Isometric Exercises List and Examples with PDF

Isometric is a low-intensity strength and rehabilitation exercise program that helps you develop and regain your strength and increase muscle endurance.

You can do various isometric exercises, from rehabilitation to muscle-building purposes. I’ve shared a complete list of Isometric exercises and examples in this article with a PDF.

It includes exercises for each muscle group, such as the biceps, triceps, back, hamstrings, shoulder, etc.

You can explore and download these exercises and integrate them into your training program, depending on your fitness level and goal.

The Ultimate Isometric Exercises List by Muscle Group

Isometric Biceps Exercises

  1. Single-Arm Isometric Curl (Up and Down)
    • Purpose: Regain strength after injury
    • Equipment: None
  2. Dumbbell Iso Curl
    • Purpose: Increase muscle endurance
    • Equipment: Dumbbells
  3. Isometric Bicep Hold with Towel
    • Purpose: Regain arms strength and help recover injuries.
    • Equipment: Towel/Bedsheet
  4. Barbell Static Curl
    • Purpose: Build sturdy forearms and biceps
    • Equipment: Barbell
  5. Static Chin-up Hold
    • Purpose: Increase strength and build sizable biceps
    • Equipment: Pullup bar

Triceps Isometric Exercises

  1. Plank Tricep Extension
    • Purpose: Increase wrist mobility and bolster triceps
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  2. Tricep Iso Kickback
    • Purpose: Strengthen and tone triceps muscles.
    • Equipment: Dumbbell
  3. Triceps Towel Stretch
    • Purpose: Good for strength and rehabilitation
    • Equipment: Towel/Bed sheet
  4. Iso Chair Dips
    • Purpose: Increase forearm and triceps strength.
    • Equipment: Towel/Bed sheet
  5. Static Triceps Pushdown
    • Purpose: Help build sculpted triceps.
    • Equipment: Cable Pulley Machine
  6. DB Triceps Extension Hold
    • Purpose: Help forge triceps muscle.
    • Equipment: Dumbbells

Isometric Chest Exercises Examples

  1. Isometric Pushup Hold
    • Purpose: Provide stretch to pectoral muscles and bolster chest.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  2. Dumbbell Iso Squeeze Press
    • Purpose: Engage your pecs efficiently and improve chest definition.
    • Equipment: Dumbbells
  3. Cable Crossover Hold
    • Purpose: Increase strength and muscular endurance.
    • Equipment: Dumbbells
  4. Incline Chair Pushup Hold
    • Purpose: Helps build defined pecs.
    • Equipment: Chair/Bench

Isometric Back Exercises

  1. Superman Hold
    • Purpose: Strength and Rehabilitation
    • Equipment: None
  2. Lying Reverse Fly
    • Purpose: Flexibility and Rehabilitation
    • Equipment: None
  3. W Raise Hold
    • Purpose: Increase flexibility and ease lower back pain.
    • Equipment: None
  4. Prone Arm Circle
    • Purpose: Make your torso flexible
    • Equipment: None
  5. Bird Dog Isometric Hold
    • Purpose: Strengthen core and lower back and improve balance.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  6. Towel Row Hold
    • Purpose: Strengthen lats and traps.
    • Equipment: Towel/Bed sheet
  7. Pullup Hold
    • Purpose: Build wider lats and improve grip strength.
    • Equipment: Pullup Bar
  8. Dumbbell Isometric Row
    • Purpose: Strength muscles and improve back muscle definition.
    • Equipment: Dumbbells
  9. Isometric Cable Row
    • Purpose: Strengthen and tone back muscles.
    • Equipment: Seated Row Machine
  10. Push up Plus Hold
    • Purpose: Strength and Rehabilitation
    • Equipment: Bodyweight

Examples of Isometric Core Exercises

  1. Plank
    • Goal: Strengthen and tone abdominal muscles
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  2. Side Plank
    • Purpose: Improve upper body muscular endurance, especially in the midsection.
    • Equipment: None
  3. Hollow Body
    • Purpose: Improve mobility and core endurance.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  4. Hanging L-Sit
    • Purpose: Bolster grip, forearm strength, and forge abs.
    • Equipment: Pullup Bar
  5. Dead Bug Hold
    • Purpose: Develop a sturdy core and improve balance.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  6. Bird-Dog Plank
    • Purpose: Increase strength and mobility, and ease lower back mild pain.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  7. Floor L-Sit
    • Purpose: Improve balance and increase muscle endurance from arms to the core.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight
  8. Boat Pose
    • Purpose: Bolster core strength and increase balance and flexibility.
    • Equipment: Bodyweight

Isometric Shoulder Exercise

You can do all the following isometric exercises to regain shoulder strength and mobility. These are low-impact bodyweight exercises that you can do at home after consulting with your doctor.

  1. Shoulder Flexion at Wall
  2. Shoulder Extension at Wall
  3. Shoulder External Rotation
  4. Standing Shoulder Internal Rotation
  5. Shoulder Abduction at Wall
  6. Shoulder Adduction

Lower Body Isometric Exercises List

If you want to strengthen your lower body muscles and make them flexible without using weights or putting too much stress on the joint, you can try the below exercises. These are great for strength, mobility, flexibility, and rehabilitation.


  1. Standing Leg Curl Hold
  2. Lying Leg Curl
  3. Isometric Hip Bridge
  4. Isometric Single-Leg Bridge
  5. Split Squat Hold


  1. Leg Extension Hold
  2. Wall Sit
  3. Quadriceps Contraction

Glutes and Calf

  1. Glutes Bridge Hold
  2. Hip Thrust Hold
  3. Standing Calf Raise Hold

Isometric Knee Exercises List

  1. Knee sitting towel press
  2. Terminal knee extension
  3. Isometric ankle dorsiflexion
  4. Straight leg raise supine
  5. Seated Resisted knee extension
  6. Hamstring Curl Hold
  7. Prone Straight Leg Raises
  8. Wall sits

Isometric Exercise PDF

The above examples of isometric exercises can help you strengthen muscles and relieve pain.

Please note that if you have any injuries, take a doctor consultation before applying these examples of Isometric exercises for treating injuries.

But if you’re fine and want to do isometric exercises, you can do some of them without any risk.

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