8 Week HIIT Program PDF (Three Days a Week)

Whether you want to stay energetic or increase your fat loss, you can try high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

HIIT is a workout program where exercises are performed at a quick pace for a specific time, followed by a short interval.

It is a great way to annihilate plenty of calories in a short time, enhance your aerobic fitness, and level up your athletic performance.1 The Ultimate Pros and Cons of HIIT Workout by Murshid Akram – Thefitnessphantom.com

HIIT is one of the incredible cardio workouts. However, you need a well-structured routine to train in an organized way and achieve decent results.

In this article, I’ve shared an ultimate, easy-to-follow, and effective 8 week HIIT program to help you improve your shape and fitness at home without equipment.

I’ll also hand out a PDF of this routine so that you can download and use it offline.

Who Can Follow This HIIT Workout Plan?

Anyone who wants to increase weight loss or keep themselves fit and energetic can follow this 3 day HIIT workout plan for eight weeks.

However, HIIT requires decent endurance and speed to execute exercises. So, make sure to get a professional’s help before starting this program, especially if you have any health issues.

You should also avoid high-intensity training if your goal is to gain strength and mass.

8 Week HIIT Program to Shape Your Physique at Home

8 Week HIIT Program

This program involves performing high-intensity interval training three days a week, 15 to 30 minutes per session.

It will torch significant calories in a short time, enhance your endurance and cardiovascular health, increase your metabolic rate, and help you improve your body composition.


  • Week 1 – Faster Fifteen
  • Week 2 – Tremendous Twenty
  • Week 3 – Thrilling Thirty
  • Week 4 – Forty-Twenty
  • Week 5 – Faster Fifty
  • Week 6 – Super Sixty
  • Week 7 – The Hundred
  • Week 8 – The Ultimate Failure

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Week 1 – Faster Fifteen

  • Activity Time: Perform exercise for 15 seconds at 75-90% of your maximum heart rate (MHR).
  • Interval time between exercises: 15-30 seconds
  • The number of rounds: Five to six rounds for the time.
Squat JumpsBurpeesJumping Jacks
Mountain ClimbingLunge Front KickPushups
High KneesPushupsCrunches
PushupsSquat ThrustCrossbody High Knees
Side Plank Hip TapsBicycle CrunchesShoulder Taps
3 Day Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Week 2 – Tremendous Twenty

  • Activity: 20 seconds of intense burst activity followed by 20-30 seconds of walk.
  • Rest between rounds: 1-2 minutes
  • The number of rounds: Five to six rounds for the time.
Pop SquatsCrossbody Mt. ClimberJumping Jacks
Mountain ClimbingKneeling Squat JumpBear Crawl
Jumping LungesPlank to Push-upAlternate Heel Tap
PushupsFlutter KickLunge to Front Kick
Plank JacksSquatsPlank-to-knee tap

Week 3 – Thrilling Thirty

  • Activity: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds at a quick pace, followed by 30-40 seconds of rest/walking.
  • Rest between rounds: 1-2 minutes
  • The number of rounds: Four to five rounds for the time.
Stationary RunBurpeeJumping Jacks
Shadow PunchesCrossbody Mt. ClimberBear Crawl
Back and Forth LungesTuck JumpStanding Knee to Elbow
PushupsSquatsLunge to Front Kick
Plank JacksAlternate Heel TapsPlank-to-knee tap
8 Week HIIT workout regime

Week 4 – Forty-Twenty

  • Activity: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds at your maximum heart rate, followed by 40 seconds of walking.
  • Rest between rounds: No Rest
  • The number of rounds: Five to six rounds for the time.
Fast FeetBurpeeJumping Jacks
Sit OutsPush-ups to PlankGrappler Pushup
InchwormPop SquatKnee Tap Push-Up
PushupsSquatsDrop Squat
Reverse CrunchesShoulder TapPlank Ankle Taps

Week 5 – Faster Fifty

Activity: Perform ten reps or spend 10 seconds on each exercise until you complete all exercises, then rest for 30-45 seconds and repeat as many rounds as possible.

Stationary RunBurpeeJumping Jacks
Pushup JackCrossbody Mt ClimberBear Crawl
Curtsy LungesBack and Forth LungesPushup to Plank
PushupsToe Tap HopsTuck ups
Donkey KicksShoulder TapSide Plank Hip Dips

Week 6 – Super Sixty

Workout in the sixth week will be based on the EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute). EMOM involves spending one minute on each exercise.

It allows you to adjust both the activity and interval time depending on your fitness level. For example, you can perform an exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 30 minutes or divide your activity and rest time depending on your need.

Aim to complete five to six rounds in 30 minutes.

Squat JumpsBurpeeJumping Jacks
Pushup JackMt ClimberPlank Jacks
Curtsy LungesJumping LungePop Squat
Shoulder TapToe Tap HopsToe-Tap Crunches
Bicycle CrunchSide Plank Hip TapsKnee Tap Push-Up
30-minute HIIT workout at home

Week 7 – The Hundred

Spend 20 seconds per exercise until you complete all exercises, then rest for 60-90 seconds and repeat as many rounds as possible.

Squat JumpsBurpeeJumping Jacks
Pushup JackMt ClimberKnee Tap Pushup
Kneeling Squat JumpJumping LungeCurtsy Lunge
Shoulder TapHeel Tap JumpAlternate Heel Tap
Bicycle CrunchSide Plank Hip TapsKnee Tap Push-Up

Week 8 – The Ultimate Failure

  • Rest between exercises: As short as possible.
  • The number of rounds: Perform as many rounds as possible on each day till failure.
10 Squat Jumps5 Burpees15-sec Jumping Jacks
10 Pushup Jacks15-sec Mt Climber30-sec Plank Jacks
10 Pop Squats15-sec High Knees10 Drop Squats
20 Shoulder Tap (10/side)10 Toe Tap Hops (5/side)10 Toe-Tap Crunches
10 Bicycle Crunches (5/side)20 Side Plank Hip Taps (10/side)20 Shoulder Taps (10/side)
3 Day Full Body HIIT Workout

Download The 8 Week HIIT Workout Pan PDF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can This Program Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, HIIT is an inexpensive and effective way to increase weight loss. It helps burn maximum calories, increase VO2 max, and enhance cardiovascular fitness. Combining this workout program with a low-calorie diet plan can help you shed some pounds.

Is HIIT 3 Times a Week Enough?

Yes, doing high-intensity interval training three times a week is enough as long as you train for 30 minutes per session.

I also suggest adding two sessions of 30-minute low-impact cardio to your weekly routine, making it five sessions per week.

Training 90 minutes of HIIT and 60 minutes of LISS can be more effective than doing three sessions of interval training only.

Are There Any Disadvantages of HIIT?

Yes, HIIT isn’t suitable for beginners and for those who want to build muscle or increase strength. It can also make you feel burned out. That’s why I always recommend taking professional advice from a doctor or certified trainer before starting a new or challenging workout regime.


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