6 Day Calisthenics Push Pull Legs (PPL) Split Workout with PDF

Push, Pull, Legs (PPL) is a popular training split that involves starting your week with a push workout day followed by a pull and leg day. It is an efficient way to work on every muscle group throughout the body in an organized way.

In this article, I’ve shared an ultimate 6 day calisthenics push pull legs workout routine for those who use their body weight as resistance to build strength and muscularity.

Any calisthenics lover who wants to try an exciting training split, build resilience, and sculpt their physique can try this program for a few months.

Calisthenics PPL Workout Description

Split TypePush/Pull/Legs (PPL)
Rep-set SchemeSuperset
Sessions/Week6 days a week
Workout GoalBuild Strength, Mass, and Resilience
Targeted GenderMale and Female
Experience RequireIntermediate to Advanced
Exercise TypeBodyweight
Recommended Duration12-16 Weeks

This program is based on the superset method, which involves performing two exercises in a row without rest between them.

For example, this routine includes completing two exercises consecutively; one is a compound challenging movement, and the other is an easy isolation exercise.

Pairing two exercises will allow you to train more muscles in less time, making your workout time-efficient and effective.

However, you can also do the exercises one by one (standard set scheme) in case the supersets are difficult for you.

Calisthenics Push, Pull, and Leg Exercises

Push Exercises

Push exercises target the chest, shoulder, and triceps and build a firm torso.

  1. Push-up
  2. Sphinx Push-up
  3. Archer Push-up
  4. Pike Push-up
  5. Bar Dip
  6. BW Lateral Raises
  7. Dive Bomber Push-up
  8. Floor L Dip
  9. Pseudo Planche
  10. Negative Push Up
  11. Bodyweight Triceps Extension
  12. Bench Dip
  13. Staggered Push-up
  14. Triangle Push-up
  15. Handstand Push-up

Pull Exercises

Pull exercises work on the back, biceps, forearms, abs, and posterior delts and help make your trunk sturdy, flexible, and upright.

  1. Chin-up
  2. Australian Pull-up
  3. Superman Row
  4. Bodyweight Curl
  5. Negative Pull-up
  6. Hammer Grip Chin-up
  7. Renegade Row
  8. Ring Row
  9. Lying Reverse Fly
  10. Pullup
  11. Muscle up
  12. L Pull Up
  13. Jackknife Pull-up
  14. Archer Pull-Up
  15. Hanging Knee Raises
  16. Reverse Crunches
  17. Knee Tucks

Leg Exercises

Leg workout involves all exercises that activate the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and lower back.

  1. Wall Sits
  2. Goblet Squat
  3. Step-up
  4. Glute Bridge
  5. Calf Raises
  6. Bulgarian Split Squat
  7. Reverse Lunge
  8. Curtsy Lunges
  9. Glute Kickback
  10. Elevated Glute Bridge
  11. Back and Forth Lunges
  12. Pistol Squat
  13. Kneeling Jump
  14. Skater Squats (Single-Leg Squats)
  15. Archer Squats
  16. Sissy Squats
  17. Plie Squat
  18. Long Lever Bridge with Marching
  19. Nordic Curl
  20. Frog Pump
  21. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
  22. Good Morning

6 Day Push Pull Legs Calisthenics Workout Routine to Advance Your Fitness Level

Calisthenics PPL Workout
  • Day 1 – Push Workout A
  • Day 2 – Pull Workout A
  • Day 3 – Leg Workout A
  • Day 4 – Push Workout B
  • Day 5 – Pull Workout B
  • Day 6 – Leg Workout B
  • Day 7 – Full Day Off/Recovery Day

Warm-up: Generally, it is always effective to begin your training with quick and dynamic warm-up exercises, such as jumping jack, inchworm, leg swings, lunge kicks, and Hindu push-ups.

Day 1 – Calisthenics Push Workout (Workout A)

Superset Push ExercisesSetsTarget Muscles
10 Push-ups + 20 Sphinx Push-up3Chest and Triceps
20 Archer Push-up + 10 Pike Push-up3Chest and Anterior Delt
15 Bar Dips + 20 BW Lateral Raises3Chest, Tris, and Side Delt

Archer push-ups and bodyweight lateral raises are unilateral exercises, so perform 10 reps per side.

Day 2 – Calisthenics Pull Workout (Workout A)

Superset Pull ExercisesSetsTarget Muscles
6 Pull-ups + 12 Inverted Row3Lats, Traps, and Rear Delt
10 Chin-ups + 20 Superman Row3Biceps and Back
10 Ring Row + 5 Negative Pull-up3Biceps, Back, and Abs
15 Knee Raises + 20 Side Knee Raises3Abdominals

Day 3 – Calisthenics Leg Workout (Workout A)

Superset Leg ExercisesSetsTarget Muscles
20 Basic Squats + 20 Curtsy Lunges3Quads, Glute, and Hamstrings
20 Archer Squats + 20 Single-Leg RDL3Adductors, Ham, & Lower Back
12 Pistol Squat + 12 Long Lever Bridge w/ Marching3Quad, Hamstring, and Glute

Curtsy lunges, archer squats, single-leg RDL, pistol squats, and long lever bridge marching are all unilateral exercises, so if there are 20 reps, perform 10 on each side, and if there are 12, do the six reps per side.

Day 4 – Calisthenics Push Workout (Workout B)

Superset Push ExercisesSetsTarget Muscles
10 Dive Bomber Push-ups + 10 Bar Dips3Chest, Triceps, and Delts
10 Pseudo Planche + 10 Floor L Dips3Pecs, Delts, and Triceps
10 Negative Push Up + 20 Triceps Extensions3Chest and Triceps

Day 5 – Calisthenics Pull Workout (Workout B)

Superset Pull ExercisesSetsTarget Muscles
5 Muscle-up (No Dip) + 15 Bodyweight Curl3Back, Biceps, and Abs
5 L Pull Up + 15 Superman Pull3Back, Abs, and Biceps
10 Archer Pull-Up + 10 Jackknife Pull-up3Traps, Rear Delt, and Core
20 Knee Tucks + 20 Side Knee Raises3Abdominals

Perform Archer pull-up 5 reps per side.

Day 6 – Calisthenics Leg Workout (Workout B)

Superset Leg ExercisesSetsTarget Muscles
10 Bulgarian Split Squat + 10 Nordic Curl3Quad, Ham, and Glute
10 Skater Squats + 20 Bird Dog Lifts3Legs, Glutes, and Abs
10 Sissy Squats + 10 Elevated Glute Bridge3Thighs and Glutes

Download The Calisthenics PPL Routine PDF

My Final Thoughts

The Push-Pull-Leg (PPL) split is limited to bodybuilding only, even calisthenics athletes can use it to make their training interesting and effective.

PPL involves performing push movements (that target the chest, triceps, and shoulders) on day one, followed by pull workouts (back, rear delt, and biceps) on day two and leg workouts on day three.

This split allows you to train your entire body effectively in three days while ensuring adequate time for muscles to recover between training sessions.

If you want to follow an effective calisthenics PPL split, I recommend starting the program I’ve shared above.

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