8 Best Barbell Push Exercises For Strength and Size

Barbell Push Exercises

If you’re looking for barbell push exercises to incorporate into your push, pull, and legs (PPL) workout program, you can check out this article. I’ve shared eight barbell push workouts that I often perform on my push days. You may already know some exercises, such as bench press and overhead press, but there are some …

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Top 5 Barbell Exercises for Lower Back

barbell exercises for lower back

While most people focus on big muscle groups like their chest, biceps, or quadriceps, they often forget to target their lower back. Lower back training is crucial for good posture, better performance, and general fitness. You can use different types of equipment to train your lower back, such as hyperextension machines, dumbbells, and kettlebells, but …

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The 6 Best Barbell Exercises For Rear Delts

Barbell Exercises For Rear Delts

Whether it’s calves, forearms, or delts, training each muscle is essential for achieving your best physique. However, we often neglect them or don’t train them as efficiently as we could be, and the rear deltoid is one of those muscles. You can train your posterior delt with various exercises using different equipment, but this article …

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6 Best Upper Back Barbell Exercises For Strength and Gain

Upper Back Barbell Exercises

Whether you want to build a sizable back or improve posture, upper back training is essential. A solid upper back helps prevent shoulder injuries, fix poor posture, improve your pulling strength, and improve upper body composition. You can solidify your upper back with various exercises, but this article is for barbell lovers. Here I’ve shared …

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Best Barbell HIIT Workouts and Routines with Free PDF

hiit barbell workout

You mostly perform bodyweight exercises in your HIIT program because they are fast and burn plenty of calories in a quick time. However, you can also incorporate barbell exercises in high-intensity interval training to make your workout exciting and challenging. The barbell HIIT workouts strengthen muscles, increase strength, power, and balance, burn significant calories, and …

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20 Best Crossfit Barbell Workouts For Ultimate Strength

Best Crossfit Barbell Workouts

CrossFit is a highly effective workout program that combines powerlifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and calisthenics. The Crossfit exercises are challenging but highly efficient. You can also challenge your strength and fitness level by performing various Crossfit workouts with barbell and weight plates. I’ve shared the full-body CrossFit barbell workouts that will boost your strength, …

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The 5 Best Barbell Hamstring Exercises

Best Barbell Hamstring Exercises

If you’re looking for the best barbell hamstring exercises, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll share five hamstring barbell exercises in this article that’ll help you strengthen your hams and reduce the risk of injuries. The stronger hamstring enables you to lift, run, sprint, and jump more efficiently. But, before I share the workouts, …

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