Push Pull Legs 5 Day Split Workout with PDF

If you work out five times a week to build muscles and strength, you can save and download the 5 Day Push Pull Legs (PPL) split workout routine PDF from this article.

I hope you know that in the PPL program, you’ll have to perform push exercises that work on the chest, shoulder, and triceps on day 1 of workout; pull exercises for back, biceps, and wrists on day two; and legs workouts for quads, hams, glutes and calves on day three.

If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles, you can incorporate core exercises, either on push, pull, or legs day – depending on when suits you the most.

The five days PPL allows you to train major muscles effectively and twice a week.

Working out large muscles twice a week builds up strength and hypertrophy more than working out once a week. 1Effects of Resistance Training Frequency on Measures of Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – Sports Medicine Auckland (N.Z)

If you follow a 6-day PPL split, you can train your muscles two times every week. However, in a 5-day workout plan, you’ll do push and pull workouts twice a week in your first week while legs only once. So, in the next week, you’ll start with leg workouts.

If you’re not ready for the five days workout, you can save or download the following routine:

Now, let’s see a brief outline of the workout program.

Summary of 5 day Push/Pull/Legs (pPL) routine

Routine TypePush, Pull, Legs (PPL)
Program GoalIncrease Strength and Mass
Workout TypeWeight Training
FrequencyFive Days a Week
Program DurationThree Months
Daily Session60-75 Minutes
Best Time to WorkoutAfternoon and Evening
Suitable forBeginners and Intermediate

Types of Exercises:

I’ve combined the best compound and isolation exercises in this program.

Compound exercises work on multiple muscles simultaneously, while isolation workouts allow you to build one muscle more specifically at a time. Combining them will help you beef up the mass at a fast pace.


The rest between sets would be two to three minutes.

You can take a rest day on any of the days you like. However, taking a rest after three days will be suitable.


You can lift as heavy as possible until you maintain proper form through the workout.

For example, When you have to do ten repetitions, lift those weights, which are challenging but within your strength limit.

You must feel the contraction during the exercises – whether you do five repetitions with heavier weights or fifteen reps with lighter weights.

Push Pull Legs 5 Day Split Workout For Bodybuilding

Push Pull Legs 5 Day Split Workout
PPL Split
  • Monday: Push Workouts
  • Tuesday: Pull Workouts
  • Wednesday: Leg Workouts
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: Push Workouts
  • Saturday: Pull Workouts
  • Sunday: Rest
  • Mon: Legs Workouts
  • Continue…

Day 1 – Push Workouts (A)

WorkoutMuscles WorkedReps
Flat Barbell Bench PressChest12, 10, 8, 6
Incline Dumbbell Bench PressChest12, 10, 8
Machine/Bench/Cable FlyChest12, 10, 8
Military PressShoulders12, 10, 8
Lateral RaiseShoulders10, 8, 6
Skull CrusherTriceps10, 8, 6
Triceps PushdownTriceps10, 8, 6
Day 1 of 5 Day PPL split

Other push exercises you can add or replace: Dumbbell Squeeze Press, Incline Machine Press, Barbell Front Raises, Bent-arm Lateral Raises, and Lying Cable Overhead Extension.

Day 2 – Pull Workouts (A)

Pullup/Assisted PUBackAMRAP x 3
Lat PulldownBack12, 10, 8, 6
Bent-over RowingBack12, 10, 8, 6
Seated Cable RowingBack12, 10, 8, 6
Face pullBack & Rear Delt 10, 8, 6
Barbell Curl Biceps10, 8, 6
Concentration CurlBiceps10 x 2
Wrist CurlWrists10 x 2
Day 2 of 5 Day PPL routine

More pull workouts you can include or alternate: Inverted Rows, Chest Supported Row, Cable Pulldown, Barbell T rowing, and Dumbbell Pullover.

Day 3 – Leg Workouts (A)

Barbell Back SquatQuads15, 10, 8, 6
Machine Leg PressQuadriceps12, 10, 8
Hamstring CurlHamstrings10, 8, 6
Barbell RDLHamstrings8, 6, 4
Barbell Hip ThrustGlutes10, 8, 6
Calf RaisesCalves15, 12, 10
Day 3 of 5 Day PPL schedule

Alternate exercises for the lower body: Barbell Front Squat, Leg Extension, Landmine Squat, Dumbbell Lunges, Hex-bar Deadlift, and Dumbbell Lateral Squat.

Day 4 – Push Workouts (B)

Flat Barbell Bench PressChest10, 8, 6, 4
Incline Barbell Bench PressChest8, 8, 6
Decline Dumbbell Bench PressChest8, 8, 6
Dumbbell Overhead Tricep ExtensionTriceps8 x 2
Triceps KickbackTriceps8 x 2
Dumbbell Overhead PressShoulder12, 10, 8
Dumbbell Front RaisesShoulder10, 8, 6
Dumbbell Lateral RaisesShoulder10, 8, 6
Day 4 of 5 Day PPL workout plan

Workouts to add or alternate on your push day: Bar Dips, Bench Dips, Incline Machine Press, Triceps pushdown, Floor Press, and Triangle Pushup.

Day 5 – Pull Workouts (B)

DeadliftBack6, 4, 2
Front Lat PulldownBack12, 10, 8
Seated Cable RowingBack10, 8, 8
Single-arm Dumbbell RowingBack10 x 2
Barbell High PullBack10 x 2
Barbell CurlBiceps10 x 2
Preacher CurlBiceps10 x 2
Cable CurlBiceps10 x 2
Day 5 of 5 Day push/pull/leg split

Alternate Workouts: V handle Lat Pulldown, Barbell Rowing, Standing Rope Pulldown, Dumbbell Incline Curl, Hammer Curl

Week 2 – Day 1 – Leg Workouts

Barbell Back SquatQuads12, 8, 6, 4
Dumbbell LungesQuads10, 8, 6
Machine Leg ExtensionQuads10, 8, 6
Barbell Good MorningHams8, 6, 6
Dumbbell Step-upGlutes10, 8, 6
Standing Calf RaisesCalves12, 10, 8

Alternate Workouts: Hack Squat, Dumbbell Sumo Squat, Sumo Deadlift, Barbell Jammer, Weighted Glute Bridge, and Leg Curl.

Continue the above pattern till the time you follow the routine.

You can replace some workouts in the following days.

Push Pull Legs 5 Day Split PDF

You could download the portable file for future use if you like the above program.

And do check out the FAQ section, it would be helpful for you.

5-Day Push/Pull/Legs Split – FAQs

You can have some questions before starting the workout schedule. I’ve shared some of the typical ones that I hope will be helpful for you.

How long does it take to see results?

You’ll start seeing results after a couple of months. However, it will take more than that for some people.

Some of your muscles will respond more than others. For example, you may see more gains in your chest and legs or back and chest – depending on how your body responds.

Can I modify the workout plan?

Yes, you can make changes according to your need. For example, you can replace some exercises in the coming weeks of the workout schedule.

Doing all exercises in just one week of schedule isn’t possible. That’s why I’ve handed out some alternate workouts so you can utilize them throughout the twelve months of training.

When and what core workouts should I do?

If you want to do abdominal exercises to strengthen your core, you can do the below workouts on any day you like or feel to do.

Should I Workout 6 Days a week after this routine?

Once you feel you’re ready to lift six times a week, you should definitely do. But make sure you give your trained muscles proper rest and get a sound sleep – if you want to maximize growth.

I’ve also published 6-day PPL for strength and hypertrophy; you can check it out.

What are alternatives plans do you have?

I’ve already created a couple of alternatives to the 5-day PPL split that you may like.

1. 5 Day Compound Workout Routine,
2. 5 Day Gym Workout Schedule.

The program seems fine! But what about the diet?

Eating nutritious and healthy foods is as crucial as lifting weights. Diet is an essential part of the muscle-building program; you can’t increase mass unless you feed your muscles the required amount of protein, carbs, fats, and other nutrients.

According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Here is the diet recommendation for natural bodybuilding.2 Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation – Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition

For example, if you’re a 60 kg (132 lbs) weighted person.

Protein Carbs Fats
145-190 g400-50050-60
580-760 calories1600-2000 calories400-480 calories
1g protein and carbs = four calories and fats = eight calories

You can consume the above nutrients in three to six meals per day, with a meal containing 0.4-0.5 g/kg body weight of protein pre and post workout.

Depending on how many calories you burn throughout the day, you can increase or decrease consumption.

You can also check out recommended whey isolate protein and high calories protein foods.

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