women and men

Friday: Weight Training + Cardio

Barbell Squat10 reps2-3 min3
Bench Press10 reps2-3 min3
Overhead Press10 reps2-3 min3
Bodyweight HIIT20-minute1
weight loss workout plan for women and men

Saturday: Cardio + Weight Training + Core Workout

Treadmill Run5-min1
Rope Pushdown15 reps3
Bench Dips15 reps3
Dumbbell Curl15 reps3
Weighted Abs Workout30-min1

Download The Program PDF

Women’s Muscle Building Workout Routine at Gym

Women’s Muscle Building Workout Routine At Gym

Female bodies work differently than males; that’s why their workout plan is slightly different from theirs when it comes to strengthening and toning muscles.

Limited women work out to build muscle and increase weight. And if you’re one of them, you can follow this women’s muscle-building gym workout routine.


  • Monday – Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps
  • Tuesday – Back, Shoulder, and Biceps
  • Wednesday – Legs and Abs
  • Friday – Back, Shoulder, and Chest
  • Saturday – Lower Body and Abs

Monday – Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps

ExerciseMuscles WorkedReps
Incline PushupChest10 x 2
Flat Bench PressChest and Triceps12, 10, 8
Incline Dumbbell PressChest and Front Delt10, 8, 8
Barbell Overhead PressShoulder and Triceps12, 10, 8
Bent-arm Lateral RaiseShoulder10, 8, 8
gym workout plans for women

Tuesday – Back, Shoulder, and Biceps

ExerciseMuscles WorkedReps
Front Lat PulldownBack15 x 3
Seated Cable RowBack15 x 3
One-arm Dumbbell RowBack10 x 3
Rear Delt Dumbbell RaisesPosterior Delt10 x 3
Chin-upsBiceps5 x 3
Incline Dumbbell CurlBiceps10 x 3
weight lifting routine for women

Wednesday – Legs and Abs

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Dumbbell Front SquatQuadriceps15 x 3
DB Front LungesLower body10 x 3
DB Romanian DeadliftHamstrings8 x 3
Leg CurlHamstrings15 x 3
10-min Ab WorkoutCore
best women’s workout program

Friday – Back, Shoulder, and Chest

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Bent-over Barbell RowBack12 x 3
Incline DB IYT RaisesBack and Shoulder8 x 3
Incline DB Bench PressChest12 x 3
Pec Deck FlyChest12 x 3
Bench DipsTriceps12 x 3
gym workout plan for beginners female

Saturday – Lower Body and Abs

ExercisesMuscles WorkedReps
Leg PressQuads15 x 3
Hip ThrustHamstrings 12 x 4
Standing Calf RaisesBiceps and Back20 x 3
20-min HIIT Ab WorkoutCore
Beginner gym workout female

Download Women’s Muscle Building Gym Workout Routine PDF

Gym Workout Routine for Men to Gain Muscle

Gym Workout Routine for Men to Gain Muscle
Gym Workout Men

Routine Types – Push, Pull, and Legs, Core

  • Monday – Push Workout
    • Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps
  • Tuesday – Pull Workout
    • Back, Biceps, Wrist, Abs, and Oblique
  • Wednesday – Legs and Glutes
    • Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, and Glutes
  • Thursday – Push Workouts
    • Chest, Shoulder, and Triceps
  • Friday – Pull Workouts
    • Back, Biceps, Wrist, Abs, and Oblique
  • Saturday – Legs
    • Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, and Glutes
  • Sunday – Rest

This program is divided into two parts.

You’ll focus on high repetitions (10 to 20) during the first three days and lifting big during the last three sessions.

A combination of high reps (with light weights) and fewer reps (with heavy loads) will enhance your strength and increase mass.

Monday – Push Workout (Higher Repetitions)

WorkoutMuscle WorkedRepsRest
Barbell Flat Bench PressChest16, 12, 102-min
Incline Dumbbell PressChes14, 12, 102-min
Machine Chest FlyChest12, 10, 102-min
DB Overhead PressShoulder12, 10, 102-min
Lateral Dumbbell RaiseShoulder12, 10, 102-min
Rope PushdownTriceps12, 10, 102-min

Tuesday: Pull Workout (High Repetitions)

Exercise Targeted MuscleRepsRest
V-Grip Lat PulldownBack15, 12, 102-min
Barbell Bent-Over RowBack15, 12, 10 2-min
Seated RowingBack15, 12, 10 2-min
Barbell CurlBiceps16, 14, 122-min
Alternate Bicep curlBiceps14, 12, 102-min
Preacher CurlBiceps14, 12, 102-min

Wednesday – Legs and Glutes – Higher Reps Focus

WorkoutMuscles BuildRepsRest
Dumbbell LungesLower Body12 and 101-min
Barbell Back SquatLegs16, 12, 102-min
DB Romanian DeadliftHamstring10, 8, 61-min
DB Leg CurlHamstring14, 12, 10 2-min
Hip ThrustGlute14, 12, 102-min
Calf RaisesCalves14, 12, 10 1-min

Thursday – Push Workouts – Heavy Load with Fewer Reps

Barbell Flat Bench PressChest10, 8, 62-3 min
Weighted Dips Chest and Triceps10, 8, 6 2-3 min
Weighted PushupsChest and Triceps10, 8, 6 2-3 min
Barbell Overhead PressShoulder 10, 8, 62-3 min
Lean Away Cable Lateral RaisesShoulder10, 8, 62-3 min

Friday – Pull Workouts (High Load and Fewer Reps)

DeadliftIntegrated Full Body6, 4, 22-3 min
Lat PulldownBack and Biceps10, 8, 61-2 min
T-Bar RowingBack and Biceps10, 8, 62-3 min
Preacher CurlBiceps10, 8, 61-2 min
Hammer CurlBiceps10, 8, 61-2 min
Barbell ShrugsTraps10, 8, 62-3 min

Saturday – Legs (High Load, Fewer Reps)

Leg and Core ExercisesMuscles WorkedRepsRest
Barbell Back Squat Quads10, 8, 6, 42-3 min
Leg PressQuads 10, 8, 6, 42-3 min
Barbell Hip ThrustGlute, Hip10, 8, 6, 42-3 min
Calf RaisesCalves12, 10, 8, 61-2 min

Gym Workout Routine for Men to Gain Muscle and Strength PDF

I hope you liked the routines.

You can change or replace any workout you don’t do with the exercise you prefer.

You can incorporate some of the below exercises in the following weeks of training.

Final Words

Women and men both have different purposes when it comes to exercise. A study suggests women mainly work out for weight loss and toning more than men, whereas men exercise more for strength, gain, and enjoyment than women. 1 Gender Differences in Exercise Habits and Quality of Life Reports: Assessing the Moderating Effects of Reasons for Exercise – National Institute of Health

Goals may differ for different genders, but the benefits of exercise are nearly the same for all.

So the important thing is to work out and keep yourself fit, active, and healthy.

And to train in an organized manner and achieve the maximum results, you can download one of the above gym workout routines depending on your fitness goal.

However, exercise is only a part of a healthy lifestyle. You should also focus on diet and quality sleep, keep yourself hydrated, and meditate to live a sound lifestyle.


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