The Best Lowest Calorie Foods for Weight Loss

The weight loss journey can be easy if you simply follow the calorie deficit program. Eating fewer calories than your body releases during the entire day can help you lose body fats gradually. And if you want to follow the calorie deficit program for weight loss, you need to consume the best lowest-calorie foods that fill you up and reduces your calorie consumption.

Broccoli, seafood, beans, green coffee, oatmeal, orange, apple, eggs, chickens are some examples of the lowest calorie weight loss foods that fill you up, reduce calorie intake, and help you lose fats.

Weight loss is a concern for a lot of people and it must be. From diabetes and high blood pressure to heart disease and cancers, certain diseases occurred due to obesity.

However, staying in a calorie deficit by eating the lowest calorie foods, following intermittent fasting, and doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) & weight training can help you lose weight. And in this article, I’ve shared a list of low-calorie foods that fill you up, reduces calorie consumption, and speed up your weight loss.

I searched a lot on the web; what is/are the best lowest-calorie foods you can eat for weight loss? And finally, I’ve gathered a list of foods that have the lowest calories and fill you up for a longer time.

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The below low-calorie fat loss foods are economical and easily available in the market.

10 Types of lowest Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

1. Salad

The vegetable salad contains low calories, and it is not only taken by weight-watchers but also recommended for all fitness levels because of its benefits.

The Best Lowest Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

It is a high-fiber food that can help you lower your cholesterol levels. And eating more fiber can fill you up and help you eat less and consequently lose weight.

One cup of mix green veggies salad contain 10 calories.

Here’s the example of salad and calories per 100 grams.

Types of Salad Amount of Calories (per 100g)
Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables15
Lettuce Salad with Avocado, Tomato, and/or Carrots52
Lettuce Salad with Tomato17
Lettuce Salad with Egg, Cheese, Tomato, and/or Carrots52
Yellow and/or Green String Beans Salad76
Cabbage Salad or Coleslaw with Dressing146
Tuna Salad184
Broccoli Salad206
Kidney Bean Salad155
Tropical Fruit Salad (Pineapple Papaya Banana and Guava, Solids and Liquids, Heavy Syrup, Canned)86
Macaroni or Pasta Salad202
Chicken or Turkey Garden Salad (Chicken and/or Turkey, Tomato and/or Carrots, Other Vegetables)64
Best low-calorie salad foods for weight loss
Source: fat secret

You can easily make a green salad at home in just 5 to 10 minutes. It requires some carrots, cucumber, and other veggies like broccoli, radish, celery, etc. Plenty of salad recipes are available on the web, and depending on your budget you can some of them.

Green salad recipes ingredients

Some normal salad ingredients are beans, peas, string beans, peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, apples, celery, peaches, plums, pears, lettuce, peppers, onions, radishes, mushrooms, avocado, olives, artichoke hearts, watercress, parsley, garden beets, and green beans are common salad items.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a type of cereal grain that rich in carbs and fiber but low in calories. They are also very high in various vitamins and minerals.

Lowest calorie food that fills you up

Studies show that oats have many health benefits such as; it promotes weight loss, improve heart health, lower cholesterol, maintain lower blood sugar levels and prevent constipation.

Eating oats helps you feel fuller for a longer time. Whether you’re a weight-watcher or a health-curious person, it is recommended to include oats in your diet especially in breakfast.

Examples of Oats types with the number of calories they have

Types of
One serving
Raw oats (gram)
per serving
Instant Oats32130
Rolled oats38190
Steel cuts oats44170
Whole grain oats46180

3. Fruits

low-calorie weight loss food

Fruits are a healthy diet packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. They are generally a high-energy diet with low calories. Some fruits are high in fiber, which may assist you to lose weight.

In fact, studies have shown that eating fruit has many health benefits including weight loss, lower risk of diabetes, control blood pressure level, and prevent cancer, and decrease heart disease.

There is no fixed time to eat fruits. You can consume at any time of the day. Usually, it’s recommended to eat at least 30 minutes before or after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Almost all fruits are healthy, here we take a look at some high energy low-calorie fruits that may help you lose weight:


Calories per 100gm: 30

Watermelon is a very low-calorie fruit and has a high water content, which makes it weight loss friendly. You can consume watermelon even on an empty stomach. It fills you up for a longer time and keeps you hydrated.


A piece of medium size apple (182g) has 95 calories.

Apple is a high-energy low-calorie fruit that contains high fiber. It fills you up for a longer time, reduces your calorie consumption, and controls your hunger. Eating apples regularly has several benefits from weight loss to lowering your cholesterol level. You can consume apples in many ways such as with oats, salad, or juice.


One piece of orange (100gm) contains just 47 calories.

Orange is a citrus fruit that high in vitamin C and fiber but low in calories. Experts say, If you’re a weight-watcher, it may be a good idea to have as a whole orange rather than drink orange juice. It also makes you full and reduces hunger.


Medium size one kiwi (70g) has 42 calories.

Kiwifruit is a highly nutritious fruit that contains vitamins and fiber and has many health benefits. kiwi may help in weight loss, control blood sugar and maintain cholesterol level. Studies show that kiwifruit promotes weight loss.


Blueberries contain 57 calories in 100g.

Berries are also low calories fruits and contain many vitamins. They help to lower cholesterol, maintain blood pressure, and good for digestion. Berries reduce hunger and fill you up.


100g pink, red and green grapes has 42 calories.

Grapefruit is a citrus fruit and much like an orange. It doesn’t contain many calories and also has high vitamins A and C. Consumption of grapefruit can reduce body fat and maintain blood pressure level.

4. Salmon

Low-calorie food for fat loss
100 gm of Atlantic raw salmon fish contains 208 calories

Salmon is a low-calorie fatty fish and has healthy fats. It also contains high protein and nutrients. From weight loss to lowering inflammation, studies have shown many health benefits of salmon fish.

It also has omega-3 fatty acids, which may help people with an obesity problem.

Salmon is one of the most important foods which must be included in your weight loss diet plan. It is vital for the proper functioning of the thyroid, which is crucial to keep your metabolism working fine.

Eating salmon may help you control your weight by; filling your stomach for a longer time, reducing hunger, and boosting metabolism.

How to eat salmon for weight loss?

You can cook salmon in different ways. For example, salmon can be pan-fried, grilled, baked, and broiled. It doesn’t require much oil because it already contains healthy fats. For cooking salmon, brush both sides with oil, add some salt and pepper, lemon juice, garlic, and ginger. You can add more ingredients for flavor if you want.

5. Eggs

high protein low calorie food that supports weight loss

Eggs are high protein low calorie food that supports weight loss.

A large 50g boiled egg contains only 72 calories, and those calories are packed with proteins, unsaturated fats, and other essential nutrients such as vitamin B6, B12, & vitamin D – which are good for health.

Eating eggs has many benefits such as, fill your diets with protein, build muscles, maintain cholesterol, makes you feel full, boost metabolic rate, and reduces your calorie intake so you can stay in a calorie deficit.

As eggs are high in nutrients they will fulfill the need for nutrition if other food missed that.

Eating more than recommended eggs may raise the level of cholesterol in some people.

How many eggs can I take every day?

You can take one or two in the breakfast without separating the yolk because the yolk contains proteins and nutrients that fill you up for a longer time and reduce hunger.

However, if you’re consuming more than a couple of eggs, take out yolks before eating.

How to eat eggs if you’re on calorie deficit?

Try to consume boiled or half-boiled eggs without putting butter or oil on them because it may increase the number of calories.

You can also try mixing boiled eggs in the salad to make your low-calorie weight loss foods tasty. But keep in mind, you’re not exceeding your calorie consumption.

When to take eggs, if you’re losing weight?

In breakfast, eating eggs in the breakfast gives you a feeling of fullness, boosts metabolism, and reduces the urge of calorie consumption throughout the rest of the day – according to a 2005 study.

6. Lowest-Calories Sea foods for Weight Loss

seafood are low calorie high protein foods that give you feeling of fullness and reduce hunger

Kinds of seafood are also proven to be the crucial diet for the many health benefits including weight loss.

Seafood such as shellfish are good for cardiovascular health, pregnancy, and weight loss- According to

They are low in calories and contain omega-3 fatty acid which is effective for weight loss. The omega-3 fatty acid is also good for heart and brain health.

Most of the seafood is low in calories but rich in protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients.

Eating lowest-calorie seafood such as shellfish fill you up for a longer duration, boost your immunity, help you lose weight, and improve heart health.

Calories comparison of different types of shell fishes

Shellfishes (cooked)Calories per 100g
Lobster 98

How much should I eat shellfish for fat loss?

Consume 8 ounces of seafood twice or thrice a week- If you’re trying to lose weight. Kind of shellfishes is shrimp, crayfish, crab, lobster, clams, oysters, and mussels.

How to eat shellfish for losing fat?

You can eat steam, baked, or pan-fried shellfish if you trying to lose weight. They can be consumed with rice, salad, or other low calorie weight loss foods.

7. Low-calorie Vegetables that fill you up

vegetables are low in calories and accelerate the weight loss process

Most vegetables are low in calories and carbohydrates but rich in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Vegetables must be included in your plates or bowls every day if you’re are trying to lose weight.

Here we take a look at some low-calories vegetables that can help you lose body fat:


A cup of cooked 100g spinach only has 41 calories.

If you are also trying to lose weight add spinach to your weekly diet. It contains protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin A.

Spinach makes you feel full and reduce hunger, limit calorie your intake and consequently reduces your weight.

How to eat spinach?

You can consume spinach in several ways, for example, boiled spinach with salt and pepper, in the salad, and with other cooked vegetables.


One cup (171 grams) of cooked pinto beans contains roughly 245 Calories.

Some beans like Black beans and kidney beans are good ones if you want to lose weight. Beans are rich in fiber and proteins but low in calories that make you feel full for a longer time and reduce the excess intake of calories.

Calorie comparison of different types of beans
BeansCalories per 100g (cooked)
Pinto beans143
Kidney beans127
Lima beans115
Winged beans147


One cup of cooked cabbage contains only 30 calories that makes it an important vegetable for weight loss.

Regularly eating cabbage can speed up your weight loss. You can add raw cabbages in salads as well as you can consume cooked cabbage.


Celery is a very lower caloric food item that is rich in fiber and water. One large stalk of celery contains just 10 calories that makes it a crucial item to add with other vegetables. It keeps you hydrated, improves digestion, gives you a feeling of fullness, and reduces the excess intake of calories.


Like other foods, broccoli is also a low-calorie weight-loss food that contains fiber, vitamins, and calcium.

Brocalli improves digestion, prevents constipation, reduces blood pressure, and a good veggie for weight loss.

One cup (100g) cooked broccoli just contains 33 calories which makes it one of the top lowest-calorie foods for fat loss.


Mushrooms also come in important vegetables when it comes to weight loss. This veggie is a low-caloric item that only contains 25 calories in 100 grams. It also contains fiber as well as many vitamins. You can include this with other veggies in your weight loss diet.

8. Low Calorie Beverage for Weight Loss

Beverage and drink for fat loss

Green Tea

Green tea loaded with antioxidants that boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol, control hunger, and accelerates the weight loss process.

1 cup of green tea containing 245 grams of water has only 2.45 calories- according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Regular intake of green tea may help you lose weight if you follow a weight-loss diet.

Green tea also improves your performance and helps you burn more calories during the workout.

If you’re serious about weight loss you should include this in your diet. You may also drink green coffee instead of green tea.

Black Coffee

Black coffee has similar benefits to green tea. It also boosts metabolism and improves performance so that you can burn more calories during the workout. This beverage is healthy and may help you lose weight.

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9. Lowest Calorie Soup for Weight Loss

low calorie soups that fill you up and support weight loss

You can make soup by adding extra water with low caloric vegetables. Soups make you feel very filling and energetic and reduce the excess calorie consumption, this makes it an effective way to lose weight.

Avoid adding extra butter, spices, and oil into it, otherwise, it will reduce the effectiveness.

Here are some examples of low calorie fat loss soup

Type of soup calories/serving
CARROT SOUP141 calories
you can check out more on womenshealthmag webite.

10. Chicken

chicken is the best lowest high protein calorie food that gives you feeling of fullness.

Chicken is one of the healthy diets that contain low calories in comparison with other meats. It contains protein and other nutrients that provide you with energy and make you feel strong. 100 grams of chicken breast contains approximately 100-120 calories which makes it the best diet for weight loss.

Chicken makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time and reduces the excess intake of calories throughout the day. There are multiples recipes you can cook and enjoy.


Here’s the summary of the lowest calorie weight loss foods that fill you up:

9Green Tea & Coffee0-2.45
10Breast Chicken100-125
Best lowest calorie foods for fat loss

These food are easily available in the market. Go and grab some of them every day and make a healthy diet. All the food items are tasty and low calorie that can speed up your weight loss.

Along with a weight-loss diet, you should start exercising if you’re trying to lose weight faster. You can do 15-min HIIT core workout at home if you don’t have enough time.

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