8 Week Back and Biceps Workout Routine with PDF

If you are looking for an easy-to-follow and effective workout plan to train your biceps and back together and maximize muscle growth, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ve shared an ultimate 8-week back and biceps workout routine (with PDF) that will allow you to train in an organized way and help you build strength and size over time.

From beginners to intermediate and male to female, this program is suitable for every fitness enthusiast who wants to grow their biceps and back muscles.

3 Reasons to Train Back and Biceps Together

Training back and biceps together is common among bodybuilders because of the following reasons:

1. Back and Biceps Both Work During the Pull Exercises

The back and biceps work during the pull exercises, such as bent-over rows, pull-ups, and biceps curls. It makes your workout convenient, time-efficient, and effective.

2. A Pair of Large and Small Muscle Group

A well-structured muscle-building workout program involves training one large and one small muscle group together for an effective workout session. This training approach allows you to hit your biceps and back more frequently and promotes hypertrophy.

3. Good for a Balanced Training Split

Training the back and biceps together allows you to design a balanced workout routine that involves performing a chest and triceps on Monday, back and biceps on Tuesday, and legs and shoulder on Wednesday. This way, you can train your every muscle once a week in three days and twice in six days.

Biceps and Back Muscle Building Exercises

Bent-over RowBarbell Curl
V-grip PulldownPreacher Curl
Seated Cable RowHammer Curl
Medium-Grip PulldownEZ Bar Curl
Conventional DeadliftIncline DB Curl
One-arm Dumbbell RowConcentration Curl
Lat PulloverBayesian Cable Curl
Incline I-Y-T RaisesDumbbell 21s
T-Bar RowHammer Chin-ups
Row MachineSpider Curl
Pendlay RowAlternating DB Curl
One-arm Cable RowDrag Curl

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8-Week Back and Biceps Workout Routine for Ultimate Mass Gain

Biceps and back workout

This program includes various exercises, from compound and isolation to bilateral and unilateral.

I’ve also included a moderate to high rep-set range (10 to 20 reps per set) for muscle-building and heavyweight few rep-set ranges (5-10 reps per set) for strength-building.

You can follow this workout schedule to train your triceps and chest together.

  • Monday – Chest and Triceps
  • Tuesday – Back and Biceps
  • Wednesday – Legs and Shoulder (Superset)
  • Thursday – Chest and Triceps
  • Friday – Back and Biceps
  • Saturday – Superset Legs and Shoulder
  • Sunday – OFF


Those who train biceps and back twice a week can do moderate rep-range sets (10-20 reps per set) on day one and heavyweight sets (6-10 reps per set) on day two. The combination of these two will help you increase strength and mass.

However, if you train three times weekly, split the above routine into two weeks and perform a combination of higher and fewer reps/sets on the same day.

Examples of warm-up exercises to do before lifting heavy:

It is best to do a brief warm-up session to increase your heart rate and oxygen flow and prepare your muscles for weight training exercises.

Here are 10-minute warm-up workouts you can do before starting the back and biceps workout.

Warm-up 1

  • 2-3 minute Upper Body Foam Rolling
  • 3-5 minutes of Stationary Bike or Treadmill
  • 10-15 Hindu Pushups
  • 15-20 Superman Pull
  • Pull-ups (as many reps as possible x 3)
  • 15-20 Bench Presses (as a warm-up set)

Warm-up 2

  • 3-5 minutes Treadmill
  • 10-15 Inverted Row
  • 5-10 Floor IYT raises
  • 10-15 Bent-over Rows (lightweight)
  • 8-10 Dive Bomber Pushups
  • 15-20 Lat Pulldown with lightweight

Week 1 & 5

Tuesday – Back and Biceps Hypertrophy Focus

Pull-ups3Till Failure90-sec
Bent-over Row415, 12, 10, 82-min
V-grip Pulldown415, 12, 10, 82-min
Seated Cable Row415, 12, 10, 82-min
EZ Barbell Curl315, 12, 1090-sec
Hammer Curl315, 12, 1090-sec

Friday – Back and Biceps Strength Focus

Medium-Grip Pulldown410, 8, 8, 63-min
Conventional Deadlift410, 8, 6, 43-min
One-arm Dumbbell Row38-10/arm1-min
Chinups3Till Failure2-min
Incline Dumbbell Curl38-10/arm2-min
Preacher Curl38-10/arm2-min
Killer back and biceps workout

Week 2 & 6

Tuesday – Medium Range Rep-Sets

Standing Rope Pulldown 415, 12, 10, 82-3 min
Incline I-Y-T Raises310, 8, 62-3 min
T-Bar Row415, 12, 10, 82-min
Rear Front Pulldown315, 12, 102-min
Barbell Curl315, 12, 102-min
Concentration Curl310/arm45-sec

Friday – Heavyweight Rep Sets

Pull-ups3Till Failure90-sec
Seated Cable Row410, 8, 8, 62-min
Chest-Supported Row Machine410, 8, 8, 62-min
Pendlay Row310, 8, 62-min
Dumbbell Pullover310, 8, 62-min
Bayesian Cable Curl310/arm45-sec
Hammer Curl312, 10, 81-min
Biceps and Back Workout

Week 3 & 7

Back and Biceps Day 1 – Hypertrophy Sets (10-20 reps)

Bent Over Row415, 12, 10, 102-min
Narrow Grip Pulldown415, 12, 10, 102-min
T-Bar Row415, 12, 10, 102-min
Seated Cable Row415, 12, 10, 102-min
Dumbbell 21s3212-min
Hammer Chin-ups3Till Failure2-min

Biceps and Back Day 2 – Heavyweight Sets (6-10 reps)

Conventional Deadlift410, 8, 6, 43-min
Rear Lat Pulldown410, 8, 6, 63-min
Chest-Supported Row Machine410, 8, 6, 63-min
One-arm Dumbbell Row310/arm1-min
EZ Bar Barbell Curl310, 8, 62-min
Incline Dumbbell Curl310, 8, 62-min
Back and Biceps Workout Plan

Week 4 & 8

Tuesday – Back and Biceps

Pull-ups3Till Failure2-min
Rear Lat Pulldown415, 12, 10, 102-min
T-Bar Row415, 12, 10, 102-min
Dumbbell Pullover315, 12, 102-min
Alternating Dumbbell Curls310/arm45-sec
Spider Curls315, 12, 102-min

Friday – Back and Biceps

Bent-over Row410, 8, 8, 62-3 min
Standing Rope Pulldown312, 10, 82-min
Chest-Supported Row Machine312, 10, 8, 62-min
Seated Cable Row412, 10, 8, 62-min
EZ Bar Preacher Curl315, 12, 102-min
Alternating Hammer Curl315/arm2-min

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