Free Weekly HIIT Workout Plan to Sweat & Shine w/PDF

Whether you want to lose weight, tone muscles, or enhance cardiovascular fitness, you can follow a weekly HIIT workout plan to achieve those goals.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a time-efficient workout program that includes short periods of intense work followed by a period of rest or active recovery.

The activity and rest time may be the same, more or less, depending on your fitness level. For example, the standard pattern is 30/30, where you perform exercises at high intensity for 30 seconds, then take 30 seconds of rest.

Performing HIIT, even for 10 minutes a day, can keep your heart healthy, improve metabolic health, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

However, you need a well-designed workout plan to train in an organized manner and achieve the best results from high-intensity interval training.

I’ve designed a few samples of weekly HIIT workout routines where I structured exercises in a way that allows you to train every muscle throughout the body without feeling burned out.

Instructions to Perform Exercises in this Program

Spent one minute on each exercise. For example, if you perform an exercise for 15 seconds, then take 45 seconds of rest before moving to another exercise. And if you perform an exercise for 30 seconds, take 30 seconds break before moving to the next exercise.

This way, you can manage your activity and rest time depending on your fitness level and optimize your workout. It is also helpful when you want to catch your breath between the workout.

But make sure to challenge your endurance and push your limit to torch significant calories in only fifteen minutes.

15-Minute Weekly HIIT Workout Plan to Torch Fat and Shine

HIIT workout for beginners
HIT workout

Day 1 – Monday

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Jumping JacksHigh KneesSquat Thrust
Mountain climbersJumping LungesShoulder Tap
Squat JumpAlternate Heel TapMountain climbers
PushupsShoulder TapFlutter Kick
CrunchesFlutter KickSitups

Day 2 – Tuesday

Round 1Round 2Round 3
SquatLunge to Front KickHigh Knees
PushupsAlternate Heel TapBicycle Crunch
SitupsMountain ClimberPushups
Shoulder TapSquat Pulses to JumpHigh to Low Plank
Russian TwistInchwormCurtsy Lunge

Day 3 – Wednesday

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Sprint in PlaceJog in placeSquat Thrust
Crossbody Mt. ClimberFlutter KicksSitups
Ankle HopsShoulder TapFront Lunges
Pulse upPush-ups to PlankReverse Crunches
Alternate Heel TapBear CrawlMountain Climber

Day 4 – Friday

Round 1Round 1Round 1
Jumping JackBurpeeHigh Knees
PushupsShoulder TapMountain Climber
CrunchesFlutter KicksSquat Jump
Plank Ankle TapAnkle HopsAlternate Heel Tap
Lying SupermanSide Plank Hip TapDrop Squat

Day 5 – Saturday

Round 1Round 2Round 3
Jumping JacksBurpeeSquat Jump
Mountain climbersPlank Ankle TapsShoulder Tap
Bear CrawlAlternate Heel TapMountain climbers
PushupsKneeling Squat JumpFlutter Kick
CrunchesFlutter KickSide Plank Hip Tap

20-Minute Weekly HIIT Routine

20-Minute Weekly HIIT Workout Routine

Day 1 – Monday

Round 1Round 2
Jumping JacksCurtsy Lunge
Mountain ClimberInchworm
Squat JumpKnee Tap Push-Up
Standard Push-upKneeling Squat Jump
High KneesDead Bug Crunches
CrunchesIn and Out Jump
BurpeesMountain Climber
Leg RaisesBicycle Crunches
Lunge Front KickBurpee
Side Plank Hip DipsDiver Pushup

Day 2 – Tuesday

Round 1Round 2
Squat JumpShoulder Tap
Speed SkaterMountain Climber
Plank To Push UpHigh Knees
Flutter KicksAlternate Heel Tap
Side Plank Hip DipVertical Jump
Butt KicksPlank Jacks
Scissor JumpJumping Lunges
Bear CrawlInchworm
Pushup JackCrossbody Mt. Climber
Star JumpsPlank-to-knee tap

Day 3 – Thursday

Round 1Round 2
Runner’s SkipSqaut Jump
Wide Mountain ClimberCorkscrew
Flutter KickAlternate Heel Tape
Plank TapsPushup Ankle Tap
SquatPlank Getup
PushupsCrossbody Mt. Climber
CrunchesSide Plank Hip Tap
Plank to PushupJumping Jack
Jumping LungeSpeed Skaters
InchwormBear Crawl

Day 4- Friday

Round 1Round 2
Squat JumpBurpee
Speed SkaterMountain Climber
Plank To Push UpHigh Knees
Flutter KicksAlternate Heel Tap
Side Plank Hip DipCurtsy Lunge
Butt KicksPlank Jacks
Scissor JumpJumping Lunges
Bear CrawlInchworm
Pushup JackCrossbody Mt. Climber
Shoulder TapPlank-to-knee tap

30-Min Full Body HIIT Weekly Workout Schedule

Weekly HIIT Workout Plan

Perform as many as three rounds with 2 minutes of rest between them to catch your breath.

Day 1 – Monday

Jumping Jacks30-sec15-sec
Mountain climbers30-sec15-sec
Squat Jump30-sec15-sec
High Knees30-sec30-sec
Alternate Heel Tap30-sec30-sec
Shoulder Tap30-sec30-sec
Flutter Kick30-sec30-sec
Curtsy Lunge30-sec30-sec

Day 2 – Wednesday

Jumping Jacks30-sec15-sec
Bear Crawl30-sec15-sec
Jumping Lunges30-sec15-sec
Crossbody Mt. Climber30-sec30-sec
Squat Thrust30-sec30-sec
Side Plank Hip Taps15-sec/side30-sec
Push-ups to Plank30-sec30-sec
Inchworm Walk30-sec30-sec
Plank Jacks30-sec30-sec

Day 3 – Friday

Ankle Hop30-sec15-sec
Lunge Front Kick30-sec15-sec
Knee Tap Push-Up30-sec15-sec
Bicycle Crunch30-sec30-sec
Front Squat30-sec30-sec
Mountain Climber30-sec30-sec
Pushup Jack30-sec30-sec
Flutter Kick30-sec30-sec
Plank Getup30-sec30-sec

Download Free HIIT Workout Plans

Depending on your fitness level, you can download one of the workout weekly HIIT home workout plans PDFs.

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