Best Circuit Workout at Home with No Equipment (w/PDF)

If you’re looking for a time-efficient and effective bodyweight workout plan that can level up your fitness and improve your shape at home, you can try circuit training.

Circuit training involves performing a set of multiple exercises in a sequence with little or no rest between them.

It helps enhance cardiovascular health, build a toned and firm physique, and improve overall fitness.

From 10 and 15 minutes to 20 and 30 minutes, I’ve shared multiple full-body circuit workout routines in this article. Depending on your current fitness level and goal, you can do one of them.

These workouts include only bodyweight exercises, so you can do them at home without equipment.

But before I share those routines, let’s see how you can also design an effective bodyweight circuit workout for training at home.

How to Design a Circuit Workout Program?

As you know, circuit training involves performing a set of different exercises in a row without taking a break in between. So, it is crucial to include various exercises that target different muscle groups, such as the back, chest, legs, and core.

How many exercises you should perform in one set entirely depends on you. You can include three, four, five, or six exercises; it’s up to you.

The best sequence would be – Start with a full-body cardio exercise, then do a push exercise, followed by a leg, pull, and core exercise.

Here’s how a 5-minute circuit workout looks:

  • Ankle Hops/Jumping Jacks
  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • Superman Pull
  • Situps
  • Perform each exercise for 20-30 seconds, take one minute of rest, then repeat once more.

This way, you can design your own circuit training at home that matches your current fitness level.

If you want a ready-to-use weekly circuit workout plan, you can explore the following routines.

  • 10-minute workout for beginners
  • 15-minute workout for beginner to intermediate
  • 20-minute circuit workout for intermediates
  • 30-minute Advanced circuit routine for fat burn.

Make necessary adjustments if needed.

10-Minute Circuit Workout at Home for Beginners

10-minute circuit training at home

You may always be on the go, but taking ten minutes from your busy day can help boost your productivity at work or study.

You can do a 10-min total body circuit workout routine that will help you stay energetic during the day.

In the routine, you’ll do four rounds of five exercises each.

Instructions: Perform each exercise for 15 seconds in round 1, 20 seconds in round 2, 30 seconds in round 3, and 15 seconds in the last round. The total activity time will be 75+100+150+75= 400 seconds (around 7 minutes). Take 30 seconds of rest after 1st round, 45 seconds after the second, 2-minute after the third.

RoundActivity time/exerciseRest after each round
1st15 seconds30 seconds
2nd20 seconds45 seconds
3rd30 seconds2 minutes
4th15 seconds

Monday and Thursday

Circuit 1-2Circuit 3-4
Jumping JacksHigh Knees
Shoulder TapsPushup
SquatsFlutter Kicks
Superman PullFront Lunge
Mountain ClimbingSit-ups

Tuesday and Friday

Circuit 1-2Circuit 3-4
Half BurpeeJumping Jacks
Mountain ClimbersAlternate Heel Taps
Jumping Split SquatForward Lunges
Standard PushupStandard Pushup
Prone Y RaisesSuperman Pull

Wednesday and Saturday

Circuit 1-2Circuit 3-4
Jumping JacksSquat Jump
Floor IYT RaisesRenegade Row
SquatsCurtsy Lunges
PushupsShoulder Taps
Flutter KicksPlank

Once you feel you need to work out more, you can do 15 or 20 minutes of circuit training.

Is a 10-minute workout effective?

Yes, exercising for ten minutes a day has significant health benefits.

Research shows working out for even 10 minutes daily improves mood and reduces stress.1 Immediate benefits of a brief 10-minute exercise protocol in a chronic pain population: a pilot study – Pain Medicine (Malden, Mass.)

Another study also demonstrated that even a 7 minutes workout could improve cardiovascular health and help you stay vibrant.2 Effect of 7-minute workout on weight and body composition – The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness

15 Minute Full Body Circuit Workout

15-minute full body circuit workout at home

Those looking for a quick and effective workout that improves oxygen flow and keeps them active during the day can do this 15-minute bodyweight circuit routine.

It includes six rounds of five exercises.

Here’s how you can perform the workout:

RoundActivity time/exerciseRest after each round
1st15 seconds30-sec
2nd & 3rd20 seconds45-sec
4th & 5th30 seconds60-sec
6th15 seconds

Perform exercises at your pace.

Monday and Thursday

Rounds 1 & 4Rounds 2 & 5Rounds 3 & 6
Jumping jacksHalf BurpeesSquat Jump
Mountain ClimbFlutter KicksAlternate Heel Taps
SquatsFront LungesGlute Bridge
PushupsShoulder TapsFloor Dips
Superman PullProne IYT RaisesRenegade Row

Tuesday and Friday

Circuit 1-4 Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
BurpeeHigh KneesSquat Jump
Mountain climbersPlankSide Plank
Dive Bomber PushupsDive Bomber PushupsKnee Tap Pushups
SquatsCursty LungesGlute Kickback
Seated IYT RaisesLying Reverse FlyesSuperman Pull

Wednesday and Saturday

Circuit 1-4 Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
Ankle HopsPlyo LungesJumping Jacks
Push-upsPushupsFloor Dips
Mountain ClimbingPlank JacksSpider Crunches
Pop SquatsJumping LungesKneeling Squat Jump
Prone IYT RaisesSuperman PullLying Reverse Flyes

Is working out 15 minutes a day effective?

Yes, working out for 15 minutes daily will help nurture your physical and mental health.

A study published on the BBC website has shown that exercising 15 minutes a day can increase life expectancy by three years and cut the mortality rate by 14%.3 15-minute daily exercise is ‘bare minimum for health – BBC Health

Even if you can’t make up the time every day, make sure you exercise at least five times a week.

Full-Body 20-Minute Circuit Training at Home

20 minute bodyweight circuit workout

Those working out for a while can do this 20-min circuit training at home to level up their fitness and improve their shape.

Doing high-intensity circuit training for 20 minutes can burn as many as 250-300 calories. So if you’re trying to lose weight, it can also speed up the process.

Instructions to perform the 20-minute workout:

You’ll do six rounds of six exercises in this program.

Here’s how you can complete each round.

RoundActivity time/exerciseRest after each roundTotal time
1st15 seconds30-sec2 min
2nd & 3rd20 seconds60-sec6 min
4th & 5th30 seconds90-sec9 min
6th20 seconds2 min


Circuit 1-4Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
Jumping jacksHalf BurpeesSquat Jump
Side DrillsHeel Touches Shadow Boxing
Mountain ClimberFlutter KicksPushup
SquatsProne IYT RaiseLeg Raises
PushupCurtsy LungesPop Sqauts
Plank JacksGlute BridgeSide Plank Dips


Circuit 1-4Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
Squat JumpPlyo LungesChair Pose
Floor IYT RaisesMountain ClimberBurpees
Half JackShoulder TapAir squats
SquatsButterfly SitupTuck ups
Bear CrawlFrog JumpPushup
Alternate Heel TapsReverse CrunchesPlank


Circuit 1-4Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
BurpeeHigh KneesForward Lunges
Mountain ClimberSitupBurpees
Mountain climbersTuck JumpBird Dog Plank
Jumping Split SquatNarrow PushupLeg Raises
Narrow PushupJump SquatLateral Squat
Reverse CrunchesFloor IYT RaisesSuperman Pull

30 Minute Bodyweight Circuit Workout for Fat Burn

Circuit Workout with No Equipment

The 30-minute circuit training will sweat you out, pump your heart, and fuel you up at home without equipment.

It will help you torch 300 to 350 calories, may improve your metabolic health, and help you sculpt your physique.

It is suitable for both men and women.


  • There will be six circuits a day.
  • One Circuit: 6 Exercises
  • Duration for one exercise: 20-seconds
  • Total time for one round: 2-minutes
  • Rest between circuits: 3-minutes
  • Frequency – 3 times a week (you can increase if you like)


Circuit 1-4Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
Jumping jacksHalf BurpeesShadow Boxing
Butterfly Situp Heel TouchesSumo Squat
Plyo LungesSide DrillsPushup
SquatsFloor IYT RaiseGlute Bridge
PushupReverse LungesButterfly Situp
V upsFloor WiperPlank


Circuit 1-4Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
BurpeesPlyo Lunges Floor IYT Raises
PushupPushupChair Pose
Floor IYT RaisesButterfly Situp Bird Dog
SquatsButterfly Situp Locust Pose
Half JackFrog JumpChair Pose
Butterfly SitupLeg RaisesSide Plank


Circuit 1-4Circuit 2-5Circuit 3-6
Squat JumpBurpeeBear Crawl
Floor IYT RaisesMountain ClimberPlyo Lunges
Mountain ClimberShoulder TapPushup
SquatsButterfly SitupTuck ups
Bear CrawlFrog JumpCalf Raises
Chair PoseGlute BridgeV ups

Is 30-minute training enough?

A 30-min of circuit training is enough for a healthy and fit body.

Training for 30 minutes a day burns many calories, maintains weight and supports weight loss, improves physical and mental health, and enhances the quality of life.

A light-intensity training for half an hour a day may also reduce the risk of death incurred by sitting – suggested in a study published by the NIH.4 Light activity may lower harmful effects of sitting– National Institute of Health.

Download Circuit Workout PDFs

Final Thoughts

Bodyweight circuit training is a great way to enhance your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It helps you train your entire body in less time compared to traditional cardio training.

Circuit training helps you enhance your cardiovascular health and improve your body composition.

You can follow one of the bodyweight circuit workouts or create your own.

If you want to design a routine for yourself, keep the following things in mind:

  • Duration and frequency of training.
  • Duration of one exercise and the rest between circuits.
  • Integrate at least one upper body, lower body, and core workout in each circuit.

Whichever program you follow, you’ll need to focus on other things to achieve optimal results, such as diet, recovery, sleep, and hydration. If you take care of all of these things, you’ll achieve decent results over time.

You can also try this related workout: 12-Week HIIT Program to Burn Fat


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