7 Types of Workout Benches, Their Benefits & Cost

No gym or fitness studio can be complete without a couple of workout benches. Different workout benches help you perform various exercises, such as the dumbbell pullover, bench press, chest-supported row, incline curl, skull crusher, and IYT raises.

Having knowledge about different gym benches helps you use them efficiently and perform the right exercises.

In this article, I’ll share seven types of exercise benches, their benefits, and their average cost. This information can also be useful when setting up a home gym.

7 Types Of Workout Benches Used in The Gyms

  1. Flat Bench
  2. Adjustable Workout Bench
  3. Preacher Curl Bench
  4. Olympic Weight Bench
  5. Foldable Workout Bench
  6. Abdominal or sit-up Bench
  7. Multi-Functional Strength Training Bench

These gym benches have different uses and prices that I’ve discussed in the post.

1. Flat Weight Bench

Types of Gym Benches


A flat bench is the most common yet most popular workout bench. A simple-looking flat gym bench has several advantages, such as providing stability and allowing you to perform many exercises with comfort.

You can also set it to incline or decline by placing some thick stuff under the bench.

It is also more economical than other weight benches.


You can only perform the limited exercises on the flat benches as they are not adjustable.


You can use flat benches to train your upper body primarily. The main exercises you can perform on a flat bench include Flat Bench Press, Dumbbell Bench Press, Lying Triceps Extension, Seal Row, and Kneeling DB Row.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $60-70
  • American Fitness Net: $135
  • Walmart: $48-60

2. Adjustable Workout Bench

Types of Weight Benches


The adjustable weight bench allows you to perform various exercises than a simple flat bench.

It can work as a flat, incline, and decline bench, allowing you to target specific muscles with dumbbells and barbells.

It can be an efficient choice for a home gym.

The adjustable weight benches also protect the lower back and reduce the risk of injuries or cramps.

With the back support, you’ll also be able to lift more weights in the seated position during the overhead press and dumbbell overhead tricep extension.


The good quality flexible workout benches are costly.


You can use an adjustable workout bench to train your entire body. For example, you can do bench presses and dumbbell flyes to hit your chest; spider and incline curls to forge your biceps; and chest supported row, IYT raises, rear delt fly, and knee rows to bolster your back and shoulders.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $70
  • Decathlon: $75
  • Walmart: $80

3. Preacher Bench

Types of Exercise Benches

A preacher bench is different from the usual exercise benches.


A preacher curl is designed to target the bicep muscles specifically.

You can train your biceps with dumbbells and barbells on a preacher’s bench.


  1. You can’t train different muscles other than the biceps.
  2. Not suitable for a home gym.
  3. The cost is similar to flexible workout benches.


A preacher curl allows you to train your biceps unilaterally and bilaterally using dumbbells and barbells.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $150
  • Strength Warehouse: $400
  • Walmart: $180

4. Olympic Weight Bench

Workout Bench Types

The Olympic weight bench is pretty popular in well-designed gyms and fitness clubs. It is an advanced-level professional weight bench that is wider and longer.


The Olympic workout bench is a piece of complete workout equipment that allows for advanced exercises such as bench presses, overhead presses, and much more.

The Olympic weight benches are durable because they are high-quality products like composite steel and thick pads.

They can hold the maximum weights compared to other workout benches.


  • The Olympic weight benches are costly.
  • They need more space than a flat and adjustable bench.


The primary goal of an Olympic bench is to increase pushing strength and scale up one-rep max for bench press.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $200
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: $220
  • Walmart: $180

5. Foldable Workout Bench

Foldable Gym Bench
Source: Google


The foldable workout benches are adaptable, affordable, and effective.

You can carry them wherever you go.

They are easy to use and suitable for home gyms.


A foldable workout bench comes with some limitations; for example, they can only hold limited weights depending upon the size of the bench.


Foldable benches are portable. You can take it you whenever you go. They allow you to perform numerous exercises and help you build an aesthetic physique.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $85
  • Walmart: $90

6. Sit-up Bench

Sit-up workout bench
Sit-up workout bench


The sit-up bench is specifically designed to perform abdominal exercises. It has a flexible option and foot rollers to lock the feet to maintain stability. You can do decline crunches, lying leg raises, Russia twist, and oblique crunches.


An abdominal bench is mainly used for the training of the core muscles. So, you can’t do plenty of exercise for other muscle groups.


An abdominal or sit-up bench helps you train your abs and obliques. It will allow you to perform various exercises, such as reverse crunches, leg raises, and oblique crunches.

You can also do other exercises on a sit-up bench, such as a decline bench press and flyes.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $120
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: $300
  • Walmart: $120

7. Multi-Functional Strength Training Bench

Multi Functional Workout Bench
Multi-Purpose Workout Bench


  1. A multi-functional bench allows you to perform a plethora of exercises.
  2. Strong and durable
  3. Suitable for a home gym
  4. It is moveable, so you can shift anywhere you like.

Average Cost

  • Amazon: $170
  • Walmart: $180

What are The Best Weight Benches for Home Gym?

A flat workout bench is simple, easy-to-use and require tiny area, so it can be a viable option for beginners who are low on budget.

If you are searching for a weight bench that can be folded and carried easily anywhere, you can get a folding one.

However, I suggest you buy an adjustable bench that is quite helpful for the home gym because this will allow you to perform numerous workouts.

The preacher bench and the Olympic bench are both suitable for commercial gyms.

What is The Average Cost of Weight Benches?

The prices entirely depend on the different types of weight benches.

But, of course, you have to pay more for a bench with high functionality and the best quality.

On the other hand, poor-quality benches are also available at low prices on various platforms.

However, the average price is approximately $100. But at the time of offers and discounts, you can get a pretty decent bench for around $70.

The more functional benches with superior quality can cost you approximately $300 to $400.

Things to Look at the Time of Purchasing The Weight Bench

When choosing the best weight bench, you should keep in mind the three essential things: Durability, Adjustability, and Weight Capacity.

All types of weight benches are helpful. But before buying any, first, you need to decide what you want to accomplish with it.

If you want to buy one for your gym, then almost all benches are essential. But if you’re getting it only for your personal use, you can go for a flat or an adjustable bench.

Adjustable benches can be a great option because they are flexible, outlast, and have the capacity to sustain heavy weights.

But flat benches are also not bad; they can also be a good option for some people.

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