3 Day Full Body Workout at Home (with PDF)

Keeping myself fit and active has always been one of my priorities, but sometimes life gets so busy that I can’t get time to hit the gym.

But being in the fitness industry, I always have to maintain my shape. That’s why I train at home using my body weight.

And to work out in an organized fashion, I’ve designed a couple of 3 day full-body workout plans for training at home.

One is for building strength and lean mass, and the other is for improving cardiovascular fitness. I do them alternatively.

These programs helped me maintain and improve my fitness.

That’s why I’ve decided to hand it to those who are looking for an easy-to-follow and effective 3 day full body home workout routine.

So, if you exercise at home with minimal to no equipment, you can follow one of the plans to improve your overall health and fitness.

Workout Overview

Plan AFull body HIIT to burn fat & improve cardio
Plan BTotal body workout to build muscles
Suggested Program Duration12-16 Weeks
Target GenderMale and Female
Equipment RequiredNone
Duration/session30-45 mins (Plan 1) & 20-30 mins (Plan 2)
Workout LevelBeginner to Intermediate

3 Day HIIT Home Workout Routine (no equipment)

The high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an inexpensive and effective way to burn significant calories, promote weight loss, and improve cardiovascular fitness in less time than traditional cardio.

It requires you to perform exercises at your maximum heart rate followed by a short interval.

For example, do jumping jacks for 15 seconds at your maximum heart rate, followed by 15-20 seconds of rest.

You can do HIIT for 10 minutes to half an hour, depending on your goal and fitness level.

Here’s my 3-day interval training program that I do at home.

Note: You can change exercise, increase or decrease activity, and interval time depending on your fitness level.

Newbie: 1 round, Intermediate: 2 rounds, Advanced: 3 rounds

Day 1

Exercises Time Rest/Interval
Ankle Hops15-sec15 seconds
Jump Squat6-8 reps40 seconds
Burpees6-8 reps 40 seconds
Mountain Climber15-sec 30 seconds
Jumping Lunges10 lunges/side30 seconds
 Flutter Kicks15-sec30 seconds
Pushup10 reps30 seconds
Heel Taps10 reps/side 30 seconds
Shoulder Taps10 taps/side 30 seconds
Crunches10 reps 30 seconds
Bear Crawl15-sec 30 seconds
Reverse Crunches10 reps 30 seconds

Day 2

Jog in place15-sec15 seconds
Jumping Jacks15-sec30 seconds
High Knees15-sec30 seconds
Burpees 6-8 reps 30 seconds
Inchworm15-sec30 seconds
Squat15 reps 30 seconds
Pushups15 reps30 seconds
Russian Twist15-sec30 seconds
Reverse Crunches10 reps30 seconds
Plank Ankle Taps5 taps/side 30 seconds
Single-leg Glute Kickback10 reps/side30 seconds
Side Plank Hip Dips10 dips/side
Full Body 3 Day Workout Plan at Home

Day 3

Stationary Running15 seconds30 seconds
Bear Crawl15 seconds30 seconds
Burpees6-8 reps30 seconds
Lateral Lunges8-10 reps30 seconds
Lunge Front Kick6 reps/side30 seconds
Pushups15 reps30 seconds
Tabletop Crunches10 reps15 seconds
Bicycle Crunches10 reps20 seconds
Dead Bug Crunches10 reps20 seconds
Leg Raises30-sec30 seconds
Kneeling Squat Jump10 reps30 seconds
 Curtsy Lunge6 reps/side
3 Day Home Workout Routine

3 Day Full Body Workout at Home to Build Muscles

3 day full-body workout routine at home

Bodyweight exercises have numerous health benefits. They help build strength and lean mass and improve mobility, posture, and body composition.1EFFECTS OF 8-WEEKS LONG MUSCULAR ENDURANCE TRAINING WITH BODY WEIGHT IN CASE OF RECREATIONAL ATHLETES – Research Gate, 2Effect of an exercise program for posture correction on a musculoskeletal pain – Journal of Physical Therapy Science.

You can do myriad exercises at home to improve your physique and scale your fitness level.

Here’s my bodyweight workout plan to build a fair amount of strength and lean mass.

  • Time/session: 45-60 Minutes
  • Frequency: 3 days a week
  • Goal: Build strength and mass, and improve shape.
  • Rest between sets: 30 to 90 seconds
  • Equipment Needed: No gym equipment

Day 1

  • Forward Lunges – 10 Reps x 2
  • Squat – 15 Reps x 3
  • Floor IYT Raises – 10 Reps x 2
  • Incline Push up – 10 Reps x 2
  • Triangle Pushup -10 Reps x 2
  • Chair Dips – 10 Reps x 2
  • Plank: 60-sec x 2

Day 2

  • Jump Squat – 20 seconds
  • Mountain Climbers – 20 seconds
  • Table Inverted Row – 10 Reps x 3
  • Prone Y Raises – 10 Reps x 3
  • Bicep Leg Curl – 10 Reps x 3
  • Standard Pushup – 10 Reps x 3
  • Incline Towel Row: 10 Reps x 3
  • Leg raises – 8 Reps x 2
  • Flutter Kicks – 15-sec x 2
  • Side Plank – 20 seconds/side

Day 3

  • Sumo Squat – 15 reps x 3
  • Standing Leg Curl – 10 reps x 2
  • Floor IYT Raises – 8 Reps x 3
  • Pike Push up – 8 Reps x 3
  • Superman Pull: 10 reps x 3
  • Chair Dips – 10 reps x 3
  • Bird Dog – 6 reps/side x 2
  • Reverse Crunches – 10 reps
  • Plank Row– 10 reps/side
  • Side Plank – 20-sec/side
  • Glutes Bridges – 10 reps x 2

Is 3 Days a Week Exercise Enough?

Doing bodyweight resistance training 3 days a week will help you maintain shape, improve cardiovascular fitness, and build lean mass in beginners.

However, you have to increase the frequency and include resistance exercises to gain more muscles.

You have to work consistently for three to four months and feed your muscles the required nutrients to see some muscle growth with bodyweight training.

3 Day Full Body Home Workout Routine PDF


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