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Author Murshid Akram


I’m Murshid Akram, an online personal trainer, fitness blogger, and fitness enthusiast.

I started this website to provide you with the best workout plans, hundreds of exercises, and answers to various queries related to fitness.

I research, write, and create helpful blogs and workout programs and update articles from time to time so that you can get the latest info.

Why I Started

There are already myriad fitness websites on the web that publish blogs every day. However, still, I felt something is missing, especially articles on specific topics, such as Calisthenics, Isometrics, and Free weight exercise, and especially free workout programs PDFs.

I highly focus on creating workout programs that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

I started publishing blogs on these topics to provide you with the relevant information you’re searching for.


We primarily focus on creating free workout programs for all fitness enthusiasts to help them achieve better health.

Whether you’re a male or female, beginner or advanced, workout at home or in the gym, use equipment, or do only bodyweight exercises; we have workout routines for all fitness freaks.

Our goal is to help you become stronger, healthier, and fitter.

Having vigorous health prevents many types of diseases, increases longevity, and allows you to live a healthy life.

We want everyone to stay healthy, fit, and strong regardless of their economic status or race. If in any way we help you in reaching your fitness goals, we would be pleased and satisfied.


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Health Disclaimer

We provide information for all fitness enthusiasts, not for a specific person. And, as you know, everyone’s body responds differently; that’s why I recommend you take personal advice from your doctor or trainer, or nutritionist before applying our information or following our programs. Our contents are for information purposes only and should not be substituted with personal health or medical advice. You should consult a doctor or fitness expert before starting any nutrition, diet, exercise, or fitness program.

Why I Started