The Push Pull Legs Exercises List with PDF

The push-pull-leg (PPL) split is a great workout program for growing strength and mass.

All movements that include pushing the weights up, down, or against the body are known as push exercises, such as the bench press, overhead press, bar dip, and push-up. And they typically work on the chest and shoulder, and triceps.

The movements, which include pulling the weights up, down, and towards your body considered pull exercises, such as lat pulldown, pull-up, and biceps curl. And they target the back, biceps, rear delt, and forearms.

Leg workout includes both pull and push movements. And they bolster the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Some pull exercises, such as dumbbell pullover, facepull, and rear delt row, also activate the chest and shoulder muscles. So, depending on the muscles you want to train, you can pick exercises from either push, pull, or leg exercises.

Having an ultimate list of push pull legs exercises will help you design the best workout program.

That’s why I’ve compiled as many PPL exercises as possible and made a simple list so you can use them to make a workout plan for yourself, depending on your fitness level.

The Ultimate Push Pull Legs Exercises List for Strength and Mass

Let’s explore the complete PPL exercise list in a table format that includes the names of the exercises, the muscles they target, and their difficulty level.

Depending on your fitness level and goal, you can incorporate them into your PPL workout program.

Exercises with a difficulty level of 5 or less (out of 10) are suitable for beginners.

List of Push Exercises

Push Exercises List
Top 10 Push Exercises
No.WorkoutMuscles WorkedDifficulty
1Flat/Incline/Decline Barbell Bench PressesChest7/10
2Flat/Incline/Decline Dumbbell Bench PressesChest5/10
3Landmine Press VariationsPecs, Delts, and Triceps6/10
4Smith/Hammer Machine Chest PressesChest3/10
5All Push-up VariationsPecs, Delts, and Arms6/10
6Parallel Bar DipsChest and Triceps6/10
7Military PressShoulder 6/10
8Dumbbell Overhead Press Shoulder 5/10
9Arnold PressShoulder7/10
10Dumbbell Front RaisesShoulder5/10
11Lateral RaisesShoulder5/10
12Barbell Front RaisesShoulder6/10
13Pike Push-upsShoulder7/10
14Handstand PushupShoulder 9/10
15Pec Deck FlyChest4/10
16Floor PressChest and Triceps5/10
18Close-Grip Bench PressChest and Triceps5/10
19Bench DipTriceps5/10
20DB Overhead Triceps ExtensionTriceps5/10
21Tricep PushdownTriceps5/10
22Triangle PushupChest and Triceps 7/10
23Tricep KickbackTriceps5/10
24Cable Forward ExtensionTriceps 5/10
25IYT RaisesShoulder and Back7/10
Push exercises list

Pull Exercises List

Pull Exercises List
Top 10 Pull Exercises
No.WorkoutMuscles WorkedDifficulty
1Pull-upBack and Biceps5/10
2Inverted RowBack and Biceps 5/10
3ChinupBack and Biceps 6/10
4Lat PulldownBack5/10
5Seated RowingBack6/10
6Dumbbell RowBack6/10
7Barbell Bent-over RowBack6/10
8Dumbbell PulloverChest and Back6/10
9Barbell Upright RowShoulder and Trap5/10
10Face PullBack and Rear Delt 6/10
11Dumbbell ShrugShoulder4/10
12Reverse Pec Deck FlyBack and Rear Delt 5/10
13Superman PullBack6/10
14Barbell T RowBack5/10
15Rack PullBack4/10
16Barbell Biceps CurlBiceps5/10
17Dumbbell CurlBiceps4/10
18Incline Lying Prone CurlBiceps6/10
19Hammer CurlBiceps4/10
20Preacher CurlBiceps5/10
21Concentration CurlBiceps6/10
22Zottoman CurlBiceps6/10
23Cable CurlBiceps5/10
24Wrist CurlForearms5/10
25Wrist ExtensionForearms5/10
List of pull exercises

List of Leg Exercises

Leg Exercises List
Top 10 Leg Exercises
No.WorkoutMuscles WorkedDifficulty
1Barbell Back SquatQuadriceps5/10
2Dumbbell LungesQuad and Ham5/10
3Standard DeadliftLegs6/10
4Step-upGlutes and Quads5/10
5Good MorningHamstring and Lower Back6/10
6Calf RaisesCalves6/10
7Landmine SquatQuadriceps 7/10
8Glute BridgeGlutes5/10
9Bulgarian Split SquatQuad, Ham, and Glutes 7/10
10Sumo Deadlift Quad, Ham, and Glutes 6/10
11Romanian DeadliftHamstring and Glutes6/10
12Barbell Reverse LungesQuad, Ham, and Glutes6/10
13Lateral SquatQuad, Ham, and Glutes6/10
14Single-Leg DeadliftHamstring and Glutes 7/10
15Box JumpQuadriceps 5/10
16Leg ExtensionQuadriceps 4/10
17Leg CurlHamstring 4/10
18Hack SquatQuadriceps 6/10
19Machine Leg PressQuadriceps 5/10
20Hip ThrustGlutes 6/10
21Sumo SquatQuad, Ham, and Glutes 5/10
22Front SquatQuadriceps 6/10
23Hex Bar DeadliftQuad, Ham, and Glutes 5/10
24Cable Pull ThroughHamstring and Glutes 7/10
25Suitcase DeadliftQuad, Ham, and Glutes 5/10
Leg Exercises List

Compound Push and Pull Exercises List

That was the complete list of pull, push, and leg exercises. However, if you primarily do compound workouts, I’ve also made a list according to that so you can pick your best ones.

Compound movements work on two to three muscles simultaneously and allow you to lift heavier weights.

Okay, so here are some of the best examples of compound push and pull workouts.

No. Compound Pull Exercises Compound Push Exercises
1DeadliftFlat/Incline Bench Press
2Pull-upsDB Bench Presses
3Barbell Bent-over RowPush-ups
4ChinupMilitary Press
5Dumbbell PulloverBar Dips
6Face pullIYT Raises
7Barbell Upright RowClose-Grip Bench Press
8Sumo DeadliftLandmine Press
9Romanian DeadliftSquat
10Cable Pull ThroughHip Thrusts

List of Push and Pull Bodyweight Exercises

For those who work out without any pieces of equipment, I’ve also made a list of bodyweight push, pull, and leg exercises.

You can use this list to create a bodyweight workout plan for yourself.

Bodyweight Push Exercises List

  1. Incline/Flat/Decline Push up
  2. Diamond Push-up
  3. Archer Push-up
  4. Bar Dips
  5. Bench Dips
  6. Pike Push-up
  7. Handstand Push-up
  8. Bodyweight Triceps Extension
  9. I-Y-T Raises

List of Bodyweight Pull Exercises

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Chinup
  3. Inverted Row
  4. Superman Pull
  5. Bicep Leg Curl
  6. Renegade Row
  7. Standing Wall Pull
  8. Negative Pull-ups

Bodyweight Leg Exercises List

  1. Standard Squat
  2. Forward Lunges
  3. Reverse Lunges
  4. Lateral Lunges
  5. Sumo Squat
  6. Split Squat
  7. Single-leg Deadlift
  8. Glute Kickback
  9. Lying Leg Curl
  10. Glute Bridge
  11. Calf Raises
  12. Step-up
  13. Jump Squat

List of Core and Combined Push-Pull Exercises

So far, you’ve seen a complete list of all push, pull, and leg exercises. However, core and combination of pull-push workouts aren’t covered in that list, which is essential in creating a workout regimen.

So, let’s also see those movements.

Core Exercises

  1. All types of Crunches
  2. Planks
  3. Russian Twists
  4. Mountain Climbing
  5. Leg Raises
  6. Toe Touching
  7. Flutter Kicks
  8. Windshield Wipers
  9. Dumbbell Side Bend
  10. Woodchop
  11. Hanging Knee Raises
  12. Handing Leg Raises
  13. Dragon Flag
  14. Ab Wheel Rollout
  15. Barbell Oblique Twist

List of Exercises with Push Pull Movements

  1. Clean and Press
  2. Burpees
  3. Pushup to Renegade Row
  4. Barbell Jammer
  5. Power Clean
  6. Push Jerk

Download The List of Push Pull Leg Exercises PDF

List of PPL workout programs where you can integrate the above exercises:

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