4 Day Push Pull Workout routine (With PDF)

In a series of workout routines, here I’m going to hand out a 4 day push pull workout routine (with PDF) that can you use to build strength and muscle.

If you’re one of the fitness enthusiasts who follow push/pull workout split, then this 4-day workout routine can be handy for you.

When you push the weight up, down, or against your body that is push workouts. For instance, bench press, leg press, overhead press, push up, and push down.

And when you pull the weight up, down, or toward your body is called pull workouts. For instance; deadlift, pull up, pull down, bent-over rowing, face pull, and upright row.

The chest, triceps, shoulder, quadriceps, and glutes are the primary muscles that work during push exercises.

While the back, biceps, wrist, and hamstrings build during the pull workouts.

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Are Push Pull Workouts Effective?

4 Day Push Pull Split - Bench Press (Push workout)
Bench Press (Push workout)

Yes, training push-pull workout split is fairly effective for boosting strength, endurance, and hypertrophy.

It allows you to work out your major muscle nearly twice a week (even in the 4-day workout routine) that is important for beefing up muscle.

A study proposed that the major muscle groups should be trained at least twice a week to maximize muscle growth.

The push/pull workout split is way better than bro-split (training muscle once a week) for building muscles as a whole.

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Who Can do This 4-Day Push-Pull Workout Split?

Those who work out 4 days a week can do this workout split.

If you’re a beginner or intermediate, male or female, you can follow this schedule.

Whether you want to boost strength, mass, and endurance, you can download this routine.

You can also do this workout plan along with HIIT workouts if you’re trying to lose weight. Because resistance training has a positive impact on obese people (source).

And avoid, if you have any health conditions.

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Push and Pull Workout List

First of all, let’s see a list of workouts that can help you design a 4-day push-pull workout routine.

Push WorkoutPull Workout
Bench PressDeadlift
Overhead PressPulldown
Leg PressLeg Curl
Push upPull up
Front RaiseInverted Row
Hip ThrustFace Pull
Front RaiseUpright Row
Lateral RaisesBicep Curl
Rope PushdownDB/Barbell Row
Overhead ExtensionDumbbell Pullover
Cable FlyesCable Crunch
SquatLeg Raise
Leg ExtensionRear Delt Fly
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4 Day Push Pull Workout Routine For Bodybuilding

4 Day Push Pull Workout Routine For Bodybuilding - Bicep curl (pull workout)
Bicep curl (pull workout)


  • Day 1 – Push Workout -Quadriceps, Chest, Triceps
  • Day 2 – Pull Workout – Back, Biceps, and Core
  • Day 3 – Push Workout – Shoulder, Chest, Quadriceps and Glutes
  • Day 4 – Pull Workout – Rear Delt, Back, Hamstrings and Core

To do complete this schedule, do the workout for the first two days followed by one day of rest. And then two days workout followed by two days off.

For example

  • Monday – Workout
  • Tuesday – Workout
  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thursday – Workout
  • Friday – Workout
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – Rest

The above schedule is just an illustration. You can follow the 4-day push-pull workout plan in a way you like.

Workout Duration: 60- 90 minutes every day

Doing 250-350 minutes/weekly of resistance training is required to build strength and muscle.

It’s important to spend at least 60 minutes every day for 4 days a week to achieve handsome results.

So depending on your fitness level, you should spend 60 to 90 minutes during the workout every day.


Make sure to warm up your body before lifting the compound weights. You can do burpees, squats, running on a treadmill, squats, or jumping ropes for a couple of minutes before lifting.

The warm-up helps you increase blood flow that allows a good flow of oxygen during the resistance training.

Okay, so let’s quickly uncover the schedule, and I hope you’ll like it and save it for future use if you workout 4 days a week in the gym.

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Day 1 – Push Workout – Quadriceps, Chest, Triceps

Push ExercisesMuscles WorkedRepsRest
Back SquatQuadriceps15, 12, 101-2 minute
Leg PressQuads15, 12, 10 1-2 minute
Barbell Flat Bench PressChest12, 10, 82-3 mins
Incline DB Bench PressChest10 x 21-2 minute
Parallel Bar DipTriceps12, 10, 81-2 minute
Rope PushdownTriceps 12, 10, 8 1-2 minute
The Best 4-Day Workout Split

*When the repetitions will decrease, the load will increase.

Day 2 – Pull Workout – Back, Biceps, and Wrist

Pull ExercisesMuscle BuildRepsRest
Deadlift/Pull-ups Leg and Back6, 4, 22-3 mins
Lat PulldownBack12, 10, 82-3 mins
Barbell Bent-Over RowBack and Biceps 12, 10, 82-3 mins
Seated RowingBack12, 10, 82-3 mins
Barbell CurlBiceps12, 10, 82-3 mins
DB Alternate Bicep curlBiceps12, 10, 81-2 minute

Day 3 – Push Workout – Chest, Shoulder, Quadriceps

Leg and Core ExercisesMuscles WorkedRepsRest
Flat Bench PressChest12, 10, 81-2 mins
Incline DB Bench PressChest10, 8, 62-3 mins
Barbell Overhead PressShoulder12, 10, 8 2-3 mins
Dumbbell Lateral RaisesShoulder 10, 8, 61-2 mins
Hack SquatShoulder 12, 10, 8 1-2 mins
Leg PressQuads12, 10, 8 2-3 mins

Day 4 – Pull Workout – Back, Rear Shouder, Hamstrings, and Core

ExerciseMuscle WorkedRepsRest
Barbell Bent-over RowBack and Shoulder10, 8, 61-2 mins
Single-arm Dumbbell RowBack10, 8, 81-2 mins
Upright RowUpper Trap, Shoulder10, 8, 61-2 mins
Face Pull Upper Trap, Shoulder 10, 8, 61-2 mins
Romanian Deadlift/Leg CurlHamstrings, Lower Back8, 6, 61-2 mins
Hanging Knee RaiseCoreAMRAP x 2 1-2 mins
Push/Pull 4 day split

Please note: I haven’t included several exercises because they are neither push nor pull workouts. For example, plank, calf raises, dumbbell side bends, lunges, mountain climbing, and more.

There are some other exercises that also have both pull and push actions, such as clean and press, kettlebell swings, IYT raises, Bulgarian split squat, etc.

So depending on your choice, you can include or replace some exercises from the workout plan.

You can select other exercises from the following articles:

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  8. You can use search button to find a specific exercise.

4 Day Push/Pull Workout Routine PDF

Is 4-Day Workout Splits Effective?

Working out 4 days a week is significant for a beginner or a typical person. I’ve designed the above 4 day push pull workout routine in a way that you’ll train your muscles efficiently.

However, if you’re an intermediate or pro fitness enthusiast, you can follow this 6-day push/pull/legs (PPL) workout schedule to jack up your muscle growth.

The Takeways

You’ve got the 4-day push pull workout routine with PDF and now, you can train your muscles systematically.

But, is this enough to get substantial results? No, to beef up your muscle and strength, you need to feed your body sufficient nutrients during the entire day, week, and months if you want to get handsome results.

To get the best results, you need to eat 2-3g/kg proteins every day, 3-5g/kg carbohydrates, and 0.5–1.5 g/kg of fats for building an aesthetic body – suggested in an article published on the National Institute of Health website. You can check out recommended whey protein isolate.

Rest is equally important when it comes to bodybuilding. If you want to boost your strength and beef up muscles, allow your trained muscles 24-48 hours rest and get sufficient sleep.

If you want to know how important rest days are, you can check out a great resource on the Bodybuilding.com website.

I hope you like this article. If this is relevant, you can download this 4-day pull/push workout routine PDF. And if you want more routines, do check out more articles and use the search button on this site, you’ll get a plethora of resources.

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