Sam Sulek Workout Routine for Muscle Gain with PDF

A 22-year-old popular fitness influencer and amateur bodybuilder, Sam Sulek, is making a huge buzz in the fitness industry for amazing physique transformation.

He constantly shares his fitness journey on his YouTube channel, where he shows how to train to bring out the best shape.

His consistent workout videos, authentic conversation, and simplicity inspire innumerable individuals in the fitness realm, and if you are also one of them and looking for his training program, I can help you.

In this article, I’ve shared the Sam Sulek workout routine in a table format so you can use it efficiently and build size and muscularity.

About Sam Sulek Training Program

Sam Sulek follows a simple and low-volume workout routine that involves training every day for about 45-75 minutes.

He trains his back and rear delts (sometimes also calves) on day one, arms on day two, legs on day three, and chest and lateral delts on day four, and then he repeats this split.

Sam doesn’t take rest days because he feels his muscles get enough time for recovery between workouts.

  • Day 1 – Back and Rear Delts
  • Day 2 – Arms
  • Day 3 – Hamstrings and Quads
  • Day 4 – Chest and Side Delts
  • Day 5 – Back, Rear Delts, and Calves
  • Day 6 – Arms
  •  Day 7 – Hamstrings and Quads
  • Day 8 – Chest and Side Delts
  • Repeat

He doesn’t do plenty of reps and sets. Instead, he focuses on lifting moderate to heavy and performs about 10 to 12 working sets for a muscle group.

Sam mostly uses machine exercises along with some free-weight movements such as barbell back squats, dumbbell and barbell curls, incline bench presses, and overhead triceps extensions to train all his muscle groups.

Sam Sulek’s Warm-up Before Working Sets: Sam uses light resistance training to activate the muscles he wants to train. For example, he performs a few sets of single-arm cable chest flies and incline bench presses before going heavy on chest day. So, you can also do a few warm-up sets for every muscle you want to hit prior to working sets to ensure you feel the proper contraction.

Sam Sulek Workout Routine for Bulking Up

Day 1 – Back and Rear Delts

Shoulder-width Grip Front Pull-down2-312-15
Wider Hammer Grip Pull-down2-310-12
Machine Low Row2-312-15
Machine Lat Pullover2-312-15
Seated Low Cable Row2-312-15
Lying Face Pull2-310-12

Day 2 – Biceps and Triceps

Cross Cable Triceps Extension2-312-15
Machine Dips2-310-12
Triceps Press Downs2-312-15
Alternating Dumbbell Curls2-38-10/arm
Seated Machine Biceps Curls2-312-15
Standard Barbell Curl2-310-12
Alternating DB Curls2-38-10/arm

 Day 3 – Hamstrings and Quads

Lying Leg Curl412-15
Unilateral Leg Extension312-15
Bilateral Leg Extension1Failure
Heel Elevated Back Squat410-12
Unilateral Leg Extension1Failure

Day 4 – Chest and Side Delts

Incline Bench Press4-510-12
Bent-Over Cable Chest Fly2-310-12
Standing Cable Horizontal Fly2-310-12
Machine Lateral Raises2-310-12
DB Side Delt Raises2-38-10

Day 5 – Back, Rear Delts, and Calves

Seated Cable Rowing (Shoulder-width grip)410-15
One-arm Side Straight arm Lat Pulldown210/side
Wide Grip Seated Cable Row310-12
Single-arm Lat Pulldown110/side
Shoulder-width Grip Cable Rowing1Failure
Lying Face Pull410-12
Seated Calf Raises410-15

Day 6 – Triceps and Biceps

Cross Body Cable Tricep Extension312-15
Single-arm Overhead Triceps Extension210/arm
Machine Dips1Failure
Triceps Bar Press Down28-10/arm
Alternating DB Biceps Curls212-15
Standard Barbell Curl2Failure
Single-arm Cable Curls210-12/arm
Alternating DB Biceps Curls28/arm

 Day 7 – Hamstrings and Quads

Seated Leg Curls415-20
Bilateral Leg Extension215-20
Single Leg Extension215/leg
Heel Elevated Back Squat28-10
Leg Extension110-12
One-Legged Leg Extension110-12

Day 8 – Chest and Lateral Delts

Incline Bench Press410-12
Bent-Over Cable Chest Fly310-12
Standing Cable Horizontal Fly210-12
Bent-Over Parallel Cable Fly210-12
Machine Lateral Raises210-12
DB Side Delt Raises28-10

Download The Sam Sulek Workout Plan PDF

I also suggest exploring Sam’s YouTube channel to better understand how he trains for size and muscle definition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Can Follow Sam’s Training Program?

Anyone who is looking for a simple, low-volume, and effective training split for muscle-building can follow a Sam Sulek workout regime. But if you are a beginner, I suggest taking a day off after every two training sessions for the first two months to get your body familiar with resistance training.

Is Sam Sulek’s Workout Plan Safe and Effective?

Yes, Sam’s workout includes mostly resistance machine exercises and involves performing 10-15 sets per day with moderate to heavy weights, making it suitable for beginner to intermediate lifters.

Does Sam Do Cardio?

Yes, he usually does cardio in the morning to enhance his endurance and cardiovascular fitness. If you can manage it, I also recommend doing it for 20 minutes of steady cardio at least three times weekly.

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