7-Day Workout Plan for Men and Women Over 40 (with PDF)

If you are over forty and looking for a well-balanced workout program to keep you strong, athletic, and functional, I can help you.

In this article, I shared the ultimate workout plan for males and females over 40 to improve and maintain strength, mass, mobility, and endurance.

This program involves performing three days of resistance training, two days of cardio, and one day of mobility exercises.

The combination of endurance, strength, and mobility training will make you strong, flexible, and functionally fit.1 Effectiveness of a Hybrid Exercise Program on the Physical Abilities of Frail Elderly and Explainable Artificial-Intelligence-Based Clinical Assistance – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Here’s how the weekly training schedule looks for men and women over forty:

  • Day 1 – Chest, Arms, and Calves
  • Day 2 – Cardio and Abs
  • Day 3 – Back, Hamstrings, and Glutes
  • Day 4 – Cardio and Abs
  • Day 5 – Quads and Shoulder
  • Day 6 – Mobility Exercises
  • Day 7 – Recovery Day

Working out a little every day is an excellent way to stay fit, strong, and young. That’s why I’ve designed a six-day schedule.

However, you can take a day off whenever you feel exhausted or your muscles are not fully recovered and then restart from where you’ve left off.

Pairing this routine with a nutritious diet will take their fitness to the next level.

At the end of the article, I’ll provide a quick FAQ to solve any query regarding this training program.

The Best Workout Routine for Men and Women Over 40

A man over-40 working out to stay strong and healthy.
Split TypeHybrid Split
Types of WorkoutsResistance, Aerobic, and Stretching
Program GoalKeep you strong and functional
Sessions/weekSix times weekly
Duration/session30-45 minutes
Target GenderMale and Female
Workout LevelBeginner to Intermediate
Suitable Age Group40-60 years

As I always suggest, start your day with a quick warm-up session to increase body temperature and blood flow around your body. For people over 40, I recommend doing some dynamic warm-up exercises and aerobic movements before starting the workout below.

Before you start this routine, I recommend consulting a doctor who can assess your fitness and then help you make the decision on whether you should begin this program

Day 1 – Chest, Arms, and Calves

On your first day, you’ll train your chest, arms, and calves with resistance machines. This includes three sets of chest muscles, one set each for the biceps and triceps, and one set for the lower leg.

Seated Pec Deck Fly315
Incline Machine Chest Press315
High to Low Cable Chest Fly312
Rope Press Down315
Preacher Curl315
Machine Calf Raises315

More exercise options for training in the coming weeks:

Day 2 – Cardio and Abs

The second week of this workout program involves doing 30 minutes of cardio using the Treadmill, Stationary Bike, Elliptical Machine, and Rowing Machine.

I recommend doing these exercises at 50-60 percent of your maximum heart rate, but you can adjust the intensity according to your needs.

Treadmill10 minutes2-minute
Bicycle5 minutes1-minute
Elliptical Trainer5 minutes 1-minute
Row Machine5 minutes
Forearm Plank30-sec x 2

Day 3 – Back, Hamstrings, and Glutes

On the third day, you’ll hit your back, ham, and glutes with some of the best muscle-building exercises.

Front Lat Pull-down215
Close Grip Lat Pull-down215
Seated Machine Row315
Cable Face Pull310
Machine Leg Curl415
Dumbbell Frog Pump310

More exercise options for the third day of training:

  • Back – Inverted Row, One-arm DB Row, Chest-Supported T Row, High Cable Row, etc.
  • Hamstrings – Romanian Deadlift, Single-leg Hamstring Bridge, and Lying DB Leg Curl.
  • Glutes – Cable Pull-through, Hip Bridge, Glute Kickback, and Hip Thrust.

Day 4 – Cardio and Abs

Again, on the fourth day, you’ll work on enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and shaping your physique.

Treadmill5 minutes2-minute
Bicycle5 minutes2-minute
Elliptical Trainer5 minutes 1-minute
Burpees5 sets of 545-second
Kettlebell Swings3 sets of 201-minute
Side Plank30-sec x 4

Day 5 – Quads and Shoulder

On the fifth day, you’ll train your upper and lower body on the same day. First, you’ll focus on the intense part of the training, the quads workout, followed by the shoulder workouts.

Leg Extension215-20
Machine Leg Press315-20
Dumbbell Lunges310/leg
Overhead Press310-12
Single-arm Lateral Raise310/side
Reverse Pec Deck Fly312-15

You can also use the following exercises in the subsequent weeks:

Day 6 – Mobility Exercises

On the last day, you’ll do some mobility work to ease your muscle soreness and improve balance and flexibility. I believe balance and flexibility are the main features of a functional body, so I’ve included them in this training program.

Cat-Cow5-sec cat and cow pose each x 5 times
World’s Greatest Stretch10-sec per side x 5 times
Lying Hip Rotation10 reps per side x 4 times
Downward Facing Dog10-second hold x 3 times
Upward Facing Dog10-second hold x 3 times
Extended Side Angle10-second per side x 3 times

You can also include more mobility exercises in your arsenal to enhance your balance and flexibility.

Day 7 – Recovery

The seventh day will be a complete rest day. I also recommend taking a sauna or cold shower to ease muscle soreness and enhance recovery.

Download The Over-40 Weekly Workout Plan PDF

Save this routine and use it whenever you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Exercise is Enough for People Over 40?

A study has shown that training five days a week, including both aerobic and strengthening exercises, can enhance your overall fitness.2 Taylor D. (2014). Physical activity is medicine for older adults. Postgraduate medical journal, 90(1059), 26–32. https://doi.org/10.1136/postgradmedj-2012-131366 So, I recommend training at least 30 minutes a day, five to six times weekly instead of two hours in two days, and then skipping the other days.

Can You Gain Mass After 40?

Yes, several studies have shown that combining strength training with a high-protein diet can help build muscle mass even after the age of 40. However, it requires proper nutrition, recovery, consistent training, and evaluation of your physique. Plus, progress will also be slow, so have patience and focus on the process.3 Increasing Muscle Mass in Elders through Diet and Exercise: A Literature Review of Recent RCTs – Foods (Basel Switzerland), PubMed Central Article

Can You Use This Program for Weight Loss?

Yes, pairing this workout plan with a low-calorie diet will enhance your weight loss, build lean mass, elevate your cardiovascular fitness, and shape your physique over time.4 How can strength training build healthier bodies as we age? – National Institute of Aging

Besides these, if you need any help regarding this training program, send your questions through emails and social media, and I’ll help you out.


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