The 6 Week Circuit Training Program with PDF

You can try circuit training if you want to scale up your fitness level, reduce fats, or challenge yourself with a new workout routine.

I’ve designed an easy-to-follow and effective 6 week circuit training program in this article for all fitness enthusiasts.

The circuit workout is a high-intensity interval training that requires you to perform a certain number of exercises in one round with a bit of rest in between them.

Exercises in circuit training are performed at a moderate to high heart rate. And it aims to burn significant calories in a short time, increase weight loss, and improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness.1 Functional High-Intensity Circuit Training Improves Body Composition, Peak Oxygen Uptake, Strength, and Alters Certain Dimensions of Quality of Life in Overweight Women – Frontiers in Physiology

A study has shown that circuit training effectively improves body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, and strength of the lower and upper body.2Effects of Resistance Circuit-Based Training on Body Composition, Strength and Cardiorespiratory Fitness: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Biology (Basel)

One more study has shown that doing circuit training for 12 weeks may improve physical fitness and prevent metabolic diseases.3 Kim JW, Ko YC, Seo TB, Kim YP. Effect of circuit training on body composition, physical fitness, and metabolic syndrome risk factors in obese female college students. J Exerc Rehabil. 2018;14(3):460-465. Published 2018 Jun 30. doi:10.12965/jer.1836194.097

So, anyone who wants to improve stamina, metabolism, muscular endurance, and shape can try a circuit training program. It is also great for those who want to speed up weight loss.

However, circuit workout is an intense training program, so I do not recommend it to beginners, people with heart issues, or any injuries.

It is best for everyone to confirm with a doctor or personal trainer before starting this program.

6 Week Circuit Workout Training at Home

Circuit Training at Home


  • Daily workout duration:
    • First two weeks: 15 minutes
    • Third and fourth week: 20 minutes
    • Last two weeks: 30 minutes
  • Target Gender: Male and Female
  • Equipment Needed: None
  • Number of rounds: 3
  • Rest between rounds: 2-3 minutes
  • Activity time for each exercise: 15 seconds
  • Interval time between exercises: 15 seconds

Week 1

Jumping jacksHalf BurpeesAnkle Hops
Mountain ClimberHeel TouchesSumo Squat
LungesSide DrillsPushup
SquatsFloor IYT RaiseGlute Bridge
PushupReverse LungesSitups
Flutter KicksFloor WiperBear Crawl
High KneesPlankSide Plank

Week 2

BurpeesPlyo LungesFloor IYT Raises
PushupNarrow PushupPlank Ankle Taps
SquatsLunge Front KickInchworm
Floor IYT RaisesSitupSquats
Crossbody Mt ClimberShoulder TapJumping Jacks
Jumping LungesBear CrawlPush-ups to Plank
Russian TwistHigh KneesAlternate Heel Tap

Week 3

Squat JumpPlyo LungesSquat Pulses to Jump
PushupsBurpeesMountain Climber
Floor IYT RaisesShoulder TapAir squats
Bicycle CrunchJumping JacksKneeling Jump
SquatsSitupTuck ups
Mountain ClimberPlank Ankle TapsBear Crawl
Prone Superman RaiseFrog JumpPushup
Side Plank Hip RaiseReverse CrunchesSide Plank
Glute BridgePlankShoulder Tap

Week 4

Jumping jacksHalf BurpeesSquat Jump
Side DrillsHeel TouchesShadow Boxing
Squat ThrustCurtsy LungeFlutter Kicks
Mountain ClimberFlutter KicksPushup
Flutter KicksPlank Ankle TapsBear Crawl
SquatsFloor IYT RaiseLeg Raises
InchwormAnkle HopeBear Crawl
PushupForward LungesSumo Squat
Bear CrawlGlute BridgeSide Plank Dips

Week 5

BurpeesPlyo LungesFloor IYT Raises
PushupNarrow PushupInchworm
Dead Bug CrunchesDiver PushupRussian Twist
Jumping JackFrog JumpPlank Jacks
Alternate Heel TapPushup JackTuck Jump
Alternate Heel TapHigh KneesDrop Squats
SquatsSitupShoulder Tap
Grappler pushupSit OutsPlank Jack
Half JackFrog JumpSquats
SitupLeg RaisesSide Plank

Week 6

Jumping jacksHalf BurpeesShadow Boxing
Butterfly SitupHeel TouchesSumo Squat
Kneeling Squat JumpPushupsFlutter Kicks
Plyo LungesSide DrillsPushup
SquatsFloor IYT RaiseGlute Bridge
Knee Tap Push-UpLunge Front KickHigh Knees
Leg RaisesSitupShoulder Tap
PushupReverse LungesSitups
Squat JumpSide Plank RotationBurpee
V upsFloor WiperPlank

6 Week Circuit Training Program at Gym

6 Week Circuit Training Program


  • Daily workout duration:
    • First three weeks: 30 minutes
    • Last three weeks: 45 minutes
  • Target Gender: Male and Female
  • Equipment Needed: Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and other Gym Equipment
  • Number of rounds: 3
  • Rest between rounds: 2-3 minutes
  • Activity time for each exercise: 15 reps or 30 seconds
  • Interval time between exercises: 30 seconds

Week 1

BurpeesJump SquatAir Squats
Dumbbell ThrustersBench PressMilitary Press
Kettlebell SwingsBarbell CleanPendlay Rows
Mountain ClimbersPush PressArm Changing KB Swings
 Dumbbell SquatJumping LungesHigh Knees 
PlankHigh PullsDumbbell Step-up

Week 2

Lunge Front KicksHigh KneesSquat Jumps
Bench PressPower CleanPull-ups
Mt. CimberBar DipsPushups
Back SquatThrusterPendlay Rows
Bar Over BurpeesDeadliftShoulder Taps
Power CleanKB swingsPush Presses
Plank Ankle TapsTurkish Get-UpOverhead Squats

Week 3

Squat JumpLungesPush Presses
Front SquatKB SwingsBent-over Row
Military PressBench PressRomanian Deadlift
Step-upLateral RaisesMountain Climber
PullupChinupsTurkish Get-up
DipsFlutter KicksDips
SitupsPlankRussian Twist

Week 4

BurpeesPower MakerLunges to Front Kick
Clean and PressPendlay RowKB Swings
Bench PressThrusterPush Press
ChinupsHigh PullRomanian Deadlift
Hanging Knee RaiseKnee to ElbowsDips
PlankSide PlankToe to Bar

Week 5

Push PressLungesDB Front Squat
KB SwingsClean and JerkThruster
Bench PressLandmine PressBent-over Row
Inverted RowDipsSitups
DipsHanging Knee RaiseBarbell Curl
PlankSide PlankRear Delt Fly

Week 6

PullupsFront LungesOff Block Deadlift
Dumbbell SquatBench PressHigh Pull
KB SwingsStep-upDips
Lateral RaisesBent-over Barbell RowRear Delt Fly
Wood ChopSitupsBox Jumps
Front PlankSide PlankHanging Knee Raises

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The Bottom Line

The circuit workout is an intense training program that improves aerobic and anaerobic fitness, strengthens upper and lower body muscles, and helps build a toned physique.

You can integrate it into your workout regime to enhance and challenge your fitness level.

I’ve shared a couple of 6 week circuit training programs in this article, one for those who train at home and another for gym goers. Depending on where you exercise, you can download one of the routines and try it.


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