6 Day Muscle Group Workout Plan (Bro-Split) with PDF

Do you want a simple and easy-to-follow workout routine that can help you grow stronger, build lean mass, and improve body composition? If yes, then the muscle group workout schedule can be helpful for you.

The muscle group workout split, also known as the Bro split, is the most popular training program in the world. It is straightforward and allows you to train each muscle group separately.

I designed a 6 day bro split routine for myself when I used to train six times a week.

I followed that routine for a couple of months until I couldn’t get time to complete six days schedule.

However, if your primary goal is to get some workout every day and build strength and lean mass, then you can follow the 6 day bro split workout program.

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What is Muscle Group Split Workout?

The muscle group workout split means training only one muscle in one session. It is different from push-pull-legs (PPL) and upper-lower split, where you train multiple muscles together in a day.

Whenever you see someone training one muscle group every day, that means he is following the Bro-split program.

The individual muscle group split has some pros and cons and based on that, you can decide whether you should follow it or not.


  • It is pretty simple and easy to follow because it only requires training one muscle group a day.
  • It gives a good pump at the end of the training, which most think their muscles are working and growing.
  • It takes less time to complete a session.


  • Individual muscle group split program is not as effective as PPL or hybrid split for bodybuilding because it only allows you to train each muscle once a week, which is not sufficient for muscle growth. A study has shown training twice a week promotes superior hypertrophic outcomes than once a week.1Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Measures of Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Journal of Sports Medicine
  • The chances of muscle fatigue increase as you only train one muscle at a time in this split.
  • Bro-split is not as exciting and challenging as other workout programs because you only have to focus on one muscle in a day.

Should you do it?

Workout is not merely about achieving a specific goal in a specified time unless you’re a competitive bodybuilder. It is also about enjoyment and trying certain things that motivate you to train daily. If you enjoy training one muscle group a day, then it is absolutely okay to follow the Bro split.

Who can follow the muscle group workout Program?

Any intermediate or advanced fitness enthusiast, whether male or female, who wants to maximize their strength, maintain muscle mass, and improve body composition can follow the muscle group split workout. However, if you want to build muscle faster or speed up weight loss, this program isn’t for you. I would also not suggest this routine to beginners.

6 Day Bro Split Routine Summary

Routine TypeIndividual Muscle Group/Bro Split
Frequency6 Days a Week
Daily Workout Duration45-60 minutes
GoalBuild Strength and Lean Mass
Suitable GenderMale and Female
Workout LevelIntermediate and Advanced

Warm Up: Warm-up is crucial before lifting weights. It increases your heart rate, blood flow, and oxygen supply, which helps boost performance during weight training. The warm-up also helps prepare you both mentally and physically for the training session. You can do five minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercises, such as jogging, cycling, or bodyweight cardio.

6 Day Muscle Group Workout Plan

Muscle Group Workout Schedule
  • Day 1 – Chest
  • Day 2- Legs
  • Day 3 – Back
  • Day 4 – Shoulder
  • Day 5 – Biceps and Core
  • Day 6 – Triceps and Core
  • Day 7 – OFF

Day 1 – Chest

ExercisesReps% of your 1RMRest
Flat Bench Press16, 12, 10, 840%, 50%, 60%, 70%2 min
Incline DB Bench Press12, 10, 8 50%, 60%, 70%2 min
Seated Peck Fly12, 10, 8 50%, 60%, 70%2 min
Parallel Bar Dips8-12 x 3Bodyweight2 min
Dumbbell Pullover10 x 350-60%2 min


  • Depending on your strength and fitness level, you can increase the number of exercises.
  • It would be best to replace a few exercises in your subsequent weeks. For example, incline cable fly with pec deck fly, deficit weighted pushups with bar dips, and upward fly with the dumbbell pullover.

Day 2- Legs

ExercisesReps% of 1RMRest
Barbell Back Squat16, 12, 10, 840%, 50%, 60%, 70%2 min
Leg Press12 x 350-60%2 min
Hamstring Curl12 x 350-60%2 min
Weighted Glute Bridge10 x 3 50-60%1-min
Calf Raises12 x 3Suitable Weight1-min


Day 3 – Back

ExercisesReps% of 1RMRest
PullupsAMRAP X 3Bodyweight2 min
Front Lat Pulldown15, 12, 10, 850%, 60%, 70%, 75%2 min
Seated Cable Rowing15, 12, 10, 850%, 60%, 70%, 75%2 min
Bent-over Barbell Row10-12 x 350-70%2 min
Cable Facepull10-12 x 350-60%2 min

The other exercises you can include are v-grip lat pulldown, one-arm dumbbell row, T row, inverted row, and standing pullover.

Day 4 – Triceps and Core

ExercisesReps% of 1RMRest
Triangle PushupsAMRAP X 3Bodyweight2 min
Skull Crusher10-12 x 350-60%2 min
Rope/Bar Pushdown12 x 350-60%1-min
One-arm Overhead Tricep Extension10 x 340-50%2 min
Mountain Climber30-sec x 2Bodyweight30-sec
Hanging Knee Raises10 x 2Bodyweight30-sec
Front Plank1-2 min x 2Bodyweight30-sec

The other workout options are tricep kickback, narrow grip bench press, bench dips, bar dips, cable forward extension, and incline dumbbell french press.

Day 5 – Shoulder

ExercisesReps% of 1RMRest
Military Press12, 10, 850%, 60%, 75%2 min
Dumbbell Front Raise10 x 350-60%2 min
Dumbbell Lateral Raises10 x 450-60%2 min
Rear Delt Raise10 x 350-60%2 min
Reverse Pec Deck Fly10 x 350-60%2 min
Dumbbell Shrugs10 x 360-70%2 min

Alternate or include more exercises from the following:

Day 6 – Biceps and Core

ExercisesReps% of 1RMRest
ChinupsAMRAP X 3Bodyweight2 min
Barbell Curl12, 10, 850%, 60%, 75%2 min
Alternate Incline Curl10 x 350-60%2 min
Cable Curl/Preacher Curl10 x 350-60%2 min
Hammer Curl10 x 350-60%2 min
10-min Core Workout

The more exercise options are:

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