8 Week Full Body Workout Plan for Men and Women with PDF

Doing total body workout training is a great way to get more work done in less time. It allows you to target almost each muscle group on every training day and helps build strength, muscle mass, and endurance.

I’ve created an easy-to-follow and effective 8 week full body workout plan for men and women.

Anyone who wants to scale up their fitness level and improve their physique can try this routine in the gym.

Workout Plan Description

Program goal: Increase strength, endurance, and muscle mass and improve body composition.

Targeted gender: This 8-week full-body workout plan is suitable for both men and women.

Estimated workout duration of one session: The one session will take around 45-60 minutes to complete.

Workout frequency per week: You’ll train three times a week throughout the eight weeks of training. Once you complete this program, you can try 4 day full body workout routine.

Pre-workout warm-up: Warming up before lifting weight is an efficient way to increase performance. You can do some of the best cardio exercises for five minutes to increase your heart rate and oxygen flow.

Type of exercises you’ll do in this program: I’ve included both compound and isolation exercises in this workout routine that will help you improve your overall fitness.

How much weight you should lift: You can lift as heavy as you like as long as you perform the suggested sets and reps with the correct form.

Optional core workout: I haven’t included abs abdominal specific exercises in this routine, but if you want to perform them, you can check out this core workout category.

The 8 Week Full Body Workout Plan to Build Muscle

8 Week Full Body Workout Plan


  • Monday – Workout
  • Tuesday – OFF
  • Wednesday – Workout
  • Thursday – OFF
  • Friday – Workout
  • Saturday – OFF
  • Sunday – OFF

Week 1

Perform three sets of 10 to 12 reps for each exercise with one to three minutes of rest between sets.

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Pullups/ChinupsDumbbell Front LungesOff Block Deadlift
Front Lat PulldownDumbbell Arnold PressSeated Cable Rowing
Dumbbell SquatPec Deck FlyFace pull
Incline DB Bench pressTriceps Rope PushdownDeficit Pushup
Dumbbell Lateral RaisesBent-over Barbell RowDumbbell Pullover
Front PlankRotational DB CurlMachine Leg Curl

Week 2

You’ll do three sets of 10 to 12 exercises for each movement.

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 10-12
  • Rest: 1-2 minutes
Barbell Back SquatPull-ups/ChinupsFront Lat Pulldown
Incline DB IYT RaisesMachine Leg PressSeated Cable Rowing
Bar DipsFlat Bench PressDumbbell Pullover
One-arm Dumbbell RowIncline Dumbbell PressDB Romanian Deadlift
Reverse Pec Dec FlyDumbbell Lateral RaiseDumbbell Biceps Curl
Concentration CurlIncline Plank RowingOne-arm Tricep Extension

Week 3

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Barbell deadliftFront Lat PulldownBarbell Back Squat
Dumbbell Arnold PressBarbell T rowingIncline Bench Press
Dumbbell Bench PressBar DipsDumbbell Lateral Raise
Tricep PushdownChinupsBent-over Barbell Row
Barbell CurlDB Rear Delt FlyDumbbell Pullover
Dumbbell Step-upH2L Cable WoodchopLandmine Oblique Twist

Week 4

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Dumbbell IYT RaisesPullups/ChinupsDumbbell Sumo Squat
Pec Dec/ H2L Chest FlyBar DipsV Grip Lat Pulldown
Seated Cable RowingMachine Leg PressFlat Bench Press
Hammer CurlBent-over Barbell RowDumbbell Lateral Raise
Dumbbell LungesDB Rear Delt RaisesDumbbell Shrug
Dumbbell RDLDeficit Pushup10-min Abs Workout

Week 5

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Barbell DeadliftBarbell Back SquatFlat Bench Press
Dumbbell Arnold PressChin-upsBar Dips
Dumbbell Lateral RaiseLat PulldownBarbell Thruster
Incline Hammer Chest PressSeated Cable RowingDumbbell Pullover
Tricep PushdownFace PullDumbbell Shrug
One-arm Dumbbell RowHip ThrustRomanian Deadlift

Week 6

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Dumbbell IYT RaisesRussian KB SwingsFront Lat Pulldown
Incline Hammer Chest PressDumbbell Step upDumbell Lunges
Parallel Cable FlyBent-over Barbell RowDeficit Pushup
One-arm Cable Lateral RaiseSeated Machine Leg CurlDecline DB Bench Press
Decline Dumbbell Squeeze PressBar DipsBarbell Skull Crusher
Dumbbell Step-upChinupsBiceps Curl

Week 7

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Barbell JammersFlat Bench PressBarbell Deadlift
Lateral RaisesIncline Dumbbell PressFront Lat Pulldown
DB Rear Delt FlyBarbell T Bar RowArnold Press
One-arm Dumbbell RowHack SquatLateral Raises
Cable WoodchopLeg ExtensionDumbbell Pullover
Low Back Extension10-min Triset Abs Workout Face Pull

Week 8

  • Sets: 3
  • Reps: 8-12
  • Rest: 1-3 minutes
Standing DB IYT RaisesBarbell Back SquatBarbell Jammers
Deficit PushupLat PulldownDumbbell Lateral Raise
Bent-over Barbell RowSeated RowOne-arm Dumbbell Row
Flat Barbell Bench PressArnold PressDB Rear Delt Raise
Pec Deck FlyIncline DB Bench PressBar Dips
Tricep Pushdown15-min Triset Abs Workout Chinups

8 Week Total Body Workout Plan PDF

I hope you liked the above program. You can also download the portable file to use this routine whenever you like.

Can You Transform Your Body in 8 Weeks?

It is not possible to transform your physique in eight weeks. However, you’ll feel stronger and fitter once you complete the above 8 week total body workout plan.

Physique transformation depends on multiple things, such as consistent training, proper diet, genes, and muscle recovery.

If you train consistently, your strength and muscles will increase gradually, and you’ll have a better physique.

I’ve written a detailed article on how much time muscle building takes; you can check that out for more information.

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