Calisthenics Workout List For Each Muscle (PDF)

Finding a complete list of calisthenics workouts can be difficult as there is not much relevant information available. That’s why I’ve gathered a full calisthenics workout list (with PDF) in one place so that you can use it to create a routine for yourself.

I’ve categorized each exercise based on type, difficulty, and muscle group. So if you’re a beginner, you can choose workouts from the beginner-level movement.

And if you’re an intermediate or advanced, you can save exercises based on your fitness level.

Doing calisthenics exercises beef up your strength, improve mobility and flexibility, and help you build a shredded physique.

However, if you want to bulk up your muscle mass, you’ll need to lift weights because calisthenics may not be as effective as weight training for bodybuilding.

You can directly jump onto a specific list using the links in the table of content below.

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List of Calisthenics Full Body Workout

Let’s find out a complete list of calisthenics workouts that can help you create a full-body calisthenics workout plan for yourself.

No.ExerciseMuscles Worked
1Normal pushupChest and Triceps
2Wide arm pushupChest
3Incline pushupChest
4Decline pushupChest and Shoulder
5Bar DipsChest and Triceps
6Negative Push UpChest, Triceps, and Shoulder
7Pike pushupShoulder and Triceps
8Handstand Push-upsShoulder and Triceps
9Dive Bomber Push-upsDeltoids, Triceps, Core,
and Lower Body
10One-Arm push-UpChest, Shoulder, and Triceps
11Staggered PushupChest, Shoulders, and Arms
12Bench dipsTriceps, Core, and Shoulder
13Pseudo plancheShoulders, Arms, Chest, and Deltoids
14Chin-upsBack, Biceps and Core
15Inverted rowsBack, Biceps and Core
16Knuckle pushupArms, Chest, and Front Delt
17PullupBack, Biceps and Core
18Floor Windshield WipersCore, Hips, and Lower Back
19Hanging Leg RaisesCore and Arms
21PlankCore, Arms, and Shoulder
22Shoulder TapArms, Core and Shoulder
23Russian TwistCore
24Muscles upBack, Shoulders, Arms, and Core
25Shuttle runsQuadriceps, Glutes, and Calves
26Standard SquatQuads
27Pistol SquatQuadriceps, Glutes, and Calves
28LungesQuads, Hams, and Glutes
29Bird Dog PlankCore and Back
30PlancheArms, Core, Chest,
Shoulder and core
31Front leverBack, Abs and Core
32BurpeesFull Body
33Australian PullupsUpper back, Shoulders, and Arms
34Jump SquatsGlutes, Quads, Hips, and Hamstrings
35Ring RowArms and Upper back
36Elevated Inverted RowsBack, Shoulder, Arms, and Core
37Negative PullupBack, Biceps and Core
38L Pull-UpCore, Hips, Back, Quads, and Arms
39Hollow Body CrunchAbdomen, Quads, and Hips
40Hanging Knee RaisesCore, Hips, and Arms
41L-SitCore, Hips, Quads, Triceps,
Shoulders, Pecs, and Lats
42Single-Leg Tuck-upHip Flexors and Upper Leg
43Dragon FlagCore and Lower Body
44Kneeling Ab Wheel RolloutCore and Lower Back
45Triangle PushupChest and Triceps
46Box or Bench JumpLower Body
47Lateral LungesGlutes, Hamstrings, and Quads
48Calf raisesCalves
49Wall SitsGlutes, Calves, and Quads
50Hanging Windshield WiperCore, Hips, and Arms
51Floor Ring DipsTriceps and Shoulder
52Ring PushupArms, Core and Chest
53Ring Chin UpsBiceps, Back, and Core
54Glute BridgeGlutes, Hips, and Lower Back
list of calisthenics full-body workout

Calisthenics Workout List Muscle Group Wise

List of Calisthenics Full Body Workout
Calisthenics workout

Let’s take a look at the complete calisthenics workout list based on the several muscle group.


  1. Normal push-up
  2. Wide arm push-up
  3. Incline pushup
  4. Decline pushup
  5. Bar Dips
  6. Negative Push Up
  7. Staggered Push-Up
  8. Ring Pushup


  1. Decline pushup
  2. Pike pushup
  3. Handstand Push-ups
  4. Dive Bomber Push-ups
  5. One-Arm push-Up
  6. Shoulder Tap
  7. Planche
  8. Elevated Inverted Rows


  1. Bench Dips
  2. Bar Dips
  3. Pseudo planche
  4. Triangle Pushup
  5. Floor Ring Dips
  6. Ring Pushup
  7. Chin-ups
  8. Ring Chin Ups
  9. Underhand Inverted rows
  10. Knuckle pushup
  11. Shoulder Tap
  12. Planche
  13. Australian Pull-Ups
  14. Ring Row
  15. Elevated Inverted Rows
  16. Negative Pullup


  1. Pull-up
  2. Inverted rows
  3. Muscles up
  4. Front lever
  5. Chin-ups
  6. Bird Dog Plank
  7. Australian Pull-Ups
  8. Ring Row
  9. Elevated Inverted Rows
  10. Negative Pullup
  11. L Pull-Up
  12. Ring Chin Ups

Abdomen and Oblique (Core)

  1. Floor Windshield Wipers
  2. Hanging Leg Raises
  3. Crunches
  4. Plank
  5. Russian Twist
  6. Bird Dog Plank
  7. Front lever
  8. L Pull-Up
  9. Hollow Body Crunch
  10. Hanging Knee Raises
  11. L-Sit
  12. Single-Leg Tuck-up
  13. Dragon Flag
  14. Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollout
  15. Hanging Windshield Wiper


  1. Shuttle runs
  2. Standard Squat
  3. Pistol Squat
  4. Lunges
  5. Jump Squats
  6. Box or Bench Jump
  7. Lateral Lunges
  8. Wall Sits


  1. Pistol Squat
  2. Lunges
  3. Lateral Lunges
  4. Nordic Hamstring Curl


  1. Wall Sits
  2. Glute Bridge
  3. Glute Kickback


  1. Calf raises

Calisthenics Exercises List Ranking From Beginner to Advanced Level


  1. All Knee Pushup
  2. Incline pushup
  3. Normal push-up
  4. Bench dips
  5. Chin-ups
  6. Inverted rows
  7. Floor Windshield Wipers
  8. Crunches
  9. Plank
  10. Standard Squat
  11. Lunges
  12. Bird Dog Plank
  13. Jump Squats
  14. Ring Row
  15. Hanging Knee Raises
  16. Lateral Lunges
  17. Calf raises
  18. Wall Sits
  19. Floor Ring Dips
  20. Glute Bridge


  1. Wide arm push-up
  2. Decline pushup
  3. Pull-up
  4. Bar Dips
  5. Negative Push Up
  6. Pike pushup
  7. Dive Bomber Push-ups
  8. Staggered Push-Up
  9. Pseudo planche
  10. Knuckle pushup
  11. Hanging Leg Raises
  12. Shoulder Tap
  13. Russian Twist
  14. Shuttle runs
  15. Pistol Squat
  16. Burpees
  17. Australian Pull-Ups
  18. Elevated Inverted Rows
  19. Negative Pullup
  20. Hollow Body Crunch
  21. L-Sit
  22. Single-Leg Tuck-up
  23. Kneeling Ab Wheel Rollout
  24. Triangle Pushup
  25. Box or Bench Jump
  26. Ring Pushup
  27. Ring Chin Ups


  1. Handstand Push-ups
  2. One-Arm push-Up
  3. Muscles up
  4. Planche
  5. Front lever
  6. L Pull-Up
  7. Dragon Flag
  8. Hanging Windshield Wiper

Names of Push and Pull Calisthenics Exercise Type

Push WorkoutPull Workout
Normal pushupChin-ups
Wide arm pushupInverted rows
Incline pushupPullup
Decline pushupHanging Knee Raises
Bar DipsMuscles up
Negative Push UpFront lever
Pike pushupAustralian Pullups
Handstand Push-upsRing Row
Dive Bomber Push-upsElevated Inverted Rows
One-Arm push-UpNegative Pullup
Staggered PushupL Pull-Up
Bench dipsRing Chin Ups
Pseudo planche
Knuckle pushup
Triangle Pushup
Floor Ring Dips
calisthenics push-pull workout list

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Do Calisthenics Workout Everyday?

Yes, you can do calisthenics workouts every day. The frequency of training entirely depends on you.

You can do it two times a week if you like or six days a week, it’s entirely up to you. And there’s no harm in doing calisthenics exercises every day until you don’t push yourself harder.

Can You Build Muscles with Calisthenics?

Yes, you can build muscles with calisthenics, but not significant.

Calisthenics exercises boost muscular strength, increase mobility and flexibility, and help you build an athletic body. Although, they do not build muscles as weight training does.

Is Calisthenics Better Than Weights?

Calisthenics training and weight training both are unalike to each other.

Calisthenics workouts are primarily bodyweight exercises that require little to no equipment. In contrast, weight training requires several types of equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, machines, and weight plates.

Calisthenics workouts are efficient for increasing stability, balance, and flexibility. On the other hand, weight training is more helpful for strength and bodybuilding.

So it depends on your fitness goal; if you want to improve your body movements, you can do calisthenics workouts. And if you’re going to build strength and mass, you can do weight lifting.

Full Body Calisthenics Workout List PDF

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