12 Week Dexter Jackson Training Routine with PDF

If you’re looking for a Dexter Jackson training routine to build strength and mass, you’ve come to the right place.

Dexter Jackson is one of the respected bodybuilders who is known for his incredible physique, humble behavior, and champion mindset.

He earned the Mr. Olympia title in 2008 and several other trophies, including the Arnold classic.

Dexter Jackson have followed various workout programs throughout his professional bodybuilding journey, so, it is not possible to share them all.

You can see various Dexter “The Blade” Jackson workout plans on web, but I doubt they are the actual ones because his actual workout schedules are hardly available online.

So, how did I get his workout plan? Well, I’ve designed this program based on videos available on Dexter Jackson’s YouTube channel, where he has uploaded numerous exercises. This split may not match the original schedule of The Blade, but he used all the exercises mentioned in this program during his competitive journey.

Dexter Jackson Training Philosophy

After watching more than 50 videos on YouTube I’ve analyzed –

1) Dexter Jackson doesn’t use compound movements like Deadlifts, Free Bench Presses, Barbell Rows, and Free Sqauts in his workout regime. He mostly performed machine exercises for training his every muscle group.

2) He used to lift moderate to heavy weights and keep the rep ranges around 8 to 15.

3) He also didn’t follow a high-volume training, involving numerous exercises and multiple reps-sets. He likes to keep his workout simple and focus more on nutrition to achieve the best results.

4) Dexter Jackson performs a variety of exercises to hit every muscle group from all angles.

5) He used to perform one warm-up set before going heavy for each exercise.

12-Week Dexter Jackson Training Routine

About Program:

  • Suggested Duration: 12 Weeks
  • Split Type: Single and Two Muscle Group Split
  • Sessions/week: 4-5 days a week
  • Duration/session: 60-90 minutes
  • Goal: Stimulate Muscular Hypertrophy and Strength
  • Target Gender: Men
  • Workout Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

Week 1 to 4: Muscle Group Split

  • Monday: Chest and Abs
  • Tuesday: Back
  • Wednesday: Leg and Abs
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Shoulder and Traps
  • Saturday: Arm and Abs
  • Sunday: OFF

Monday – Chest

Incline Machine Press3-410-12
Seated Machine Press3-410-12
High to Low Cable Fly3-410-12
Neutral Grip Machine Press3-410-12
Hanging Knee Raises3-420-25
Cable Crunches3-420-25

Tuesday – Back

Front Lat Pull Down5-610-12
Seated Machine Row5-610-12
High Cable Pulldown (Handles)4-610-12
V-Grip Lat Pulldown4-610-12

Wednesday – Leg and Abs

Leg Extension3-410-12
Lying Leg Curl3-410-12
Reverse Hack Squat3-410-12
Seated Hip Adduction3-410-12
LB Extension + Standing Glute Kickback (Superset)3-410-12
Lying Machine Crunches3-420-25
Seated Machine Abdominal Crunches3-420-25

Friday – Shoulder and Traps

Lateral Dumbbell Raises4-610-12
One-arm Smith Machine Shoulder Press3-410-12
Underhand Barbell Front Raises3-410-12
Barbell Upright Row3-410-12
Rear Delt Fly4-610-12

Saturday – Arm and Abs

Preacher Biceps Curl3-410-12
EZ Bar Biceps Curl3-410-12
Straight Bar Spider Curl3-410-12
Straight Bar Pushdown3-410-12
Cable Forward Triceps Extension3-410-12
Straight Bar Dips3-410-12
Overhead Cable Triceps Extension3-410-12
Lying Machine Crunches3-410-12

Week 5 to 8: Mix Split

  • Monday: Chest, Quad, and Glute
  • Tuesday: Back and Hamstrings
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: Biceps, Calves, and Abs
  • Friday: Shoulder and Triceps
  • Saturday: Light Cardio and Abs
  • Sunday: OFF

Monday – Chest, Quad, and Glute

Hammer Machine Press610-12
Neutral Grip DB Bench Press610-12
Machine Leg Press610-12
Reverse Hack Squat410-12
Seated Hip Abduction410-12

Tuesday – Back and Hamstrings

Front Lat Pulldown4-510-12
Chest Supported Barbell Row4-510-12
Chest-Supported Row Machine4-510-12
Seated Cable Row4-510-12
Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown4-510-12
Unilateral Leg Curl4-510-12
Romanian/Romanian Deadlift4-510-12

Thursday – Biceps, Calves, and Abs

Preacher Curl4-510-12
Incline DB Curl4-510-12
Barbell Drag Curl4-510-12
Hack Squat Machine Calf Raises3-420-25
Seated Calf Raises3-420-25
Lying Machine Crunches3-420-25
Seated Machine Abdominal Crunches3-420-25

Friday – Shoulder and Triceps

Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press510-12
Lying Lateral Dumbbell Raises510-12
Reverse Pec Deck Fly510-12
Underhand Grip DB Front Raises510-12
Triceps Rope Push Down510-12
Triceps Bar/Machine Dips510-12

Saturday – Light Cardio and Abs

Light Treadmill Walk, and Elliptical Cross Trainer, any three or four core exercises.

Week 9 to 12: Hybrid Split

  • Monday: Chest, Quad, and Hip
  • Tuesday: Arms, Calves, and Abs
  • Wednesday: Back, Shoulder, and Hamstrings
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: Chest, Quad, and Arms
  • Saturday: Back, Delts, Hamstrings, and Abs
  • Sunday: OFF

Monday – Chest, Quad, and Hip

Incline Smith Machine Chest Press4-58-12
Incline Dumbbell Flyes4-58-12
Seated Pec Deck Fly4-58-12
Hack Squat4-510-12
Machine Leg Press4-510-12
DB Sumo Squat4-510-12
Seated Hip Abduction3-410-15

Tuesday – Arms, Calves, and Abs

Skull Crusher + Hammer Curl (Superset)38-12
Rope Extension + Spider Curl (Superset)38-12
Bar/Machine Dip + EZ Bar Curl38-12
Standing Calf Raises420
Donkey Calf Raises420
Lying Machine Crunches325
Seated Machine Crunches325

Wednesday – Back, Shoulder, and Hamstrings

Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown3-48-12
Alternating Machine Row3-48-12
Lateral Delt Machine Raises3-48-12
Wide-arm DB Upright Row3-48-12
Cable Face Pull/Reverse Cable Fly3-48-12
Seated Leg Curl3-48-12
Seated Hip Adduction3-410-15

Friday – Chest, Quads, and Arms

Hammer Strength Chest Press48-12
Decline Cable Flyes48-12
Cable Upward Flyes48-12
Seated Horizontal Leg Press410-12
Reverse/Front Hack Squat410-12
Leg Extension410-12
Overhead Extension + Crossover Curl310-15

Saturday – Back, Shoulder, Hamstrings, and Abs

Lat Pull Down3-48-12
Seated Cable Row3-48-12
Incline Overhead Press3-48-12
Lying Side Delt Raises3-48-12
Rear Delt Machine Fly3-48-12
Seated Leg Curl/Lying Leg Curl3-48-12
Straight-leg Reverse Hack Squat3-48-12
Abdominal Machine Crunch3-420-25

Here are more Dexter Jackson exercises you can integrate into your training program.

  • V-handle Lat Pull Down
  • Smith Machine Overhead Press
  • Machine/Dumbbell Front Raises
  • Bent-arm Machine Lateral Raises
  • Neutral Grip DB Front Raises
  • Seated Side Delt Raises
  • Cable Front Raises
  • Seated Reverse Military Press
  • Seated Cable Row
  • Incline Cable Pulley Machine Fly
  • Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press
  • Lying Lateral Dumbbell Raises

Dexter Jackson Workout Routine PDF

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