Free 6 Week Bodyweight Training Plan (with PDF)

If you want to build muscles at home with little to no equipment, you can follow a 6 week bodyweight training plan. This workout plan will help you increase strength, endurance, mass, and balance and improve body composition over time. I’ll also share a free PDF of the 6-week bodyweight workout plan so you can keep it handy.

Bodyweight exercises are adaptable, efficient, and challenging. You can do many workouts at home to increase your strength, mobility, flexibility, and muscle mass without equipment.

In this workout plan, I’ll share workouts for each muscle group so you can work and have a total body workout.

This program is suitable for all fitness levels; whether you’re a male or female, beginner or pro, you can follow this workout schedule to enhance your fitness level.

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6 Week Bodyweight Workout Plan Summary

GoalBuild Muscle and Improve Shape
Training Type Full Body
Duration6 weeks
Frequency4 days a week
Duration/session30-45 minutes
Suitable forMen and Women
DifficultyBeginner to Intermediate
PDFAt the bottom
Alternate Plan3-Day Bodyweight Workout Plan

Rounds: two for beginners and three for intermediate.

Rest between sets: 30 to 90 seconds. You can increase or decrease the interval time between sets, depending on your fitness level.

If you wish to change/replace any exercises, here are all options:

Once you complete the routine for the desired time, you can follow this bodyweight workout plan to get ripped.

6 Week Bodyweight Training Plan At Home (no-Equipment)

home workout plan no equipment

Week 1

Jumping JacksBurpee30-sec
Regular SquatIncline
15 reps
PushupSuperman Pull15 reps
Floor I-Y-T RaiseLeg Raises10 reps
Mount. ClimbersLateral Lunge30-sec
Triceps Floor DipInchworm10 reps
Glutes BridgePlank10 reps
Squat JumpHigh Knee30-seconds
Pike Pushup
10 reps
Sumo SquatReverse lunge10 reps
Narrow PushupFroggers 10 reps
Lying Towel
Lat Pull Down
Hindu Push up10 reps
Standing Calf RaisesGlute Kickback10 reps

Week 2

MondayTuesday Reps/Time
Jumping JacksHigh Knees30-sec
Lateral SquatArcher Pushup10 reps
Skater HopsFloor I-Y-T Raise10 reps
InchwormFloor/Bench Dips30-sec
Side LungesSide Plank Hip Dips10 reps
Russian Twist Split Squat 10 reps
ThursdayFriday Reps/Time
Mountain ClimbingBurpees30-sec
Reverse LungesShoulder Tap10 reps
Renegade RowGlute Kickback30-sec
Flutter KicksLocust Pose20-sec
Superman PullHindu Pushup10 reps
Forearm PlankSide Plank60 & 20 sec

Week 3

MondayTuesday Reps/Time
Incline PushupBurpee10 reps
Reverse CrunchesBird-Dog20-sec
Bear CrawlForward Lunges20-sec
Floor IYT RaisesSuperman Pull10 reps
Regular SquatRussian Twist20-sec
Lying Leg RaisesCalf Raises10 reps
ThursdayFriday Reps/Time
Jumping JacksWall Walk30-sec
Renegade RowBurpee10 reps
Single-leg RDLInchworm10 reps/leg & 30-sec
Knee Tap PushupsSplit Squat10 reps
Pop SquatSitups10 reps
Floor DipsLeg Bicep Curl10 reps

Week 4

MondayTuesday Reps/Time
Side to Side
Jump Squat
Burpee10 reps
Lateral Raise
Locust Pose20-sec
Incline Pushup
(15 reps)
Mountain Climber
Floor IYT RaisesReverse Lunges 10 reps
Plie SquatV ups10 reps
Glute Bridge
(10 reps)
ThursdayFriday Reps/Time
Sprint in placeShadow Boxing20-sec
Standard PushupCrusty Lunges10 reps
SquatRenegade Row10 reps
Floor Dips Calf Raises10 reps
Lying Towel
Lat Pull Down
Toe Touch Crunches15 reps
Side Plank
One-leg Glute Bridge
(10 reps/side)

Week 5

MondayTuesday Reps/Time
Jumping JacksBurpee30-sec
Incline Press-upFloor IYT Raise10 reps
Superman Pull
(15 reps)
Mountain Climb
Sumo SquatHindu Push up10 reps
Bear Crawl
Lateral Lunge
(10 reps)
Tricep Floor Dips
(15 reps)
Leg kickbacks
(10 reps/side)
Plank (60-sec)
Reps/Time ThursdayFridayReps/Time
Squat JumpBurpee10 reps
Incline Diamond PushupLying Towel
Lat Pull Down
15 reps
Forward LungesSingle-leg RDL10 reps
Cross Knee
Mountain Climb
Lying Leg Raises30-sec
Floor/Bench DipsLeg Biceps Curl15 reps
Bear CrawlSuperman Hold20-sec

Week 6

MondayTuesday Reps/Time
Side to Side Squat Jumping Jack30-sec
Bird-Dog PlankInchworm20-sec
Floor IYT RaisesHindu Pushup10 reps
SitupsFloor/Bench Dips15 reps
Renegade RowWindshield Wiper10 reps
Glute KickbackCalf Raises15 reps
6 week home workout plan no equipment
ThursdayFriday Reps/Time
BurpeeSquat Jump10 reps
Sumo SquatReverse lunge10 reps
Lying Towel
Lat Pull Down
Floor IYT Raises15 reps
Archer PushupFloor/Bench Dips10 reps
Glute BridgePlank60-sec
Flutter KicksSide Plank20-sec

6 Week No Equipment Home Workout Plan PDF

Can you build muscle by doing bodyweight exercises?

Bodyweight exercises have myriad health benefits, including muscle building. You can do plenty of workouts to build lean mass and maintain muscle at home without equipment.1 A 4-week, lifestyle-integrated, home-based exercise training program elicits improvements in physical function and lean mass in older men and women: a pilot study – PMC Research Article.

They focus more on improving body mechanics, mobility, flexibility, and muscular strength. And they also build muscle but to a certain limit.

If you want to develop more muscles, you’ll have to lift weights. Resistance training helps you increase muscle mass, break plateaus, and develop greater strength.2 Maximizing Muscle Hypertrophy: A Systematic Review of Advanced Resistance Training Techniques and Methods – National Institute of Health Database

If you’ve recently decided to get fit, this free 6 week bodyweight training plan will help you enhance your fitness level and shape your body at home.

But remember that only bodyweight exercises are not enough for building huge mass and strength. If you want to build a sizeable physique, you need to lift heavy in the gym. And in this case, you can follow this program – The Ultimate 6 Week Full Body Gym Workout Plan.


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