Triset For Abs: The Best Core Workout You’ve Ever Done

Triset Abs Workout For Solid Core

Whether you want to strengthen your core or thicken your six-pack abs, you should try a Triset method.

Tri-set is one of the set methods like superset and giant that involves performing three exercises in a row without taking a break.

With the help of this technique, you can effectively target the different muscles of the core.

The core has three typical muscles: the upper abs, lower abs, and oblique. The triset allows you to perform one exercise each for these muscles and helps you build a powerful core and six-pack abs.

In this article, I’ve shared four types of tri-set workout plans that you can use to develop your core muscles.

The first couple of ones are for building a sturdy core with bodyweight exercises.

And the last two are for those who work out at the gym with barbells, dumbbells, machines, and kettlebells.

You can follow one of them depending on where you train and your current fitness level.

10-Minute Triset Abs Workout to Bolster Your Midsection

Triset Workout for Abs at home

You’ll do three exercises of 20 seconds each (in each round) for five rounds. There will be a one-minute rest between rounds.

In each round, you’ll do one workout for upper abs, one for lower abs, and one for oblique so you can effectively train your entire core quickly.

It is suitable for those who haven’t enough time but want to work on the entire core in just ten minutes.

It will also be helpful if you do core training post-weight-training workouts.

So, let’s see how to hammer your abs in 10 minutes with the triple-set method:

Triset 1 (5-minute)

  • Mountain Climbers – 20 seconds
  • Sit-ups – 20 seconds
  • Russian Twist – 20 seconds
  • Perform three rounds, 1-minute break after each round.

Triset 2 (5-minute)

  • Flutter Kicks – 20 seconds
  • Alternating Heel Taps – 20 seconds
  • Forearm Plank – 50 seconds
  • Perform three rounds, with no rest between rounds.

15-Minute Bodyweight Tri Set Workout for Core

Once you complete the above routine for as long as you want, you can challenge your abdominal strength with a 15-minute tri-set core workout.

It involves performing three exercises of 30 seconds each (in each round. And you’ll take a 60-second rest after each round.

Round 1Round 2 Round 3
Mountain ClimbersBicycle CrunchesPlank
Leg RaiseFlutter KicksSide Plank
Heel Touch CrunchesRussian TwistSide Plank
Round 4Round 5Round 6
Standard crunchesTabletop crunchesToe Touch Crunches
Reverse crunchesPulse upKnee to elbow
Windshield wipersOblique crunchHeel Tap crunches

20-Minute Triset Ab Workout at the Gym

Triset Abs Workout at the Gym

You’ll do as many as seven rounds in this 20-minute tri-set workout routine.

You will complete three exercises, each lasting 40 seconds, in each round and take a one-minute break after each round.

It includes both bodyweight and weighted abs workouts, so you can target your core intensely and build athletic abs.

It is intermediate level, so if you have been working out for the last six months or more, you can do it.

I’ve included those core exercises that are mostly performed in the gym. So if you work out at home, you can follow the above program.

Okay, so here’s the 20-minute core strengthening Tri set workout.

Round 1Round 2
Mountain ClimbingTabletop crunches
Hanging Knee RaisesDumbbell Leg Raises
Dumbbell Side BendSwiss Ball Oblique Crunches
Round 3Round 4
Cable CrunchesWeighted Crunches
Cable WoodchopWeighted Russian Twist
Machine Leg RaisesReverse Cable Crunches
Round 5Round 6Round 7
Knee to Elbow PlankAb Wheel RolloutWeighted Plank
Cable Woodchop
(Low to High)
DB Toe Touch CrunchDB Side Plank (RS)
Decline CrunchesHanging Side Knee RaiseDB Side Plank (LS)

30-Minute Tri-Set Training for Strong Abdominals

This 30-minute core exercise is intense, effective, and powerful, making it the best Triset workout for strengthening and building toned abs.

It is an advanced routine that requires immense strength and stamina to complete efficiently.

In this tri-set ab workout plan, you’ll do eight rounds, with three exercises of 40-second each (in each round).

As this plan is longer than the above three, the rest will be two minutes instead of one between rounds.

It means each round will be of four minutes except the last one, which will be only two minutes.

Okay, let’s see how to do tri-set abs exercises for thirty minutes productively.

Note: Before you start performing the exercises mentioned in this program, gather the essential equipment you’ll need to save time and focus only on the training.

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Dumbbell Side BendWeighted Leg RaisesCable Reverse Crunch
Hanging Leg RaisesMB Russian TwistCable Woodchop (H2L)
Decline CrunchesCable CrunchesWeighted Floor Crunch
Round 4Round 5Round 6
Hanging Knee RaiseDumbbell Side BendV-Ups
Cable Woodchop
DB Toe Touch CrunchDragon Flag
Hollow Body CrunchSingle-Leg Tuck-UpWindshield Wiper
Round 7Round 8
Ab Wheel RolloutWeighted Plank
DB Reverse CrunchDB Side Plank (RS)
Cable CrunchesDB Side Plank (LS)

How Often Should You Do a Tri set for Abs?

You can do the above exercises at least once a week – if you’re a beginner, two times a week if you’re an intermediate, and thrice a week if you’re a pro.

The frequency entirely depends on you and your fitness goal.

I used to do 15-minute bodyweight exercises on Monday and a 20-minute gym abs workout on Thursday (twice a week).

I don’t have thicker abs like many guys. However, I feel my core is pretty strong, which helped me use heavier weights during compound exercises like bench presses, sumo deadlifts, squats, and overhead presses.

Triset Abs Workout PDF

You can download any of the programs you like.

The Takeaway

I’ve shared various tri-set abs workout routines from beginner to advanced level, from bodyweight exercises to weighted workouts, so that you can download the one you like and think can work for you.

I can’t ensure that the above plans will help you lose weight or build visible six-pack abs because everyone’s body responds differently.

However, one thing I can confirm for you is that if you follow the plans properly twice a week, you’ll have a solid core after a couple of months.

If you’re trying to lose excess pounds, you can add one of the above plans to your diet program to speed up weight loss.

And if you want to develop visible shredded or beefy six-pack abs, focus equally on your diet routine and weighted abs workouts.

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Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.
Picture of Murshid Akram

Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.

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I’m Murshid Akram, a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I primarily design workout plans and share science-based and practical information that can help you become stronger, functional, and healthier.

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