2 Day Workout Split for Busy People (Download PDF)

I’ve created a 2 day workout split for those who want to be strong and look muscular but hardly get time to hit the gym.

This program is easy to follow and effective. It involves exercises for every muscle group, allowing you to train your entire body in only two days.

Whether you’re starting or working out for a while, you can follow this routine to work on improving your fitness.

Men and women can both follow this regime.

The Ultimate 2 Day Workout Split to Get Going

From beginners to intermediates, I’ve shared three different examples of 2 day split workout routines in this article.

Whether you want to build or sustain your strength and mass, you can follow one of the programs.

You can also follow each routine week by week if you want variety in your training.

Example 1 – Upper/Lower Hybrid Split Superset Workout

During this program, you’ll perform a combination of upper and lower body exercises on each training day through the superset method.

The superset training involves performing two exercises in a row that target the antagonist’s muscles. It is an excellent way to get more work done in less time.

However, it can be challenging for those who are lifting for the first time. In this case, you should follow a standard rep-set method.

Here’s the two day split workout schedule:

  • Day 1 – Back, Shoulder, Glutes, and Core
  • Day 2 – Legs, Chest, and Arms
  • Any two days of the week.

Other information:

  • Workout Level: Intermediate
  • Target Gender: Male and Female
  • Duration/Session: 60-90 minutes

Day 1 – Back, Shoulder, Glutes, and Core

WorkoutSetsRepsRest b/w sets
Pull-up + Overhead Press210-121-min
Front Lat Pulldown + Lateral Raises210-121-min
Seated Cable Rowing + Long Leg March210-121-min
Reverse Pec Deck Fly + Hip Thrust210-121-min
Shrug + Hanging Knee Raises210-121-min
Wood Chop + Plank (Optional)210/1-min1-min

Day 2 – Legs, Chest, and Arms

WorkoutSetsRepsRest b/w sets
DB Front Squat + SM Bench Press210-121-min
DB Lunges + Incline DB Bench Press210-121-min
Romanian DL + Pec Deck Fly210-121-min
Leg Curl + Triceps Pushdown210-121-min
Calf Raises + Any Biceps Curl210-121-min

Example 2 – Push Pull Split Workout for Beginners

This split workout involves performing the push and pull workout on separate days.

Generally, the push workout includes the training of the chest, shoulder, quads, glutes, and triceps. And the pull workout includes back, biceps, posterior delt, and hamstring exercises.

Here’s the schedule of the 2 day push pull split:

  • Day 1 – Push Workout (Chest, shoulder, quads, glutes, and triceps)
  • Day 2 – Pull Workout (Back, biceps, posterior delt, and hamstring)

Other information:

  • Workout Level: Beginner
  • Target Gender: Male and Female
  • Duration/Session: 45-60 minutes
2 Day Push Pull Split Workout for Beginners

Day 1 – Push Workout

WorkoutSetsRepsRest b/w sets
Machine Leg Press310-152-min
Incline DB Bench Press310-152-min
Pec Deck Fly210-1590-sec
Lateral Delt Raises310-152-min
Rope Pushdown210-1590-sec
Glute Bridge210-1590-sec

Day 2 – Pull Workout

WorkoutSetsRepsRest b/w sets
Front Lat Pulldown310-152-min
Seated Cable Row310-152-min
One-arm DB Row210-1590-sec
Reverse Peck Deck Fly210-152-min
Preacher/Cable Curl210-1590-sec
Machine Leg Curl310-1590-sec

Example 3 – Full Body Workout

The full body workout involves the exercises of almost every large muscle group within each session.

It is an excellent way to get total body training in less time compared to the one or two-muscle group split routine.

If you have only two days to work out, I suggest you follow this plan.

Other information:

  • Workout Level: Intermediate
  • Target Gender: Male and Female
  • Duration/Session: 45-60 minutes
  • Goal: Build strength and mass and burn a good number of calories.
2 day split workout routine


WorkoutSetsRepsRest b/w sets
Dumbbell Front Squat310-152-min
Seated Cable Row310-152-min
Military Press310-1590-sec
Peck Deck Fly310-1590-sec
Triceps Pushdown115-201-min
Barbell Curl115-201-min
High to Low Cable Chop210/side30-sec


WorkoutSetsRepsRest b/w sets
Front Lunges210/leg1-min
Front Lat Pulldown310-152-min
Flat DB Bench Press310-152-min
Lateral Delt Raises210-1590-sec
Rear Delt Raises210-1590-sec
DB Romanian Deadlift36-102-min
Hanging Knee Raises210-1530-sec

Download The 2 Day Split Workout Routine PDF

Note: You can include or replace as many exercises as you want if you feel those are better than (for you) what is outlined above.

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