Top 10 Superset Workout Examples with a Plan

You can try out the superset workout program if you want to challenge your strength, power, and endurance. In this article, I’ve shared various superset workout examples so you can incorporate them into your workout program to build muscles and strength. You’ll also get a weekly superset workout plan at the bottom that you can save for future use.

Although, I’ve created several other programs that you can download depending on your goal. However, if you have a busy schedule but want to be fit and strong, a superset workout plan will be suitable for you.

What is Superset Workout?

Superset Workout Examples
Examples of superset exercises

The superset is a workout program where you must do the two different exercises alternatively for two muscle parts with no rest between them.

Consider an example of legs and biceps superset.

  • Do ten reps barbell back squats for leg followed by 10 reps dumbbell curl for biceps;
  • Again do a leg workout such as, dumbbell lunges and then bicep workout like cable curl.
  • Repeat this pattern till the desired number of rounds.

The superset can enhance workout efficiency and reduce training time.1 The effects of traditional, superset, and tri-set resistance training structures on perceived intensity and physiological responses – European Journal of Applied Physiology,2 The metabolic costs of reciprocal supersets vs. traditional resistance exercise in young recreationally active adults – Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

To perform the superset efficiently, you’ll need to combine push and pull exercises or push, pull, and leg workouts – depending on how many muscles you trained in one day.

Chest, triceps, and shoulders are pushing muscles; back, biceps, wrists, and rear delt are pulling muscles, and the quads, hams, calves, and glutes are lower body muscles.

So, when you do the superset, you can combine chest with back, triceps with biceps, legs with shoulders, or upper and lower body.

Let’s see some of the best examples of superset workouts.

#1 Superset Chest and Back Workouts

The combination of back and chest exercises is one of the primary examples of a superset workout. It will build up strength and mass and develop a muscular upper body.

Chest muscles build during the push workouts while pull exercises work on the back. And it allows you to do each set efficiently without putting stress on the same type of muscles.

To perform the superset workout for the back and chest, do the exercises alternatively for each muscle.

For example, do the bench press for the chest and bent-over for the back. Or do the pullups for the back and pushups for the chest.

Okay, let’s see what exercises you can combine and do on your back and chest day.

Back and Chest Superset Workout Example #1

Lat PulldownFlat Barbell Bench Press
Seated RowingIncline Dumbbell Bench Press
Barbell Bent-over RowPec Dec or Cable Fly
Single-arm DB RowingDumbbell Pullover

Chest and Back Superset Workout Example #2

Flat Barbell Bench PressLat Pulldown
Incline DB PressV Grip Lat Pulldown
Pec Dec or Cable FlyT Rowing
Bar DipsSeated Rowing
Dumbbell Squeeze PressFace Pull

#2 Superset Triceps and Biceps Workout

If you love to train triceps and biceps together to beef up arms muscles, you’ll like the below superset workout examples.

Triceps and Biceps Superset Example #1

Narrow Grip Bench PressStanding Barbell Curl
Barbell Skull CrusherEZ Bar Bicep Curl
Cable PushdownSeated Dumbbell Curl
Rope PushdownPreacher Curl
Weighted Bench DipsConcentration Curl

Superset for Biceps and Triceps (Example #2)

Standing Barbell CurlDiamond Pushup
Incline Dumbbell CurlDB Overhead Extension
Prone Incline Barbell CurlRope Pushdown
Cable CurlCable Overhead Extension
Hammer CurlTriceps Kickback

Here you can see what and how to do bicep and tricep workouts on the same day.


#3 Superset Example for Legs and Core

If you want to strengthen and tone your lower body and mid-section of your upper body simultaneously, you may want to do the superset for legs and core.

Here are a couple of examples of that.

Leg and Core Superset Workout #1

Barbell Back SquatBird Dog Plank
Machine Leg PressLeg Raises
Hamstring CurlDB Side Bend
Hip ThrustHanging Knee Raises
Calf RaisesAb Wheel Rollout

Superset Leg and Core Exercises #2

Mountain ClimbingBarbell Back Squat
Reverse CrunchesMachine Hack Squat
Flutter Kicks Dumbbell Lunges
Cable CrunchesBarbell Romanian DL
PlankWeighted Glute Bridge

#4 Superset Back and Shoulder Example

Back and shoulder muscles are often trained together on the same day. And that is not only safe but also effective for developing strength and mass.

Many bodybuilders, cross-fitters, and powerlifters train their shoulders and back together.

So you can also do that if you follow the superset workout plan.

Here, I’ve shared a couple of examples that you may want to incorporate into your program.

Superset Back and Shoulder Workout #1

PullupsDumbbell Overhead Press
DeadliftDumbbell Front Raises
Lat PulldownDumbbell Lateral Raises
Seated Cable RowingUpright Row
Barbell Bent-over RowShoulder Shrug

Shoulder and Back Superset Workout #2

Shoulder Back
Military PressLat Pulldown
DB Lateral RaisesCable Seated Rowing
DB Rear Delt FlySingle-arm DB Rowing
Barbell Front RaisesBarbell T Rowing
Shoulder ShrugFace Pull

#5 Superset Workout Example for Chest and Core

If you want to strengthen your pecs and core together, you may want to do the best superset for chest, abs, and love handle.

Here is an example of a combined chest and core workout you can add to your program.

PushupsMountain Climbing
Flat Barbell Bench PressReverse Crunches
Incline DB Bench PressBird Dog Plank
Pec Dec or Cable FlyFlutter Kicks
Bar DipsLeg Raises
Dumbbell Squeeze PressDB Side Bend

#6 Superset Back and Core Workout

Working core and back together will help you build strength and endurance and improve upper body posture.

If you want to do the superset for the back and core, you can do the following exercises alternatively.

PullupsDB Side Bend
DeadliftReverse Crunches
Lat PulldownHanging Knee Raises
Seated RowingLeg Raises
Single-arm DB RowingAb Wheel Rollout
Face pullPlank

#7 Superset workout for Legs and Triceps

If you want to develop your arms and legs together without putting much stress on your muscles, you can do the superset workout for the leg and triceps.

For example, you can do the following superset exercises.

Barbell Back SquatBarbell Skull Crusher
Machine Leg PressRope Pushdown
Hamstring CurlSingle-arm Overhead
Tricep Extension
Hip ThrustTriceps Kickback
Calf RaisesBench Dips

#8 Superset Exercises For Biceps and Legs

Working out leg and bicep together is one of the best examples of a superset workout.

It allows you to train the upper and lower body alternatively and help you beef up muscles mass.

Here is one of the examples of the bicep and leg superset workout.

Standing Barbell CurlBarbell Back Squat
EZ Bar Bicep CurlMachine Hack Squat
Seated Dumbbell CurlDumbbell Lunges
Preacher CurlBarbell Romanian DL
Concentration CurlWeighted Glute Bridge

#9 Legs and Shoulders Superset Workout

Like arms, you can also do alternating exercises for legs and shoulders on the same day.

However, it will be slightly challenging as shoulder muscles are larger than biceps and triceps.

But, if you’re working out to build strength and hypertrophy, you can do the below superset.

Barbell Back SquatDumbbell Overhead Press
Machine Leg PressDumbbell Front Raises
Dumbbell LungesDumbbell Lateral Raises
Hamstring CurlDumbbell Rear Delt Fly
Barbell Hip ThrustShoulder Shrug

#10 Superset Full Body Workout

If you want to challenge your strength and power, you may try the superset workout for the entire body.

You’ll do alternating exercises for each muscle in the full-body superset, from the chest to calves.

I’ve created a sample for you. You can also include it in your full-body workout program.

WorkoutMuscles Build
Flat Barbell Bench PressChest
Rope PushdownTriceps
Barbell Back SquatQuads
Calf RaisesCalves
Lat pulldownBack
Standing Biceps CurlBiceps
Barbell Overhead PressFront Delt
Dumbbell Lateral RaisesSide Delt
Hamstring CurlHamstring Curl
Hip ThrustGlutes
Seated Cable RowingBack
Cable CurlBiceps
Incline Dumbbell Bench PressChest
Tricep KickbackTriceps
It is one of the examples of full body superset workout

Weekly Superset Workout Routine

  • Monday – Chest and Back
  • Tuesday – Legs and Shoulders
  • Wednesday – Biceps and Triceps
  • Thursday – Back and Chest
  • Friday – Legs and Core
  • Saturday – Full Body
  • Sunday – Rest

Note: You’ll do one to two rounds if you’re a beginner and three to four rounds if you’re an intermediate and pro.

Rest between exercises: Little to no rest

Monday – Chest and Back

Pushups AMRAP
Lat Pulldown15
Flat Barbell Bench Press 15
Seated Rowing12
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 12
Barbell Bent-over Row10
Pec Dec or Cable Fly 10
Single-arm DB Rowing8
Dumbbell Pullover8
Beginner: 1-2 rounds, Intermediate and Pro: 3-4 rounds

Tuesday – Legs and Shoulders

Barbell Back Squat15
Dumbbell Overhead Press15
Machine Leg Press12
Dumbbell Front Raises12
Dumbbell Lunges10
Dumbbell Lateral Raises10
Hamstring Curl10
Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly10
Barbell Hip Thrust10
Shoulder Shrug10

Wednesday – Biceps, and Triceps

Narrow Grip Bench Press15
Standing Barbell Curl15
Barbell Skull Crusher12
EZ Bar Bicep Curl12
Cable Pushdown10
Seated Dumbbell Curl10
Rope Pushdown10
Preacher Curl10
Weighted Bench Dips8
Concentration Curl8

Thursday – Back and Chest

Flat Barbell Bench Press15
Lat Pulldown15
Incline DB Press12
V Grip Lat Pulldown12
Pec Dec or Cable Fly10
T Rowing10
Bar Dips10
Seated Rowing10
Dumbbell Squeeze Press8
Face Pull8

Friday – Legs and Core

Barbell Back Squat15
Bird Dog Plank30-sec/side
Machine Leg Press12
Leg Raises12
Hamstring Curl10
DB Side Bend10
Hip Thrust8
Hanging Knee Raises8
Calf Raises10
Reverse Crunches10

Saturday – Full Body

Flat Barbell Bench Press15
Rope Pushdown10
Barbell Back Squat15
Calf Raises10
Lat pulldown15
Standing Biceps Curl10
Barbell Overhead Press15
Dumbbell Lateral Raises10
Hamstring Curl15
Hip Thrust10
Seated Cable Rowing15
Cable Curl10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press15
Tricep Kickback10
The final day of weekly Superset Workout Routine

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