Push Pull Legs 6 Day Split For Strength And Hypertrophy w/PDF

Building a muscular and aesthetic physique had always been my ultimate fitness goal. That’s why I tried many workout splits, from full-body and upper/lower to PPL and muscle group.

A full-body routine helped me increase my strength and endurance (working out four times a week), the muscle group split helped me maintain my strength and mass, and the upper/lower split also helped me achieve balance results.

However, it was the 6 day push pull legs split that helped me gain strength and mass.

The PPL split allows you to train each muscle twice a week and help increase strength and size over time, as shown in a study published by Sports Medicine.1Schoenfeld BJ, Ogborn D, Krieger JW. Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Measures of Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Sports Med. 2016 Nov;46(11):1689-1697. doi: 10.1007/s40279-016-0543-8. PMID: 27102172.

So, if you also want to build a sturdy and sizeable physique, you can download this push pull legs 6 day split.

6 Day Push Pull Legs Split Workout Program Summary

Routine TypeSplit
Program Duration12 Weeks
Routine GoalStrength And Hypertrophy
Training LevelIntermediate
Duration Per Session60-90 Minutes
Frequency6 Days per Week
Targe GenderMale and Female
Suitable Age Group18-35 Years
Preceding PlanPush Pull Legs 5 Day Split 
Plan to Follow Next7 Day Gym Workout Plan
Suggested Program for Beginners4 Day Push Pull Workout
6 Days Push Pull Legs Split Program Summary

How Do You Train in Push/Pull/Legs (PPL) Split?

Push Pull Legs 6 Day Split For Strength And Hypertrophy

The push/pull/leg routine is divided into three parts – push day, pull, and leg day.

Push workout includes training of chest, shoulder, and triceps muscle groups. Bench presses, overhead presses, dips, floor presses, and push-ups are some examples of push exercises.

Pull workout includes training of the back, biceps, wrist, and forearm muscles.

Pull-ups, lat pulldown, barbell bent over, cable rowing, barbell curl, chin-ups, and wrist curl are some examples of pull exercises.

Leg day includes training the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes.

Squats, leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls, calf raises, hip thrusts, and glute bridges are some of the best exercises for leg day training.

Usually, the push workout is done on day 1, the pull workout on day 2, and the leg workout on day 3. And you can also train your core on your leg day.

6 Day Push Pull Legs Split For Strength and Hypertrophy

  • Monday – Push Workout
  • Tuesday – Pull Workout
  • Wednesday – Legs and Core
  • Thursday – Push Workout
  • Friday – Pull Workout
  • Saturday – Legs and Core
  • Sunday – OFF

You’ll train for strength during the first three days. And for muscle mass (hypertrophy) in the last three sessions.

The rep ranges will be 6-8 for strength building and 8-16 for muscle building.

Increase 10-15% of load after every set.

It’s best to perform 5-10 minutes warm-up before lifting heavy. For example, you can run on the treadmill, perform bodyweight cardio exercises, or lift light weights to increase your heart and get your muscles ready.

Day 1 – Push Workout (for Strength)

Push ExercisesTargeted MusclesRepsRest
Flat Bench PressChest8, 8, 6, 62-3 min
Incline DB PressChest8, 8, 6, 62-3 min
Military PressShoulder8, 8, 6, 62-3 min
Parallel Bar DipsTriceps8-12 x 32-3 min
Triceps PushdownTriceps8-12 x 31-3 min

Day 2 – Pull Workout (for Strength)

Pull ExercisesTargeted MusclesRepsRest
DeadliftBack, Lower Body7, 6, 5, 42-3 min
PullupsBack, Biceps6-12 x 31-2 min
Lat PulldownBack8, 8, 6, 62-3 min
Seated Machine RowBack8, 8, 6, 62-3 min
Barbell CurlBiceps10, 8, 61-3 min
Face PullBack, Rear Delt10, 8, 61-3 min

Day 3 – Leg and Core Workout (for Strength)

ExercisesTargeted MusclesRepsRest
Back SquatQuadriceps8, 8, 6, 63-4 min
Leg PressQuadriceps8, 8, 6, 62-3 min
Smith Machine LungesLower Body8 x 2/side2-3 min
Dumbbell RDLHamstring, Glutes8, 6, 42-3 min
Hip ThrustPosterior Chain8 x 32-3 min
Hanging Knee RaiseCore10 x 230-sec
H2L Cable ChopCore10 x 230-sec
Forearm plankCore1-min x 230-sec

Day 4 – Push Workout (for Hypertrophy)

  1. Incline Barbell Bench Press
    • Muscle worked: Chest
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10
    • Rest: 1-3 minutes
  2. Flat Dumbbell Press
    • Muscle worked: Upper Chest
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10
    • Rest: 1-3 minutes
  3. Pec Deck Fly
    • Muscle worked: Chest
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  4. Dumbbell Arnold Press
    • Muscle build: Shoulders
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  5. Dumbbell Lateral Raises
    • Muscle build: Anterior Deltoid
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  6. One-arm Overhead Triceps Extension
    • Muscle build: Triceps
    • Reps: 10 x 2/side
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  7. Rope Pushdown
    • Muscle build: Triceps
    • Reps: 15, 12, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes

Day 5 – Pull Workout (for Hypertrophy)

  1. Pull-ups
    • Muscle worked: Back
    • Reps: As many reps as possible x 3
    • Rest: 1-2 minutes
  2. Lat Pulldown
    • Muscle worked: Back
    • Reps: 16, 14, 12
    • Rest: 2-3 minutes
  3. Lat Pullover
    1. Muscle worked: Back
    • Reps: 12, 10, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  4. Bent-over Row
    • Muscle build: Rear Delt and Traps
    • Reps: 12, 10, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  5. One-arm Dumbbell Row
    • Muscle Build: Rear Delt and Traps
    • Reps: 12 x 2/side
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  6. Incline Dumbbell Curl
    • Targeted muscle: Shoulder and Upper Trap
    • Reps: 12 x 2/side
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  7. Dumbbell Hammer Curl
    • Muscle build: Biceps
    • Reps: 15 x 3
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  8. Barbell Wrist Extension (Optional)
    • Muscle build: Biceps
    • Reps: 15 x 3
    • Rest: 1-2 minutes

Day 6 – Leg and Core (for Hypertrophy)

  1. Barbell Jammers
    • Muscle Build: Lower body
    • Reps: 10 x 4
    • Rest: 2-3 minutes
  2. Hack Squat
    • Muscle worked: Quadriceps
    • Reps: 15 x 4
    • Rest: 2-3 minutes
  3. Leg Curl
    1. Muscle worked: Hamstrings
    • Reps: 15 x 4
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat/Step-up
    • Muscle Build: Quads, Glutes, and Hamstrings
    • Reps: 12, 10, 10
    • Rest: 2 minutes
  5. 15-min Triset Core Workout
    • Targeted muscles: Abs and Oblique

6 Day Push Pull Legs Workout Routine PDF

The first one is challenging compared to the new one.

The Bottom Line

The Push Pull Legs 6 Day split is one of the best workout routines that allows you to target each muscle twice a week and help increase your strength and mass.

This program is suitable for intermediate lifters who have been working out for a while but not seeing significant results.

It will help you achieve the best physique if you follow this split routinely and take care of your nutrition.

I’ve also designed a customized 12-Week Detailed Workout plan for serious fitness enthusiasts who want to put on muscles and increase strength. 


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