4 Best Resistance Band Lower Back Exercises

Every one of us faces lower back pain at certain times in our life. But we can strengthen that muscle to reduce the risk of pain and injuries with various exercises with and without weight. In this article, I’ll share some of the best resistance band lower back exercises for all fitness levels. So if you want to improve your LB strength and mobility, you can do those exercises.

Are resistance bands good for the lower back?

The resistance bands are good for multiple reasons, such as they are as effective as conventional resistance exercises for building strength1Lopes JSS, Machado AF, Micheletti JK, de Almeida AC, Cavina AP, Pastre CM. Effects of training with elastic resistance versus conventional resistance on muscular strength: A systematic review and meta-analysis. SAGE Open Med. 2019 Feb 19;7:2050312119831116. doi: 10.1177/2050312119831116. Erratum in: SAGE Open Med. 2020 Sep 9;8:2050312120961220. PMID: 30815258; PMCID: PMC6383082, provide good muscle activation, and great for injuries rehabilitation. With bands, you can easily and effectively target and build up your lower back muscles.

Best Lower Back Resistance Band Exercises

If you want to do lower back exercises with resistance bands only, then banded bird dog, good morning, Romanian deadlift, and superman pull are some of the best exercises that you can do.

1. Resistance Band Bird Dog

The bird dog is a compound movement that strengthens multiple muscles at once, especially the core and lower back. It is one of Stuart McGill’s big three lower back exercises that helped many people improve spine stability and posture.2 Low Back Exercises: Stuart McGill’s Big Three – American Council of Exercise

Resistance Band Lower Back Exercises

How to do it:

  1. Sit on your all fours and wrap the resistance band around the right foot or knee and hold the other side of the band with your right hand.
  2. Brace your core, firmly grip the band and raise your right arm and left leg until they are entirely straight.
  3. Hold for a moment in that position and then bring your knees and hands back on the floor.
  4. Shoot for three sets of six to ten reps, each side.

2. Resistance Band Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is one of the good lower back strengthening exercises you can do with various equipment, including resistance bands. It primarily works on the hamstrings but also activates the lower back and strengthens your posterior chain muscles.3 ACE Technique Series: Romanian Deadlift – American Council of Exercise

How to do the banded RDL step-by-step:

  1. Stand straight in the hip-width stance and place the resistance band under your feet.
  2. Firmly grab the other end of the band with an overhand grip and maintain an upright posture.
  3. Pushing your hips back, lean your torso forward until the band reaches your shin level.
  4. Slowly return to the standing position until your hips are entirely extended. You’ll feel the work on your hamstring muscles during the movement.
  5. Aim for three to four sets of five to six reps each.
  6. Try not to bend your knees too much.

3. Resistance Band Good Morning

The good-morning exercise isolates the posterior chain muscles, especially the hamstring and lower back. It can be an excellent option to incorporate it into your workout plan when you train your total body with bands.

How to do it:

  1. Stand upright in the hip-width stance and place the band under your feet and wrap the other end of the band around your neck.
  2. Bend your torso forward without bending your knees until your chest is parallel to the floor.
  3. Pause for a moment in that position for a couple of seconds and then slowly return to the upright position.
  4. Aim for three sets of 6-10 reps with one to two minutes rest between sets.

4. Banded Superman Pull

The superman pull is an excellent upper body workout for entire back muscles. It works on lats, biceps, and the lower back simultaneously.

How to do superman pull with a resistance band:

  1. Attach the band to the door and lie prone on the floor in front of it. Extend your arms and hold them firmly.
  2. Lift your arms and legs slightly off the floor. Pull the band toward your chest until you feel the complete contraction in your lats.
  3. Squeezing your lats, hold them there for a couple of seconds, and then extend your arms.
  4. Shoot for two to three sets of ten to 15 reps.

FAQs About Resistance Band Lower Back Exercises

Should you do these exercises if you have lower back pain or injury?

These resistance band exercises are good for strengthening lower back muscles, not for injury treatment. So if you have severe pain or ongoing injuries, you should consult your doctor or trainer before doing any of the above exercises.

How often should you train your lower back?

You can do the lower back resistance band exercises at least once a week to minimize the risk of injuries and pain.

Which Bands Are Suitable For Lower Back Exercises?

To train your lower back, you need highly stretchable resistance bands with 5lbs to 20 lbs tension levels. Well, different exercises require different tension levels, so it would be great to use a couple of light and heavy bands to do each workout effectively.


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