Bodyweight and Dumbbell Leg Workout w/PDF

You can do various exercises to train your legs and glutes, but if you’re looking to forge them with dumbbell and bodyweight exercises, this article is for you.

In this article, I’ll share the best samples of bodyweight and dumbbell leg workout routines that include training for each lower body muscle, including the quad, hamstring, calves, and glutes.

These workouts will bolster your legs and glutes and help enhance athletic performance, improve the shape, and promote weight loss.

5 Bodyweight and Dumbbell Leg Workout Examples

Here are some examples of dumbbell and bodyweight leg workout routines.

You can do them on different days to strengthen and tone lower body muscles.

Each workout will take around 45 to 60 minutes.

From males to females, anyone can integrate these workouts into their home workout routine.

Note: You can also adjust these workouts according to your fitness level.

Workout 1

Bodyweight and Dumbbell Leg Workout
Squat Jump10-12230-sec
Dumbbell Front Squat12-1531-min
DB Reverse Lunges10/side21-min
Dumbbell Leg Curl12-1531-min
Bodyweight Glute Kickback10/side230-sec
Leaning DB Calf Raises15/side230-sec

Workout 2

Jumping Lunges10-12230-sec
Dumbbell Pop Squat12-1531-min
Dumbbell Cossack Squat10/side21-min
DB Romanian Deadlift8-1031-min
Dumbbell Glute Bridge12-1531-min

Workout 3

Lunge to Front Kick10/side230-sec
Bodyweight Pistol Squat5/side245-sec
Dumbbell Sumo Squat12-1531-min
Dumbbell Step-up10/side21-min
Single-Leg Hamstring Bridge10/side230-sec

Workout 4

Butt Kicks30-sec230-sec
Bodyweight/DB Curtsy Lunges10/side345-sec
Single-Leg Dumbbell Deadlift6/side245-sec
Dumbbell Skater Squat6/side21-min
Dumbbell Leg Curl12-1531-min

Workout 5

Squat Jump10-12230-sec
Bulgarian Split Squat8/side21-min
Dumbbell Pop Squat10-12390-sec
Dumbbell Leg Curl12-15390-sec
Single-Leg Hamstring Bridge10/side290-sec
Leaning DB Calf Raises15/side230-sec
Bodyweight Dumbbell Leg Workout

Download Dumbbell and Bodyweight Leg Workout PDF

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