The Ultimate List of Cable Machine Exercises w/PDF

Cable Machine Exercises

Cable machines are popular for strength training and offer many benefits for people looking to improve their fitness levels.

You can do various exercises with a cable pulley station to train your entire body and develop your physique.

In this article, I’ve made a complete list of cable machine exercises for each muscle group. You can add them to your workout routine to build strength and muscles.

But before I share the exercises, let’s see why a cable pulley machine is crucial for strength training.

Benefits of Doing Exercises with a Cable Machine

Here are some of the key benefits of using a cable machine:

  1. Versatility: You can use the cable machine to perform a wide variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, from the upper to the lower body, by using different attachments, such as handles, ropes, and bars.
  2. Adjustable: You can easily adjust the resistance of a cable machine by changing the weight stack. For example, you can increase or decrease the difficulty of the exercise and challenge your muscles in new ways.
  3. Better Contraction: Cable machines provide smooth and constant tension throughout the exercise and help you perform exercises with a more controlled movement with less risk of injury.
  4. Range of motion: The cable machine provides a full range of motion and helps you engage your muscles in a way that free weights or other equipment may not be able to.
  5. Safety and Stability: The cable pulley machine is stable and safe to use. It provides a secure base for exercises that may require a bit more balance or stability, such as single-leg exercises.

Overall, the cable pulley machine is safe, easy to use, customizable., and efficient equipment for strength training and muscle building.

List of Cable Machine Exercises by Muscle Group

From the chest, shoulder, and arms to the legs, back, and core, you can do numerous exercises with cable machines to build strength, size, and mobility.

Here’s a complete list of cable exercises you can integrate into your gym workout program to add varieties that make your routine interesting.


  1. Seated Cable Chest Press
  2. Incline Cable Chest Press
  3. High to Low Cable Chest Fly
  4. Cable Upward Chest Fly
  5. Incline Bent Forward Cable Crossover
  6. Flat Cable Chest Press
  7. Incline Cable Fly
  8. Cable Chest Pullover
  9. Cable Squeeze Press
  10. Cable Sternal Press Around


  1. Overhead Press
  2. Front Raises
  3. Alternating Cable Shoulder Press
  4. Standing Lateral Raises
  5. Cable Y Raises
  6. Bent-over Single-arm Lateral Raises
  7. Facepull
  8. Reverse Fly
  9. Shrug
  10. Upright Row


  1. Triceps Rope Pushdown
  2. Overhand Grip Bar Pushdown
  3. Single-arm Underhand Grip D-handle Pushdown
  4. Reverse-Grip Bar Pushdown
  5. Cable Triceps Kick Back
  6. Cross Cable Triceps Extension
  7. Overhead Triceps Extension
  8. Lying Triceps Extension
  9. High Pulley Overhead Extension
  10. Incline Cable Triceps Extension


  1. Straight Bar Curl
  2. EZ Bar Curl
  3. Rope Curl
  4. Concentration Curl
  5. Reverse Biceps Curl
  6. Standing Overhead Cable Curl
  7. Chest Supported Spider Curls
  8. Squatting Cable Curl
  9. Preacher Curl
  10. Cable Drag Curl


  1. Front Lat Pulldown
  2. Standing Straight-arm Lat Pulldown
  3. Seated Cable Row
  4. Facepull
  5. Unilateral Pulldown
  6. Split Stance Low Cable Row
  7. Reverse Narrow-Grip Lat Pulldown
  8. Behind The Neck Pulldown
  9. V-Bar pulldown
  10. Seated Straight-arm Overhead Pull


  1. Cable Squat
  2. Leg Extension
  3. Leg Curl
  4. Cable Chair Squat
  5. Cable Romanian Deadlift
  6. Cable Pull-through
  7. Cable Reverse Lunge
  8. Cable Hip Abduction
  9. Donkey Kick
  10. Cable Hip Extension


  1. Kneeling Cable Crunches
  2. Lying Cable Crunches
  3. Standing Cable Crunches
  4. Decline Cable Crunches
  5. Modified Cable Crunches
  6. Reverse Cable Crunches
  7. Cable Tuck Crunch
  8. Lying Cable Leg Raise
  9. Single-Leg Cable Crunch
  10. Cable Leg Lift Hold
  11. Kneeling One-arm Cable Oblique crunch
  12. Russian twist
  13. High To Low Cable wood Chop
  14. Reverse Cable Wood Chop
  15. Low-Pulley Cable Side Bend
  16. High Pulley Cable Side Bend

Download Cable Machine Exercises PDF

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Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.
Picture of Murshid Akram

Murshid Akram

I’m a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I help people achieve their best shape through my science-based and practical workout programs.

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I’m Murshid Akram, a personal trainer, fitness blogger, and founder of I primarily design workout plans and share science-based and practical information that can help you become stronger, functional, and healthier.

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