Legs and Abs Workout Plan with PDF

If you ask someone which muscle group is challenging to train, he/she would say either abs or legs. Training abdominal muscles and lower body requires decent strength and endurance. Still, some people like to train them together to challenge their fitness level.

And for those fitness enthusiasts, I’ve shared various leg and abs workout routines in this article.

It includes all kinds of exercises, from bodyweight and machines to dumbbells and barbells.

Whether you train at home or in the gym, you can download one of the plans to strengthen and tone your muscles.

Can You Train Your Legs and Abs Together?

Yes, you can train your abs and legs together but it has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look one by one.


  1. Time-Efficient: Training your abs and legs together will save you time.
  2. Safe: Abs and legs are upper and lower body regions, so training them in one session is safe.
  3. Burn more calories and increase endurance: Working out your thighs, glutes, and core at the same time burns significant calories and improves cardiovascular fitness.


  1. Make you feel exhausted: Training legs and core together requires a lot of energy, which ultimately leads to fatigue, injury, and burnout.
  2. Not suitable for everyone: People who are beginners or have certain health conditions should not train their legs and abs on the same day.

When you train your legs and core together, make sure to start with the lower body and then move to the abs and obliques.

Legs and Abs Workout Plan to Build Muscles in the Gym

The gym is the best place to achieve your desired shape because it has every piece of equipment you need to build strength and muscle.

You can do various exercises in the gym to strengthen and tone your legs and core.

Here are a few samples of leg and core workout routines you can do at the gym.

Note: You can adjust the routines according to your fitness level.

20-Minute Workout for Beginners

This 20-minute abs and legs workout is low-impact, easy to follow, and perfect for beginners.

It includes three exercises for each muscle which you can do at your own pace.

Legs and Abs Workout Plan
DB Sumo Squat12-1532-min
Leg Press12-1532-min
Leg Curl12-1532-min
Reverse Crunches10-12230-sec
Flutter Kicks15-sec230-sec

30-Minute Superset Legs and Abs workout

The superset is a method of training two muscles together.

It helps you build muscles and burn more calories in a shorter time than the standard way of training.

Here’s an example of 30-minute superset core and leg workout training.

1DB Front SquatHanging Knee Raises10 x 2
2Leg PressCable Crunches10 x 2
3Leg CurlDecline Crunch10 x 2
4Calf RaisesWood Chop10 x 2

You can make desired changes to this plan, depending on your preference.

45-Minute Workout for Intermediate

If you have been working out for a while, this 45-minute ab and leg workout is for you.

It includes multiple compound and isolation exercises that will help you build firm legs and a toned core.

Back Squat12-1532-min
Front Lunges12-1532-min
Leg Curl12-1532-min
Romanian Deadlift10-12230-sec
Abs & Obliques Workout10-min1

Replace some exercises when you train in the next session.

60-Minute Workout for Advanced

If you’ve constantly been exercising for the last couple of years, this one-hour routine is for you.

It includes various exercises that will bolster your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, rectus abdominish, transverse abdominish, and obliques.

This 60-minute workout is challenging but will help build solid legs and a sculpted core.

Front Lunges8-1022-min
Leg Press12-1532-min
Leg Curl12-1532-min
Hip Thrust10-1232-min
Calf Raises12-1531-min
Hanging Knee Raises10-12345-sec
Decline Cable Crunch8-1031-min
Hollow Body Hold15-sec21-min
Side Plank30-sec230-sec

You can also use the above exercises to adjust the routine according to your need.

Leg and Core Circuit Workout to Tone Muscles at Home

10-Minute Abs and Legs Workout for Beginners

Those who train only 10 minutes a day can use this routine to forge their legs and core.

It includes only bodyweight exercises that require no equipment; you can do them anywhere in the corner of your home.

20-minute leg and core workout at home
SquatsDo as many reps as possible30-sec
Mountain Climber15-second30-sec
Lunges10 reps/side45-sec
Flutter Kicks15-second30-sec
Lateral Lunges10 reps/side45-sec
CrunchesAs many reps as possible30-sec
Glute Bridge20 reps45-sec
Plank45-60 seconds

20-Minute Bodyweight Workout to Tone Legs and Core at Home

This 20-minute leg and core circuit workout is perfect for building sturdy thighs, glutes, and abs.

It also helps burn significant calories, boost metabolism, and enhance cardiovascular fitness.

Perform two to three rounds.

Squat JumpAMRAP30-sec
Mountain Climber15-second30-sec
Jumping Lunges10 reps/side45-sec
Flutter Kicks15-second30-sec
Single-leg Deadlift10 reps/side45-sec
Glute Bridge20 reps45-sec
Reverse CrunchesAMRAP30-sec
Calf RaisesAMRAP45-sec

30-Min Dumbbell Workout Routine to Sculpt Legs & Abs

Many people use dumbbells to train their muscles at home. Dumbbells are an excellent piece of equipment, allowing you to perform numerous exercises at low to high intensity.

If you have dumbbells at home, you can use this 30-minute workout to strengthen your lower body and midsection.


  • The number of rounds: Perform as many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.
  • Intensity: At your own pace.
  • Frequency: Once/twice a week
DB Front Squats15 reps
Plank Dumbbell Drag15-sec
Front Lunges10 reps/side
Side Plank Hip Lift10 reps/side
Romanian Deadlift10-12 reps
DB Reverse Crunches10-12 reps
Glute Bridge10-12 reps
Half Kneeling DB Low to High Chop10 reps/side
Single-leg Leaning Calf Raises10 reps/side
DB Sit-ups10-12 reps
300-minute leg and core workout with dumbbells

Download PDF

Download one of the above pdfs depending on your fitness level and the place you train.

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