100 Rep Bodyweight Workout to Get Strong and Sculpted

Not everyone trains at the gym or lifts dumbbells at home; some people mostly use their body weight to build strength, muscle, and aesthetics.

You may have seen various equipment-based 100-rep set training, but no bodyweight training article exists. That’s why I’ve decided to design the ultimate 100-rep bodyweight workout routine to enhance your fitness and shape your physique at home without any equipment.

This program involves performing one hundred reps each day for 30 days. You can pick one exercise or perform as many exercises as you want, but reps will be limited to 100 only. There are many ways you can design a 100-rep exercise program, and you should do it if possible because it makes your workout flexible, interesting, and effective.

In this article, I’ve shared a simple program involving one exercise per day. Each day, you’ll do different exercises focusing on different muscle groups, for example, squats on day one, push-ups on day two, reverse crunches on day three, and Superman fly on day four.

For those who exercise at home and are looking for a challenging but effective training plan, try this routine for a few months. After completing this program, you’ll feel stronger, more flexible, and better looking.

100 Rep Bodyweight Workout Routine to Get Ripped

Bodyweight Workout Routine
1Air SquatsModerate
3Reverse CrunchesLow
4Superman FlyLow
5Lunge to Knee Drive (50 reps/leg)Low
6Decline Push-upsModerate
7Heel Tap Crunches (50 taps/side)Moderate
8Lying IYT RaisesLow
9Lateral Lunges (50 reps/leg)Low
10Bench DipsLow
11Plank Knee Taps (50 taps/side)Moderate
12Bodyweight Renegade Rows (50 reps/side)Low
13Standing Calf RaisesLow
14Archer Push-ups (50 reps/side)Low
15Tuck JumpsHigh
16Superman PullLow
17Curtsy Lunges (50 reps/side)Low
18Pike Push-upsLow
19 Plank Cross Knee Taps (50 reps/side)Moderate
20Lying IYT RaisesLow
21Glute Kickback (50 reps/leg)Low
22Close Grip Push-upsModerate
23 Bird Dog Raises (50 reps/side)Low
24Renegade Rows (50 reps/side)Low
25Single-leg Romanian Deadlift (50 reps/leg)Low
26 Bodyweight Lateral Raises (50 reps/side)Low
27Explosive Push-upsHigh
28Pop SquatsModerate
29Side Plank Hip Taps (50 reps/side)Low

Additional Instructions

  • If you want to perform more than one exercise, you can include the exercises of the other days. For example, if you want to do four exercises in one session, 25 reps each – you can do squats, push-ups, sit-ups, and Superman fly.
  • You can also replace any exercise outline above with your favorite ones.
  • It’s fine if you can’t perform any exercises at the specified intensity. Your aim should be to complete a hundred reps. On some days, it will take 5 minutes, but on other days, it can take up to 30 minutes to complete 100 reps.
  • Push yourself a little every day to constantly enhance your overall fitness.
  • I recommend taking a day off between workouts when you feel sick.
  • I recommend completing this workout as early as possible after waking up. Doing it later in the day will have a higher chance of skipping the workouts.
  • I suggest consuming low-calorie foods and vegetables and balancing your macros by including the right amount of protein, carbs, and diet. Consistent training and a nutritious diet are key to achieving the best outcome over time.
  • Once you complete this 30-day challenge, I recommend including resistance band exercises in your workout to further stimulate your strength and muscle gain.

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