Barbell Exercises List By Muscle Group

I’ll share the barbell workout list in two parts in this article. Firstly, I’ll share a complete list of barbell exercises, and then I’ll categorize them according to the muscle group, such as back and chest, and workout types, such as compound and isolation.

Compound exercises work on various muscles at once, while isolation workouts target one muscle at one time.

A barbell is excellent workout equipment that allows you to perform myriad exercises, especially in the gym.

You can use a barbell to lift more weights than dumbbells and improve your progressive overload1 Progression of volume load and muscular adaptation during resistance exercise – European Journal of Applied Physiology.

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If you want to beef up mass and increase strength, incorporate more barbell workouts in your gym workout routine.

Ultimate Barbell Exercises List For Total Body Workout

Barbell workout Chart
  1. Barbell Bench Presses
  2. Military Press
  3. Barbell Squat and it’s variants
  4. Deadlift and its variations
  5. Barbell Bent-over Rowing
  6. Barbell Jammer
  7. Landmine Squat
  8. Landmine Press
  9. Close-Grip Bench Press
  10. Barbell Upright Row
  11. Barbell T Rowing
  12. Barbell Front Raises
  13. Skullcrusher/French Press
  14. Barbell Sumo Squat
  15. Barbell Good Morning
  16. Standing Overead Barbell Tricep Extension
  17. Barbell High Pull
  18. Barbell Clean and Press
  19. Clean and Jerk
  20. Barbell Lunges
  21. Barbelll Biceps Curl
  22. Barbell Push Press
  23. Meadows Row
  24. One-arm Barbell Floor Fly
  25. Barbell Hip Thrust
  26. Barbell Drag Curl
  27. Chest Supported Row
  28. Pendlay Row
  29. Barbell Shrug
  30. Barbell Triceps Kickback
  31. Chest Supported Bicep Curl
  32. Landmine Concentration Curl
  33. Zercher Squat
  34. Barbell Rollout
  35. Barbell Crunches
  36. Standing blique Barbell Twists
  37. Seated barbell Oblique Twist
  38. Single-Leg Barbell Deadlift
  39. Barbell Step-up

List of Barbell Exercises By Muscle Group


WorkoutTypeDifficultyOther Muscles
Barbell Bent-over RowCompoundBeginnerBiceps
Chest Supported RowCompoundIntermediate Rear Delt
Barbell T RowingIsolationIntermediate
One-arm Landmine RowIsolation Beginner
Pendlay Row Compound IntermediateRear Delt


WorkoutTypeDifficultyOther Muscles
Flat Bench PressCompoundIntermediateTriceps, Front Delt
Incline Bench PressCompoundIntermediate Triceps, Front Delt
Landmine PressCompoundIntermediateShoulder
Barbell One-arm Floor FlyIsolationIntermediate
Reverse Grip Bench PressIsolationIntermediate


WorkoutTypeDifficultyOther Muscles
Front Overhead PressCompoundIntermediateLegs
Behind the Neck PressCompoundBeginnerBiceps
Barbell Front RaisesIsolationIntermediateRear Delt
Barbell Upright RowIsolationIntermediate
Barbell High PullCompoundBeginnerBack
Barbell ShrugIsolationBeginner
Chest Supported Row CompoundBeginnerBack

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Biceps and Triceps

Behind The Neck Tricep ExtensionIsolation IntermediateTriceps
Barbell Skull CrusherIsolation BeginnerTriceps
Narrow Grip Bench PressCompoundIntermediateTricep
Barbell Triceps KickbackIsolationIntermediateTricep
Barbell CurlIsolation BeginnerBiceps
EZ Bar Bicep CurlIsolationBeginnerBiceps
Chest Supported Bicep CurlIsolationIntermediateBiceps
Barbell Drag CurlCompoundIntermediateBiceps
Landmine Concentration CurlIsolation BeginnerBiceps
Barbell Wrist CurlIsolationIntermediateForearm

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Abs and Oblique

Barbell RolloutIsolation Intermediate
Barbell CrunchesIsolationIntermediate
Seated Barbell Oblique TwistIsolationIntermediate
Standing Oblique TwistIsolationIntermediate

Lower Body

Barbell Back SquatCompoundBeginnerQuads
Landmine SquatCompoundIntermediateQuads
Barbell LungesCompoundIntermediateLegs
Barbell Sumo SquatCompoundBeginnerQuads, Glute
Barbell Good MorningCompoundBeginnerHamstrings,
Lower Back
Hip Thrust/BridgeIsolationIntermediateGlute, Hips
Zercher SquatCompoundIntermediateQuads, Core
Step-upIsolationBeginnerGlute, Hams
Single-Leg DeadliftIsolationIntermediate

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Full Body/Integrated

Barbell JammersCompoundIntermediate
Clean & PressCompoundIntermediate
Clean and JerkCompoundIntermediate
Barbell Push PressCompoundIntermediate
Deadlift to Upright RowCompoundIntermediate
Squat to Overhead PressCompoundIntermediate

You can use this barbell workout chart to create a workout program depending on your fitness level.

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Barbell Exercises Chart PDF

You can download this barbell workout chart so you can use it offline whenever you need it.


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