The Best Leg and Shoulder Workout with PDF

best leg and shoulder workout

If you train your shoulder and legs together on the same day, this article can be helpful for you. Here, I’ve shared different types of leg and shoulder workout routines, such as body weight, dumbbell, resistance band, and gym.

Depending on the type of exercise you do, you can save one of the workouts. For example, I train in the gym, so I follow one of the gym workout routines, where I do chest and triceps on day 1, back and biceps on day 2, and Legs and shoulder on day 3.

Legs and shoulders are lower and upper body muscles, so you can train them on the same day as long as it doesn’t make you feel out of breath or sore your muscles.

It may be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner, because it requires significant strength and endurance but you can also give it a try.

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How to Create a Shoulder and Leg Workout Routine?

Shoulder and Leg Workout

The lower body has four primary muscles to train, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes, while the shoulder has three specific muscles to focus on, anterior delt, side delt, and posterior delt. So based on this, you’ll need to incorporate five to seven different exercises so you can hit every major muscle efficiently without putting much stress on a specific one.

It is also important to include the right set of exercises when it comes to creating the best leg and shoulder workout. For example, the combination of compound and isolation exercises.

Compound exercises engage many muscles simultaneously, but they are also challenging. Squats, dumbbell I-Y-T raises, and Romanian deadlifts are examples of compound movements. While Isolation exercises focus on a specific muscle. Examples of isolation exercises are leg extension, calf raise, lateral raise, and reverse fly.

If you only include compound movements, you’ll feel breathed out in a short time and won’t be able to work out efficiently.

Well, I’ve created some samples of shoulder and leg workout plans that you can follow or use to design your own routine.

The Best Leg and Shoulder Workout at Home

You can train at home in multiple ways, such as with your own body weight, resistance band, and dumbbells. Whatever you use to exercise, I’ve got something for everyone.


Workout 1 – Beginner

Standard Squat15 x 360-sec
Reverse Lunges10 x 360-sec
Standing Calf Raise12 x 245-sec
Kneeling Pike Pushup10 x 360-sec
Floor IYT Raises10 x 360-sec

Workout 2 – Intermediate and Advanced

Standard Squat20 x 41-min
Bulgarian Split Squat10 x 31-min
Step-up12 x 31-min
Standing Calf Raise12 x 345-sec
Pike Pushup12 x 31-min
Bodyweight Lateral Raises10 x 31-min
Bodyweight Incline Row10 x 31-min

Dumbbell shoulder and legs workout

  • Beginner: 2-3 sets
  • Intermediate: 3 sets
  • Beginner: Perform example one in the first week and example 2 in the second week.
  • Intermediate: Perform both workouts if you train six days a week.

Example 1

Dumbbell Squat12-1590-sec
Dumbbell Lunges8-1060-sec
Dumbbell Leg Curl12-1590-sec
DB Glute Bridge (Intermediate)10-1260-sec
Dumbbell Overhead Press10-1290-sec
Dumbbell Lateral Raises10-1290-sec
Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly10-1290-sec
Shoulder Shrug (Intermediate)8-1290-sec

Example 2

Dumbbell Step-up8-1290-sec
Dumbbell Sumo Squat12-1590-sec
Dumbbell RDL8-1090-sec
Calf Raises (Intermediate)12-151-min
Seated Dumbbell IYT Raises10-1290-sec
Dumbbell Lateral Raises10-1290-sec
Dumbbell Facepull10-1290-sec
Upright Row (Intermediate)8-1090-sec

Resistance Band legs and shoulders workout

  • Newbie: 2-3 sets
  • Experienced: 3 sets
  • Frequency: Once a week for beginners, twice for intermediates.

Workout 1

Resistance Band Squat12-1590-sec
Resistance Band Deadlift8-1090-sec
Resistance Band Donkey Kick8-1060-sec
Banded Overhead Press10-1290-sec
Banded Lateral Raises10-1290-sec
Banded Pull Apart8-1090-sec
Upright Row (Intermediate)8-1090-sec

Workout 2

Curtsy Lunge to Squat8-101-min
Banded Squat Jacks8-1290-sec
Resistance Band Leg Curl8-1090-sec
Banded Overhead Press10-1290-sec
One-arm Front Raises8-121-min
One-arm Lateral Raises8-121-min
 Bent-Over Reverse Fly8-121-min
Shrug (Intermediate)10-121-min

The Best Shoulder and Legs Workouts to do at Gym

Standard Routine

Workout Example 1

Barbell Back Squat15 x 33 min
Machine Leg Press12 x 32 min
Machine Leg Curl12 x 32 min
DB Romanian Deadlift8 x 22 min
Calf Raises15 x 32 min
Barbell Overhead Press12 x 32 min
Dumbbell Lateral Raise12 x 390-sec
Reverse Pec Deck Fly10 x 390-sec

Workout Example 2

Arnold Press10 x 32 min
Bent-arm Lateral Raise10 x 32 min
Rear Delt Fly10 x 32 min
Upright Row10 x 32 min
Shrug10 x 390-sec
Dumbbell Lunges12 x 32 min
Leg Extension12 x 390-sec
Hip Thrust10 x 390-sec

Superset workout

Superset 1

Set 1LegShoulderRest
10 repsBarbell Back SquatDB Front Raises2 mins
12 repsLeg ExtensionDB Lateral Raises2 mins
12 repsLeg CurlMachine Reverse Fly2 mins
10 repsDB Step-upDumbbell Shrug

Superset 2

Set 1LegShoulderRest
12 repsDumbbell LungesDB/Barbell Overhead Press2 mins
10 repsMachine Leg PressDumbbell Lateral Raises2 mins
10 repsRomanian DeadliftDB Rear Delt Fly2 mins
10 repsWeighted Calf RaisesUpright Row

Leg and Shoulder Workout PDF

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I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.
Picture of Murshid Akram

Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.

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I’m Murshid Akram, a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I primarily design workout plans and share science-based and practical information that can help you become stronger, functional, and healthier.

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