What’s The Best Time To Workout Abs?

Have you ever searched what’s the best time to workout abs, whether it’s morning or evening? Or do you know when should you do a six-pack ab workout, it’s whether after or before weight training? After or before running/cardio?

Well, I want to share my own experience but first of all, I’m going to share what research, science, fitness trainers and the most credible health and fitness websites talk over the best time to do abs workout. Then, I’ll also talk about when I do ab exercise and what exercises I prefer.

Science and Research About The Best Time to Workout Abs

After researching a couple of hours on Google to find what scientific studies say about the perfect timing of abs workout; I haven’t found anything relevant. Research is yet to be done on the best abs workout timing.

However, research has shown that whether you workout in the morning or evening, the best way to get an efficient result is working out at the same time every day. Consistency in your workout timing might help you achieve your desired result faster.

So, whether you workout in the morning, afternoon, evening or maybe at night, make sure you’re consistent and motivated until you accomplished your desired goals.

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Health and fitness websites views on the best timing of Ab exercise

Due to the lack of proper information about the best time to do ab exercise; only a few websites shared the answers.

what's the best time to do abs workout
what’s the best time to do abs workout

Here are the top three websites views on the best timing of working out your abs.

Best to Time Workout According to Live Strong

An article “Is It Better to Do Your Ab Workout in the Morning or at Night?” published on the Live Strong website concluded that the morning time isn’t an ideal time for training abs.

Because your body is most vulnerable in the early morning, just after you wake up. And doing regular ab exercises like crunches and twisting can compress your spine and put more stress on your vertebral discs that increase the risk of swelling or an injury.

It also suggests that doing late-night ab workout causes uneasiness and can keep you awake.

So, if you want to work out your abs, the best timing could be afternoon or evening. Because at that time, your energy level is high, muscles are more flexible than morning and you can have a better workout session.

Men’s Health

Article title: Why You Should Work Your Abs First?

In that article, Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., co-author of The New Rules of Lifting for Abs, says that “Those who workout core at the beginning of their workout instead of the end, achieve better results.

Doing abs workout at the beginning of the workout, right after your warm-up can be effective for your core. Because at that time, your muscles are fresh and ready to build.

Abs are like other muscles, and to strengthen and build them you to need workout equally to get a strong core. So, do abs workout right after your warm-up and before weight training.

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Men’s Journal Views on Best Time to Abs Workout

Article title: Trainer Q&A: How Often Should I Train My Abs?

Answer: This website didn’t mention any time in its post. However, It concluded that doing abs workout two to three times a week after the workout session will help you get an efficient result faster.

It also suggests trying different abs workout variations rather doing only sit-ups or crunches. Planks, cable woodchops, and abdominal rollouts are some good variations to be included in your ab workout regime.

Is There Any Best Time Or Exercise For Building Abs?

The Quick Answer is No.

In my opinion, the best time is when, when you’re ready to do your best. And the best ab exercises are those which suits you the most.

Everyone’s body responds differently. If afternoon abs workout is good for me, it doesn’t mean it will also be good for you. Because it also depends on your lifestyle pattern.

Nutrition and consistency matter more than what time of the day you workout your abs. If you’re not consistent, and if you do not lower your body fat percentage; doesn’t matter how hard you exercise, you’ll not achieve the desired result faster.

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Top 10 Tips For Building Six-Pack Abs Faster

  1. Reduce body percentage to at least 10-12%. Do High-intensity interval Training (HIIT).
  2. Maintain or reduce daily calorie consumption. Get the proper diet.
  3. Warm your body before starting out abs workout session. Do high-knees, squat, pushups, jumping jacks etc.
  4. Train the abs like other muscles of the body. Give your ab muscles proper rest.
  5. Add resistance to the ab exercises to thicken your muscle. Try weighted abs workout.
  6. Try different variations of the abs exercises. Don’t just stick with two or three exercises.
  7. Train each muscle of the core equally. For example, work on your obliques, upper and lower abs.
  8. Design a separate workout session to build your abs so that you hit them when you’re energized. Doings abs workout before or after heavy weight training can exhaust the muscles in your core which can be dangerous.
  9. Other than specific ab exercises, try high-intensity exercises like HIIT and CrossFit.
  10. Eat enough protein. Protein will help you build lean muscle faster and accelerates muscles gain. Protein is one of the best macronutrients that has the highest thermogenic effect on the body.

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Top 20 Core Exercises For Ripped Six pack abs

  1. Reverse Crunches
  2. Mountain Climbers
  3. Bicycle Crunches
  4. Planks
  5. The Russian Twist
  6. Side Planks (with Hip Raise)
  7. Table Top Crunches
  8. Leg Raises
  9. Toe Touches Crunches
  10. Knee-to-Inside Elbow Planks
  11. Knee-to-Outside Elbow Planks
  12. Flutter Kicks
  13. V-ups Crunches
  14. Hanging Knees Raise
  15. Cable Woodchop
  16. Dumbbell Side Bend
  17. Cable Crunches
  18. Ab wheel Rolling
  19. Weighted Russian Twist
  20. Static Hold Movements

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