30-Minute Dumbbell and Barbell Routine for Weight Loss w/PDF

Resistance training is as vital as aerobic exercises when it comes to annihilating plenty of calories, increasing weight loss, and improving body composition.

There are plenty of exercises you can do to burn fat and build muscles simultaneously. However, if you prefer free weight exercises, this article is for you.

Here, I’ll share an ultimate weekly 30-minute dumbbell and barbell workout routine that sheds significant calories, promotes weight loss, and builds lean mass.

Pairing this dumbbell barbell routine with bodyweight cardio and a low-calorie diet program will help your help you achieve your best shape over time.

How to Perform Barbell and Dumbbell Workouts to Increase Weight Loss?

Barbells and dumbbells are two incredible pieces of equipment that allow us to perform numerous exercises, from muscle-building to weight loss.

They are free weights, easy to customize, and can be used for both low-impact to high-intensity training.

To destroy maximum calories and accelerate fat loss, you can perform barbell and dumbbell complex workouts.

Complex training involves performing (a set of) exercises back-to-back using a single piece of equipment with no rest between them and without changing weight.

Below, I’ve shared an easy-to-follow but effective 30 minute weekly dumbbell and barbell routine for all those males and females who want to lose weight and shape their physique.

Note: This program will be challenging. So, people with less exercise experience or any health issues should avoid this

Monthly 30-Minute Dumbbell and Barbell Routine for Weight Loss

Suggestions and Instructions:

  • Start with light dumbbells and increase weight when needed.
  • Perform as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes (each dumbbell and barbell complex)
  • You can perform bodyweight cardio on rest days.
  • Increase or decrease session duration according to your fitness level.


Dumbbell ComplexBarbell Complex
10 Front Squats10 Back Squats
10 Push Presses10 Hang Cleans
20 Pendlay DB Rows (10/side)10 Thrusters
20 Dumbbell Lunges (10/leg)10 Deadlifts


Dumbbell ComplexBarbell Complex
20 steps Farmers Walk5 Front Squats
10 Dumbbell Clusters5 Hang Cleans
10 Floor Presses5 Thrusters
20 DB Wood Chops (10/side)5 Pedlay Rows


Dumbbell ComplexBarbell Complex
5 Pop Squats5 Landmine Press
5 Clean and Press5 High Pulls
10 Squat to Twist Press (5/side)10 Thrusters
10 Incline Plank Rows (5/side)5 Bent-over Rows

You can grab more exercises to integrate into your routine from the following resources:

Those who have dumbbells only can follow this 30-day full body weight loss plan.

Download PDF

Final Words

When it comes to performing high-intensity exercises with weights, there is no better equipment than dumbbells and barbells.

Barbells and dumbbells are two incredible pieces of equipment that provide a full range of motion and allow us to perform various exercises to target every muscle group, from the upper to the lower body.

Performing high-intensity complex training with DBs and BBs torch plenty of calories, maximizes fat loss, enhances cardiovascular fitness, builds lean mass, and improves overall body composition.

However, when it comes to muscle-building or fat loss, every fitness goal requires a good diet program, consistent physical training, quality sleep, and a little knowledge of how the body and nutrition work.

You can follow the best workout plan in the world, but if you consume more fat and carbs than your body uses, you can never reduce your weight.

In the same way, a good meal plan can decrease your weight, but if you don’t exercise/lift weights, your lean muscles won’t be thicker or stronger.

So, make sure you combine resistance training, cardio, and a good diet regime to increase weight loss while getting stronger.

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