List of 100 Stretching Exercises with PDF

Like education is incomplete without philosophy, a fit body is not completed without flexibility.

Flexibility is crucial for every athlete and fitness enthusiast, from powerlifters to sprinters.  It helps you perform better in sports and lifting and minimizes the risk of injuries. 

To achieve balanced fitness, you must perform various stretching exercises for every muscle group.

I’ve made an ultimate list of stretching exercises that include a ton of movements and work throughout the body, from arms, chest, and quads to hamstring, back, and shoulder and help improve balance and flexibility.

You can integrate these exercises into your training program depending on your fitness level and goal.

Let’s have a look at all stretching exercises and which muscles they target.

Stretching Exercises List for Beginners

Stretching Exercises List for Beginners
No.ExercisesMuscles Worked
1Downward Facing DogLegs, Glutes, Back, and Shoulder
2Warrior ILegs and Buttocks
3Warrior IILegs, glutes, hips, core, chest, and shoulders
4Standing Forward BendPosterior Chain
5Reverse Warrior PoseQuads, hams, hips, groin, and core.
6Garland PoseLegs, glutes, hips, and lower back.
7Upward SaluteUpper Body
8The Goddess Pose Stretch Quad, ham, knees, and ankles
9Low LungeThighs, hips, abdominals, and chest
10Tree PoseLeg, ankles and feet, groin, and inner thigh
11Cat Cow PoseNeck, shoulders, and spine
12Plank PoseIntegrated Full Body
13Bridge PoseHamstrings and Gluteal muscles
14Cobra PosePosterior chain and abdominal muscles
15Cobbler’s PoseHips, inner thigh, and core
16Head to Knee PoseHamstrings, Abs, groin, and spine
17Supine Spinal Twistback, hips, ribs, and upper back
18Child’s PoseUpper Limbs
19Figure Four StretchGlute, hips, and abdominal muscles
20Butterfly StretchHips, groin, inner thighs, and knees
21Side Bend StretchAbs and Obliques
22Lunging Hip Flexor StretchLegs, buttocks, and hips
23Knee to Chest StretchAbs, hips, arms, legs, and Shoulder
24Neck rollNeck and the cervical spine
25Shoulder RollUpper traps and shoulders
26Side lungeQuad, abductors, glutes, adductors, and hams
27Standing Quad StretchQuads, Hamstrings, and glutes
28Supine Spinal Twistback, hips, ribs, and shoulders
29Single-arm Hamstring StretchHamstrings and abdominal muscles
30Knee HugQuad, calves, adductors, hams, and gluteal muscles
31Superman FlyBack, glutes, hams, and shoulders
32Locust PosePosterior Chain muscles
33Chair PoseLegs, back, shoulders, hips, and glutes
34High LungeLeg, gluteal, arm, and core muscles
35Happy Baby PoseInner thighs, hamstrings, and groin
36Extended Puppy PoseSpine, shoulders, upper back, arms, and abs
37Cow FaceRotator cuff, wrist extensors, abductors, and groin
38SphinxShoulders and lower back
39Bound AngleAdductors, inner quadriceps, and hamstrings
40The HeronHamstrings, quadriceps, and core
41Upward Facing DogChest, abs, shoulders, arms, and low back
42One-Legged Bridge PoseHamstrings, hip flexors, lower back, and glutes
43Good MorningHamstrings, gluteus maximus, and lower back
44Pigeon PoseLower back, groin, and thigh
45Dive Bomber Push-upsIntegrated Full Body
46Prone Arms CircleUpper body and glutes
47Side Squat StretchGluteus medius, quads, and inner thighs
48Extended Side AngleTotal Body, primarily obliques
49Triangle PoseHamstrings, glutes, hips, and ankles.
50Half Forward BendHamstrings, glutes, hips, and lower back.
List of stretching and flexibility exercises for beginners

List of Stretching Exercises for Intermediates and Advanced

List of Stretching Exercises
No.ExercisesMuscles Worked
1Pyramid PoseSpine, shoulders, wrists, hips, and hams
2Crescent LungeLegs, groin, hip, and spine
3Eight Limbed poseTotal Body
4Half Lord of the FishesBack, hip, legs, and core
5Seated Forward BendLegs, hips, and spine
6Eye of the Needle poseGlutes, hips, and lower back
7Lunge With Spinal TwistHam, glutes, and hip flexors
8The Reclining HeroThighs, hip flexors, and ankles
9Bird Dog PlankErector spinae, core, and glutes
10Floor Windshield WiperOblique, Abs, lower back, arms, and legs.
11Kneeling Quad StretchQuadriceps
12Standing Side BendExternal and internal obliques
13Child’s Pose with ReachTorso
14Runner’s LungeQuads, glutes, and core
15Bow PoseAbdomen, chest, shoulders, hip, and quad
16Low Lunge ArchLegs, glutes, hips, and lumbar spine
17Pistol SquatGlutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads
18Heron PoseBack, hips, and hamstrings
19Extended Side-Angled Poselegs, hips, spine, and oblique
20Revolved Triangle PoseLegs, feet, ankles, and abdominals
21Dolphin PoseShoulders, arms, upper back, and legs
22Mermaid poseHips, quads, groin, and shoulders
23Crow PoseThe midsection, arms, wrists, and upper back
24Scale PoseArms, shoulders, and abs
25Wild ThingIntegrated Full Body
26Camel PoseChest, abdomen, thighs, and glutes
27Half Moon PoseGlutes, quads, and hamstrings
28The PlowHam, glutes, quad, and upper back
29Dancer PoseIntegrated Full Body
30Warrior 3 PoseShoulders, ham, calves, ankles, and back
31Half Frog PoseKnees, Spine, and Back
32Supported Shoulder-standLegs, glutes, upper back, core, and arms
33Intense Side StretchLegs, hips, spine, shoulders, and wrists
34Standing Locust PoseLower back, trapezius, lats, abs, and delts
35Gate PoseThe midsection, especially the love handles
36Upward PlankTorso and legs
37Extended PlankCore, shoulder, and arms
38Revolved Side Angle PoseLegs, groin, spine, chest, and shoulders
39Wheel PoseArms, abdomen, legs, shoulders, and chest
40Wide Angle Seated Forward BendLower limbs and back
41Monkey poseThighs, hamstrings, and groin
42The Half FrogThighs and ankles
43The Four-Limbed StaffTotal Body
44Intense Side Stretch PoseLegs, hips, spine, shoulders, and wrists
45Reclined Thunderbolt PoseTotal Body
46Extended Leg BridgeGlute, ham, and lower back
47Intense East StretchWrists, thighs, and shoulders
48Single-leg DeadliftPosterior chain
49Archer PushupChest and shoulder
50Ab Wheel RolloutCore
Advanced stretching and flexibility exercises list

Download Stretching Exercises PDF

Once you download these exercises, you can make a full-body stretching routine like this.

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