The Best 4-Day Split Dumbbell Workout

If you’re looking for the 4-day split dumbbell workout, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I’m going to share a 4 day split dumbbell workout for upper and lower body regions that you can do at home.

This 4-day dumbbell split workout will help you build muscle strength and mass – whether you’re a beginner or intermediate, male or female – if you work out at home with the dumbbell.

What is the split workout?

A weight training program that divides the training sessions by body regions—usually upper and lower body training, known as split workout training – according to Verywell Fit.

For example, if your lower body workout session is on Monday, then your upper body training session will be on Tuesday.

The split workout training allows you to focus on specific body regions each day with more sets and heavier weights.

Your fatigue muscles get enough time for a rebuild that leads to muscle growth with this type of workout.

I’ve divided the 4 day split dumbbell workout into upper, lower, upper, and leg-core.

Complete List of Dumbbell Workout for Split Training

First of all, for you, I have a complete list of dumbbell exercises for each muscle group that you’ll be doing in the below routine.

  • Chest
    1. DB Bench Press (flat and incline),
    2. Dumbbell Fly (flat, incline, standing, and upward)
    3. DB Pullover
    4. DB Squeeze Press
  • Lower Body
    1. DB Lunges (stationary and lateral),
    2. Dumbbell squat (regular and sumo),
    3. Dumbbell Deadlift (regular, stiff leg, and single-leg Romanian),
    4. Calf Raises,
    5. Bulgarian split squat,
    6. Glutes bridges
    7. Dumbbell Leg extension
    8. DB hamstring curl
  • Shoulder
    1. DB Overhead Shoulder Press
    2. Dumbbell Front Raise
    3. DB Lateral Raise
    4. Dumbbell Upright Row
    5. Shoulder Shrug
    6. DB rear delt fly
  • Back
    1. DB Bent-Over Row
    2. DB I-Y-T Raises
    3. Dumbbell Rowing
    4. Dumbbell Reverse Fly
    5. Lying DB Pull inward
    6. Reverse DB Bent Over Rowing
  • Tricep
    1. DB Overhead Extension
    2. DB Floor Press
    3. Dumbbell Kickback
    4. Neutral grip BD Floor Press
    5. Narrow Pushup on Dumbbell
  • Bicep
    1. DB Concentration curl
    2. DB Alternate Bicep curl
    3. Dumbbell Hammer Curl
    4. Incline Bicep Curl
    5. Dumbbell Crossover Curl
    6. DB Reverse Bicep Curl
  • Abs and Obliques
    1. Dumbbell Wood Chop
    2. Dumbbell Side Bend
    3. Crunches
    4. DB Russian Twist
    5. DB Side Plank
    6. Lying DB Leg Raises
  • HIIT Cardio
    • Dumbbell Burpee
    • DB Clean and Press
    • DB Swings
    • DB Push Press
    • Dumbbell Thruster

Okay, so now you have got the list of dumbbell workouts. And with this list of exercises, you can modify or create your own 4-day split dumbbell workout – according to your goal.

Summary of the Dumbbell Workout Split

Type of trainingSplit training system (upper/lower)
Who can do thisBeginner, Intermediate
GenderMale and Female
Equipment neededDumbbells, Workout Bench
Training Frequency4 days a week
Program Duration 12 weeks
Training Goal Increase muscle strength and mass
Duration of the one-day training60 to 90 minutes
Suitable time for the trainingAny time of the day (but not empty stomach)

4-day Split Upper/Lower Dumbbell Workout

Day 1 – Monday – Upper Body – Chest and Triceps

ExerciseReps (Each Set)SetsRest (Between Sets)
Flat DB Bench Press12390 seconds
Incline DB Bench Press10390 seconds
Flat Dumbbell Fly10390-120 seconds
Incline Dumbbell Fly10390-120 seconds
Dumbbell Pullover10290 seconds
Standing DUmbbell Upward Fly10290 seconds
Neutral Grip Dumbbell Press1522 minutes
DB Overhead Extension12390 seconds
Tricep Kickback12390 seconds
Narrow DB Pushup10290 seconds
Single-arm behind the head overhead extension12290 seconds

Day 2 – Tuesday – Full Lower Body

ExerciseReps (Each Set)SetsRest (Between Sets)
DB Stationary Lunges10290 seconds
Regular DB Squat15290 seconds
DB Sumo Squat15290 seconds
DB Bulgarian Split Squat10290 seconds
Single-leg DB Romanian Deadlift10290 seconds
Dumbbell Leg extension15290 seconds
DB hamstring curl10290 seconds
Glutes bridges10360 seconds
Calf Raises15360 seconds

Day 3 – Thursday – Upper Body – Back, Biceps and Wrist

ExerciseReps (Each Set)SetsRest (Between Sets)
Dumbbell Rowing12360 seconds
Dumbbell Bent Over12390 seconds
DB I-Y-T Raises10390 seconds
Reverse DB Bent Over Rowing12290 seconds
Lying DB Pull inward10390 seconds
Standing DB Alternate Bicep Curl10360 seconds
Incline DB Bicep Curl10360 seconds
DB Concentration Curl10360 seconds
DB Hammer Curl10360 seconds
Dumbbell Crossover Curl10360 seconds
DB Reverse Bicep Curl10360 seconds
DB Palms up Wrist Curl10360 seconds
Dumbbell Palms DOwn Wrist Curl10360 seconds

Day 4 – Saturday – Upper Body- Shoulder and Core

ExerciseReps (Each Set)SetsRest (Between Sets)
DB Overhead Shoulder Press10390 seconds
Dumbbell Front Raise10390 seconds
DB Lateral Raise10390 seconds
Dumbbell Upright Row10390 seconds
DB rear delt fly10390 seconds
DB Shoulder Shrug10390 seconds
Dumbbell Side Bend10230 seconds
Dumbbell Wood Chop10230 seconds
DB Side Plank15 sec each side2Seconds
Lying DB Leg Raises06260 seconds
DB Crunches10230 seconds

Is Dumbbell 4 day split Workout Effective?

Yes, split-body training is effective for overall fitness. No notable changes were noted in maximal strength measures between full-body workout training and split-body routine – according to a study published by the Journal Strength & Conditioning Research.

The consistency and frequency of resistance training play an important role in increasing muscle strength and mass. On top of that, the selection of foods and calorie management has a key role in bodybuilding.

Is doing exercise 4 days a week enough to build muscle?

Yes, doing a workout only 4 days a week is enough to build muscle and strength. The key is to be a consistent workout enthusiast, eating the required amount of proteins and calories to build muscles, giving your trained muscles enough rest for rebuilding.

If you do everything in the right way, you’ll surely start seeing positive results in just three months.

However, when you feel a 4-day split is easy and you can manage to train one more extra day, then you may try a 5-day dumbbell workout split.

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  1. Wow I am so glad I came across this page & it’s free! My husband recently had brain surgery, therefore paying for any fitness program atm just isn’t ideal for me. I have been looking for a revamped workout & I just couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was looking for. The gym I use is basically a CrossFit gym which isn’t my forte, so I only use their free weights! Other fitness articles would give me ideas, but I had to create my own workout split/schedule. I’m no fitness professional so how would I know how to create an effective split on my own or know which exercises go together etc.? This is perfect. Thank you so much! I am now following TFP & creator on instagram.


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