Best Glute and Hamstring Workout

Best Glute and Hamstring Workout

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or an athlete, strengthening glutes and hamstrings is crucial for improving overall performance. And that’s why I’m going to share the best glute and hamstring workout that will help you build strength, mass, mobility, and balance. The strong hamstring and glute will help you boost your running, sprinting, deadlifting, squatting, cycling, … Read more

Kettlebell Pushups: Variations, How-To & Benefits

Kettlebell Pushup workout

If you work out with kettlebells at home or the gym, you’ll certainly want to do various kettlebell pushups to build your muscle. That’s why, here, I’m going to share how to do several pushup variations with kettlebells, what muscles worked, and what are their benefits. You can incorporate these pushups into your kettlebell home … Read more

4 Week Kettlebell Program With PDF

4 Week Kettlebell Program Summary

If you want to burn more calories in less time and increase strength, and endurance at the same time, then kettlebell training can work best for you. However, you need a proper workout plan that can help you achieve your goal faster. That’s why in this article, I’ve created a 4 Week Kettlebell Program with … Read more

Calisthenics For Weight Loss (Workout and Plan)

calisthenics Weight Loss Workout and Plan

Weight loss is primarily about calorie consumption. Generally, if you want to lose weight, you need to cut 400-600 calories (just an example) from your typical diet. However, you can combine a calorie-restrict diet with the calisthenics cardio workout to lose weight. Calisthenics exercises do not only support weight loss but also improve aerobic fitness. … Read more

Best Calisthenics Shoulder Workout (10 Exercises)

Calisthenics Shoulder Exercises

Calisthenics workout is an efficient and effective way to strengthen, tone, and build shoulder stability using your bodyweight only. If you’re trying to build a muscular shoulder without equipment, then you can do the best calisthenics shoulder exercises that I have shared in this article. Why Should Do Shoulder Calisthenics Exercises? Having stronger and flexible … Read more