The Best Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan (with PDF)

The dumbbell HIIT workouts are challenging and heart-pumping and help you boost endurance and strength. I’ve created various dumbbell HIIT workout routines and plan (with PDF) that will help you burn more calories and build muscles at the same time.

Bodyweight high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program is excellent because that doesn’t require any equipment and helps you release many calories quickly.

However, dumbbell HIIT workouts do not only burn calories but also strengthen and tone muscles.

If you haven’t tried dumbbell HIIT exercises yet, you can do them now because they are challenging, effective, and pleasant, and the result is pretty satisfying.

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How Do You Do HIIT with Dumbbells?

Dumbbell HIIT Workout At Home
HIIT Dumbbell

You can do a HIIT workout with dumbbells in the same way you do it without weights.

Whichever dumbbell HIIT workout you do, make sure you do it as fast as possible, maintaining the form.

However, with carrying the dumbbells, you won’t be able to do the exercises as fast as you do without weights. But the weight you carry will be beneficial for boosting strength and developing muscles.

You can do a myriad of HIIT exercises with dumbbells, such as dumbbell swings, push press, dumbbell burpee, dumbbell shadow boxing, etc.

High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT) boosts endurance, VO2 max, and metabolism; improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness; lower blood sugar, and reduces body fat percentage. 1Effects of high-intensity interval training on body composition, aerobic and anaerobic performance and plasma lipids in overweight/obese and normal-weight young men – Biology of Sports

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A Complete List of Dumbbell Compound Exercises For HIIT Workout Plan

You can save this exercises list so you can make a dumbbell HIIT workout routine for yourself.

Dumbbell BurpeeDumbbell Push Press
DB Man MakersDumbbell Surrenders
DB Farmer WalkDB Step-up
Dumbbell LungesDumbbell IYT Raises
DB Squat SwingDumbbell Squat Jump
Clean and PressDeadlift To Upright Row
DB Squat to Calf RaisesDB Russian Twist
Squat to Overhead PressDumbbell Crunches
Single-Arm DB Swing DB Superman
DB Shadow BoxingDumbbell Side Bend
HIIT Dumbbell Workout

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15-min HIIT Dumbbell Workout Routine At Home

Whether you’re a male or female, if you work out at home with dumbbells, you can do the below 15-minute HIIT exercises with dumbbells.

Estimated Calories Burn: 120 to 150

NoExerciseActivity TimeRest
1Squat to Overhead Press30 Seconds30-Sec
2Single-Arm DB Swing30 Seconds30-Sec
3Dumbbell Burpee30 Seconds30-Sec
4Deadlift To Upright Row30 Seconds30-Sec
5DB Shadow Boxing30 Seconds30-Sec
6Dumbbell Crunches30 Seconds30-Sec
7DB Superman30 Seconds30-Sec
8Dumbbell Push Press30 Seconds30-Sec
15-min HIIT Workout Routine with Weights

20-minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan For Beginners

If you’re a beginner, you can incorporate this 20-minute high-intensity dumbbell exercise plan into your daily schedule.

This HIIT dumbbell workout plan is suitable for beginners and helps them develop endurance, strength and build muscles over time.

Calories Likely to be Burn: 150 to 200

NoWorkoutActivity TimeInterval
1Dumbbell Squat Jump30-Sec30-Sec
2Dumbbell Push Press30-Sec30-Sec
3DB Superman30-Sec30-Sec
4Dumbbell Burpee30-Sec30-Sec
5Dumbbell Crunches30-Sec30-Sec
6DB Shadow Boxing30-Sec30-Sec
7Dumbbell Squat Swing30-Sec30-Sec
8Dumbbell IYT Raises30-Sec30-Sec
9DB Step-up30-Sec30-Sec
10Dumbbell Man Maker30-Sec30-Sec
11Dumbbell Side Bend30-Sec30-Sec
20-minutes HIIT workout with weights

30 Minute Dumbbell HIIT Workout Circuit For Male and Female

You can challenge your strength through this full-body 30 minute HIIT workout with weights.

This 30-min dumbbell HIIT plan is suitable for intermediate, both male and female.

280 to 350 calories you can shed with this 30-minute HIIT weighted workout program.

No Exercise Reps Rest
1Single-Arm DB Swing6-830-Sec
2Dumbbell Squat Jump6-830-Sec
3Dumbbell Push Press6-830-Sec
4DB Man Makers6-830-Sec
5Dumbbell Surrenders6-830-Sec
6DB Squat to Calf Raises6-830-Sec
7DB Step-up6-830-Sec
8Dumbbell IYT Raises6-830-Sec
9Dumbbell Lunges6-830-Sec
10Dumbbell Crunches6-830-Sec
11DB Superman6-830-Sec
12Deadlift To Upright Row6-830-Sec
13DB Shadow Boxing6-830-Sec
14Dumbbell Burpee6-830-Sec
15Dumbbell Squat Swing6-830-Sec
16Russian Twist / Side Bend6-830-Sec
30-minute Full Body HIIT Workout Plan with Dumbbells

Advanced 45 Minute HIIT Workout with Weights

This advanced 45-minute HIIT program is suitable for both men and women.

If you want to reduce body fat percentage, you can do this 45-minute dumbbell HIIT exercise.

You can shed as many as 500 calories with this 45-minute dumbbell HIIIT workout circuit.

1Dumbbell Squat Jump8-1030-Sec
2Dumbbell Push Press8-10 30-Sec
3DB Superman8-10 30-Sec
4Dumbbell Burpee8-1030-Sec
5Deadlift to Upright Row8-1030-Sec
6DB Shadow Boxing8-1030-Sec
7Dumbbell Squat Swing8-1030-Sec
8Dumbbell IYT Raises8-10 30-Sec
9DB Step-up8-1030-Sec
10Dumbbell Man Maker8-1030-Sec
11Dumbbell Side Bend8-1030-Sec
12Dumbbell Crunches8-1030-Sec
45-minute dumbbell HIIT workout

Dumbbell HIIT Workout Plan Pdf

You can download the PDF of the dumbbell HIIT workout plan so you can download for future use.



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